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Aug 2021
10:24am, 18 Aug 2021
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♪♫ Synge ♪♫
Thanks, all. I feel emboldened to start moving stuff to the D Drive. I really appreciate the comments and advice. :)

iTunes was the one area worrying me a bit, as I am sure that in the past, when it has "lost sight" of an album, I have had to go through and point it to every track's new destination individually. (In fact over half that 67Gb of music is down to half a dozen TV series, so I could just move them if I wanted to reduce the risk over the music tracks.)

[um - no, it is *all* on the C Drive, which has a 118Gb capacity - see first image.]
Aug 2021
10:37am, 18 Aug 2021
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But the numbers add up to too much Synge.
The musics, pics, downlad and docs is 103GB of data - without Windows and programs and temp files and stuff.

Remember the 0.1 TB used on D is 100GB, (give or take due to rounding) some of it must be there already

And while moving thing things, how much mail have you got? That's another good one to move.
Aug 2021
11:20am, 18 Aug 2021
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♪♫ Synge ♪♫
You're quite right, um, I think I've been confused by the "type" folders ("Pictures", "Documents", "Music") which I thought were all on the C Drive. I now realise that I had already moved the "Music" folder in its entirety to the D Drive a couple of years ago. And I hadn't even noticed!

I've now moved all of the Pictures too and the C Drive looks much healthier with ca 30 Gb free out of 118 Gb.

Thanks again!
Aug 2021
8:07am, 19 Aug 2021
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@um - you have local mail?!?! I didn't think anyone did that these days, just use a web client like Gmail.

But yes, if you've got a local copy of your mail that can get quite large.

30Gb free on an SSD c: drive is plenty though.
Sep 2021
9:01am, 5 Sep 2021
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A different request ...
Does anyone know or recommend free, or very cheap, video editing SW?
No major edits, just trimming starts and ends off a video (TV recording from my humax box, mpeg file).
The web says MS Photos will do it, but I don't get the trim buttons shown.
22 May
4:13pm, 22 May 2022
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Another question - does anyone know much about powershell?
For years I've been using fairly complex DOS commands to mass change file names. And normally screwing up more than helping.

Now I've just found I can do it easily in powershell, eg
>gi *

% { rni $_ ($_.name -replace 'xxx','yyy') }
to change all file names in the folder, replacing xxx with yyy.

Except it's a bit harder because I wanted to replace (2) and brackets are powershell special chars, so it needed to be
>gi *

% { rni $_ ($_.name -replace '(2)','yyy') }

How much more am I missing by just thing powershell was an enhanced DOS?
And are there any quick/easy guides that anyone knows of?

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