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Pulled/tweaked my back

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Mar 2017
8:15am, 2 Mar 2017
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The Scribbler
I fell something ping in my lower back as I was training with my PT this morning. We'd done a good warm up and I was doing a squat to press move, lifting a sandbag from my chest to overhead (not a particularly heavy weight for me). We had to abandon the session, as I could feel it wasn't right.
It's left side, just above my hip. I've got an ice pack on it at the moment. Anything else I can do? I'm pretty sure it's muscular and related to me being a bit lopsided through that hip/side.

How long should I leave it until I get a physio to look at it?
It feels like the same place where I had a sudden sharp pain when I was cycling during the Brownlee tri in September and I've had a few niggles recently.
Mar 2017
8:29am, 2 Mar 2017
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Difficult to say without seeing you (anyone) in person. Kind of need to see you move and and show when/where the pain occurs to identify the muscle(s) involved.

I could hazard a guess, but it would only be that. At which point it is not useful.

Have you being doing proper core work?

A lot of the time people have weaker deep core muscles, with the superficial muscles being stronger, allowing them to carry out movements. The problem with this is that they are not designed for this and then tend to fail at some point. For example, weak multifidus that leads to too much load on the erector spinae group.

Simple safe answer for where to go, bearing in mind that YOU will have to assess discomfort/pain, is to mobilse/stretch the area progressively. At the same time _progressively_ strengthen the area by doing some core work to restore strength.

Be sensible, and if in doubt get looked at.
Mar 2017
8:33am, 2 Mar 2017
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Oh, and what did/does your PT say?

I would have assessed you and given you a corrective program or decided that it was serious enough to refer you if it was outside of my scope.
Mar 2017
9:39am, 2 Mar 2017
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The Scribbler
Thanks. I really appreciate your answer.
My PT was great and stopped the session straight. Told me to do what I have done and recommended I go to see a physio I know.

You may be right about deep core muscle strength. I do core work as part of my weights training, but probably not enough stretching and mobility. I used to do regular yoga/Pilates, but haven't for about 3 yrs.

It's feeling better now, but it did give me a shock. I'll give myself a few recovery days and then do my best to work out why it happened.
Mar 2017
10:04am, 2 Mar 2017
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Sounds sensible.

Core work is easy to neglect, a bit like stretching. I am guilty in my own practice at times. It s just not as fun :-) Unless you use something like yoga to incorporate the correct elements within a more interesting activity :-)

Not saying this is you at all. But there are a lot of people I meet that are strong in some areas, but weak overall due to their training. For example, I know someone that in a gym has way more strength than me, lifting heavier weights, but cannot lift _himself_ like I can because his grip strength is his limiting factor. I know I have a bunch of things that need addressing over time :-)

Want something fun to watch to see some real core strength? Have a look at this :-)
Mar 2017
10:06am, 2 Mar 2017
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Oh, skip to 3 min 10s for the good stuff to really start :-)
Mar 2017
12:29pm, 2 Mar 2017
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That clip was A - MAZ - ING!!!!!
Mar 2017
12:43pm, 2 Mar 2017
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I use that video with people who worry about strength training making them big and have over prominent muscles.

Those girls are wicked strong and and look like normal (pretty granted) ladies. :-)

I wish I had some of that range of motion too. Too many years of neglect and injuries put me behind. But as with everything, I am getting better ;-)
Mar 2017
6:06pm, 2 Mar 2017
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The Scribbler
That video is amazing. I am feeling so much better this afternoon, but boy that did shock me.

Got a session with the physio tomorrow and am going to tackle this head on. I've been very fortunate to avoid injury, but when I have, I've learned from it.

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I fell something ping in my lower back as I was training with my PT this morning. We'd done a good ...

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