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Mar 2016
11:47am, 31 Mar 2016
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I guess it depends why he asked for it to be taken.

In potentially violent situations, there is a certain way an assailant might imagine/expect a situation to go and doing something which is out of the ordinary can throw them off - for example in Krav one thing we were (unofficially) taught was to try strange things like hitting both ears or licking their face - something totally weird that knocks the situation off the expected path and makes the attacker stop and think. That pause can give you enough time to run away.

Its a different situation but I did wonder if it was a variant of that, trying to put him off to see if he could challenge him.
Mar 2016
1:19pm, 31 Mar 2016
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We are seeing the new model of human being coming through. Nothing is quite real and so what if that's a suicide vest. As long as I can view this through my mobile / gameboy / dipstick or whatever I can always press "play again" can't I?
Mar 2016
1:24pm, 31 Mar 2016
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An odd case of 'Pic or it didn't happen!'?

Reality as seen through modern social media ;-)
Mar 2016
4:05pm, 31 Mar 2016
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Jambomo: You did a very different krav class to me :-). Most people who are likely to physically attack you aren't thinking, at all - someone in a drunken or psychotic frenzy won't stop because they've been licked. If your hands are free to box their ears, go for the neck or the groin instead. If you're close enough to lick them, use your teeth.

In this kind of case, doing something out of the ordinary is likely to make the nutter detonate their suicide vest. (If it's real.)
Mar 2016
5:01pm, 31 Mar 2016
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No, we generally get taught what you did and yes I'd nearly always aim for the groin/throat/head area. It was given more as an alternative tactic which you might consider it the person was perhaps someone you didn't want to seriously injure or if you wanted a chance to deescalate the situation without violence.
Mar 2016
5:02pm, 31 Mar 2016
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Anyway I'm not saying that's got anything to do with this - it was just when someone earlier mentioned the sugestion that he might have been trying to scope the guy out that it might have been a possibility.

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