My 2nd 10km, how to improve my time 🐢

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Sep 2016
6:21pm, 27 Sep 2016
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Cards on the table, I am wanting to move from very slow (1hr 5) in August to not quite so very slow for my next 10km in November, ideally more like 60 mins. When I did that first 10km I had never even run 10km before but my pacing was good and I ran faster than I have run before, but my training since has not been as fast, i haven't felt that I can though home is hills and the race is flat.

Do I need to do some training at the speed I want to be for the race or concentrate on running thedistance and making it feel easier? DH says relying on race day adrenaline is not a good strategy!
Sep 2016
8:01pm, 27 Sep 2016
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You've got time to do a few runs that are slightly longer than 10km to reinforce the distance (this is likely to mean 80-90 minutes of running at a long-run effort level) and to do a few sessions where you include short sections - they don't need to be a full kilometre - at your planned 10km pace or even a little faster. That way you know you can do the distance *and* the speed. If you're inclined to be wiped out for days by long or fast sessions, choose the distance over the speed this time.
Sep 2016
10:01pm, 28 Sep 2016
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Thank you, my legs had a turn of speed this morning and I managed a sub-30 minute 5 km, but I was very nearly sick doing it :( however I do know my legs can do it, as I was beginning to think I was stuck at one speed! I have planned a couple of longer runs, perhaps when I am away during the holidays so it's nice flat canals
Sep 2016
10:19pm, 28 Sep 2016
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1:05 is not "very slow"! In my local 10K last Sunday, you would have had over quarter of the field behind you!

I'm with V'rap - run some sections, which can be short sections, at pace. Then you know your legs can go at that speed, even if it's not the pace you'd keep up.

Only nearly sick? Must try harder ;-)
Nov 2016
2:36pm, 27 Nov 2016
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Eynsham Red
A thanks to Tomsmum for starting this thread and also to Velociraptor and Dvorak for their contributions.
I tried to follow the suggestions made and despite a few injury niggles I've been able to follow the advise and completed my first 10k since 2007 in under the hour, and in fact in a better time than the 2007 time.
Thanks again everyone 😀
Nov 2016
2:42pm, 27 Nov 2016
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Well done Eynsham Red medal :)

Don't always assume you will be faster on flat courses. Most of my PBs are on undulating courses and I think this might be because I'm better at doing different speeds and differing effort levels during a race than sticking to one pace and effort level for the whole time.

I think most people probably are faster on the flat, but don't panic if you're not.

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Cards on the table, I am wanting to move from very slow (1hr 5) in August to not quite so very slow ...

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