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Thunder Run 24 Hour Relay 2012

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Aug 2012
5:10pm, 12 Aug 2012
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Clashes with the GNR, dunnit? I run that every year for sentimental reasons, I'm afraid. Otherwise I'd be all over RNR like a powerful moss.
Dec 2015
1:37am, 19 Dec 2015
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Tufty Squirrel
Wondering what this race ? Where ?
Dec 2015
6:53am, 19 Dec 2015
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TS - it's this: tr24.co.uk
Dec 2015
7:48am, 19 Dec 2015
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Holy thread revival Batman?!

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About This Thread

Maintained by fetcheveryone
28th - 29th July 2012 Race Details:- provelosupport.co.uk
Helpful notes (curtesy of Meglet):- http://www.fetcheveryone.com/article-view.php?id=484

Confirmed entrants are......

Solo Mentalists:-

Me (Stander)

Stander's Dad





Board Stupid


Pairs (half as daft - but twice the stupidity):-
Jogging Jon & Mrs JJ

Teams of 5 (conned 4 mates into madness):-

Monty's Shooting Stars - Part III - Monty, Running Hobbit, Liliaicha, Jon G and Silent Runner

Shooting Monty's Stars - RFJ, EvilPete, Kate, Becca and MattM

Thunder Bunnies - Nicki No Miles, Amanda68, Gregster & Richmac

The Cult of the Eternally Deluded - JJ Flash, Clueless, JustMel & Jovi Runner

Damn Willy Wonkas Eyes - Mr SJ, Slow'n'steady, Shadowfax, Weiner Dog and Mr K

Thunder Re-Runners - Lums, Mrs Lums + 3 non fetchies

Teams of 8 (obviously teams from various lunatic asylums across the country):-

Go FETCH yourself - Runningmumof3boys, Becca7, Hills of Death, Fenland Runner, Deegee, RichHL

Cambridge Parkrun - PowerJen, LyraOK, Uffish, DizzyLizzy, Rog36 & "Frank"

Fetch a Bucket - Mystery lineup

Fetch a Squirrel - Schnecke, James1982a, Brer Rabbit + 4 non fetchies

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