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Apr 2014
8:54pm, 30 Apr 2014
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Hi all, New to group. since birth of my third baby I have increased my stamina and can comfortably run 5k in 35 min. I'm wanting to increase to 10k . I feel that I have got into a lull atm and I'm really not managing to move forward with getting any training. My 5k times are consistently around 35 min and I know I could push myself.harder. will getting used to running longer help get my 5k time down ? Or would i be better concentrating on Iinterval training. I find it hard to push myself to go faster.I ran with a friend on Monday and could keep pace comfortably keeping up conversation. How have you guys managed to increase speed, and how hard should it be, how exhausted should you finish? I'm not naturally competitive which probably doesn't help. I usually try and run 3 times a week and run on my own, though am hoping to run with a friend once a week. She thinks best thing to continue current pace for roughly 4k and push to increase pace the lasT km
Thanks for any advice / comments
May 2014
12:14pm, 2 May 2014
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Gasping 4 breath
Congratulations on your new baby

What worked for me was running whilst pushing a buggy, we bought a baby jogger, fixed wheel. So as the lil 'un got heavier , by running pushing a buggy, I built up stamina, (I suppose a bit like running with weights) so then when I run on my own, my runs were ended up being faster.

I cant quite remember which one, but there are training plans on fetchland that I followed specifically to improve time on races. They worked.

Good luck
May 2014
12:50pm, 2 May 2014
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Hello & welcome to Fetch - and congratulations on getting yourself to where you have with a baby :)
I am sure there will be others along soon with advice but I would say you are very much on the right track - most of your training runs should be at conversational pace. Add a bit to the distance of your longest run every week or so and you will soon build up to a 10k. Running longer and slower does bring your race pace down (I know it seems counter-intuitive but its true). Intervals are great - you don't have to be scientific about them - you can just pick landmarks such as lamp-posts - run fast between two points, then recover and repeat. Main thing is to make sure you keep enjoying yourself :)
May 2014
6:57pm, 2 May 2014
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I agree that increasing distance of training runs gradually up to 10K, running at conversational pace, will improve 5K racing. The majority of your running – at least 80% should be at conversational pace, but I also think there is value in increasing pace progressively over the final 2K during some of your 5K sessions – perhaps once per week. And once you are comfortable running a bit faster, introduce interval sessions at least twice per month. As AL says, the interval sessions can be informal – stride out for a hundred yards or so to a landmark (tree or lamp post) at a pace that gets you breathless; jog till you recover your breath and repeat; building up gradually to about 6-8 repetitions.
May 2014
8:24pm, 2 May 2014
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Aww thanks guys. He's just turned 1 but with two others its on an evening I get out when they. all in bed! I just know I have hit a plateau and really at the moment I'm not building fitness but I am gaining confidence and experience just running 5k. I will try pushing myself the last k next time I run with her and see how itgoes. I think part of me thought I shouldn't be able to carry out a conversation when running so its reassuring that it isn't a bad thing. I will take a look for the training plan . Caniute & autumn leaves some great tips thsnk you.

Gasping for breath - I did consider a jogging buggy I can see how that would be a lot Harder then going solo. I will try to find the training plan and get myself back parkrunning

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