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Pick your feet up !!!

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Sep 2012
9:23am, 18 Sep 2012
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trendy runner
interesting thread..great question
Sep 2012
9:26am, 18 Sep 2012
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Go and find a tussocky overgrown field to run through - it's almost impossible to not learn to pick your feet up if you don't want to permanently be face planting! ;)
Sep 2012
7:59pm, 18 Sep 2012
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Although it might be good exercise to run on tussocky grass, I think it would probably encourage use of the wrong muscles too unfortunately.

Overuse of hip flexors is likely to happen due to conscious effort to pick legs up.

What really needs to happen is the "automatic" rebound of foot from floor through muscle elasticity of the calf achilles complex. This can only happen if posture is correct and cadence is about 180. Basically, the height at which the feet come off the floor towards the backside is proportional to the speed you are travelling at because at higher speeds there is more ground reaction force due to greater force of hitting ground. It is subconscious actions that need to be developed and these can only happen with training for good posture and rhythm and running in a relaxed manner.

Easiest way is to just see a technique coach and they will put you on the right road within an hour or so. The hard work is in doing the exercises/drills consistently in order to develop the strength and flexibility necessary to be able to run well for ever longer distances/periods of time.
Sep 2012
9:05pm, 18 Sep 2012
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London Nici
Thanks everyone for the replies.

Tussocky fields are a bit sparse in this part of the smoke so I decided to try out getting my feet closer to my butt. Tonight was an off night but I went out for a little 2 miler and concentrated on my feet going higher behind me. I made a conscious effort to make sure I stayed relaxed through my back and shoulders and it honestly felt comfortable form wise. Strangely by staying relaxed and getting my feet higher behind me it almost felt like it was naturally making me lean forward a bit more but through the whole body not just from the waist up.

Only problem is that my chest was not overly happy as it took about a half a minute per mile off my normal jogging pace. lol.

I think it will take a bit of time before a change such as this comes natural but I shall most certainly work on it.
Sep 2012
11:52am, 19 Sep 2012
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LN, It sounds like you are making good progress. With regard to the chest discomfort, it is important to have an adequately supportive bra, but also note that the torso should not bob up and down by more than a few cm. The NYRC videos Form 101: running posture and Form 101: leg movements (link posted by Curly) contain lots of useful information, but don’t be overwhelmed by the number of different things. You should not try to think of all these at the same time. If you run with a fairly high cadence (probably around 175 at your likely training pace, but the general rule of 180 is not bad throughout most of the distance runner’s pace range) and bring the foot up toward the butt, you will be making a good start, but do not exaggerate any single aspect.
Sep 2012
12:35pm, 19 Sep 2012
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London Nici
Sorry I should have said my lungs were not happy ... my chest was lovely and snug and therefore happy :)
Sep 2012
11:47pm, 19 Sep 2012
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LN, It sounds like you got matters comfortably under control :) Getting breathless (and faster) is a good sign.
Sep 2012
11:21am, 20 Sep 2012
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Welshwomble (WW)
Great thread :)

I am with you Nici - when I lean into my run, my feet come off the ground and I run faster - unfortunately my lungs can't keep up with my legs

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