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Fetch Wheezers

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13 Sep
10:32pm, 13 Sep 2020
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Couldn't find anything recent on the forum about asthma, or specifically for those of us the wheeze...

How is everyone at the moment? I'm struggling, and have been for about a week, just wondered if others were relying on the blue inhaler as much, if it's a weather thing or the like?
14 Sep
10:48am, 14 Sep 2020
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An almost-former blue inhaler user here. I started using one in about 2007, after finding my chest a bit wheezy after a lot of my runs. Habitually took two puffs before each run for the next 11 years; and then thanks to a misplaced inhaler, I stopped using it before running. I think I've had maybe one hit off it this year, when my hayfever was bad.

There are a bunch of threads that maybe might be ideal for waking up:

14 Sep
2:22pm, 14 Sep 2020
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Yes, I thought I was off the list a couple of years ago after getting my GP to have it removed from my record for military medical purposes, as I had been fine for so long... But something's not been right the last few weeks, very strange!

I'll go take a look at those other threads, I did do a search, but they all seemed so old I thought I'd leave them be... maybe I'll try prodding one or two...
14 Sep
3:14pm, 14 Sep 2020
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Yes, two goes on the blue inhaler before every run for me. I have been experimenting with not taking it before shorter and/ or slower runs - not sure if I can tell the difference.
17 Sep
10:57am, 17 Sep 2020
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Yay, it's the asthma thread!

Right, I never thought I had asthma. I've always had allergies (summer and winter, up and down, no idea what all the triggers are - symptoms streaming eyes, sneezing, itchy skin, but not usually coughing, except if it's from snotty nose.)

I had already for a few months been taking my allergy pills again. Much reduced sneezing, itchiness. But still the cough.

Last summer I was coughing and it got to the point of keeping me awake at night. And got very out of breath with it. Keeping missus awake was no longer acceptable (!) so went to doc. She said probably just from the runny nose due to allergies, but can give you an inhaler (symptomatic) and I could get further tests if I wanted she said, but see if it helps.

It did. , but didn't bother with further tests. Still didn't think it was asthma. Mid lockdown (April?) practice nurse (asthma specialist?) called me. How was I getting on? Oh, right. Blue inhaler helps when I need it. No coughing at night now. Remaining symptom is still a bit shallow / restricted breathing towards end of the day or while running. How often do you use blue inhaler - night before bed, in the night sometimes, before or during running and maybe one other time during the day. That's too much, she said. We should be able to do something better for you.

So peak flow meter testing morning and night. Was at best 400 ish, sometimes low 300 (I believe this is pretty decent and not at all acute - is that the case?) So I was given a brown (preventative steroid) to take morning and night. Another couple months. Is it improving. No on measurements, but symptoms fine. No night cough, occasional wheeziness in day or when running. Not using blue too much. She said goal is to not use blue at all. Ah.

So now on pink (combined blue and brown makes pink?!) morning and night. Relatively low dose I think. Another follow up, is it helping. To be honest, all still the same.

So I don't know what to think. Medicines not helping massively. Main bad symptom (night time coughing and breathlessness) gone. Thank you NHS docs n nurses. But still (minor) wheezing during day and running.

Not exactly serious or life impairing. But that's where I am. :-) G
17 Sep
11:11am, 17 Sep 2020
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I was diagnosed as a child, like many of my age group (I'm 43) and have carried a blue inhaler with me everywhere I go since I was about 10. However it hasn't really been a problem for me unless I have a cold or chest infection, then it would be bad. Brown inhalers, pink inhalers and steroids, most winters... and like Fetch, a couple of puffs on the blue one before any kind of activity, regardless of how I was feeling.

A couple of years ago I switched squadrons with the air cadets to a flying school, and had to pass an RAF pilots medical. You can't do that with Asthma on your record... so I spoke to my then GP who confirmed I probably didn't have asthma at all, and wrote this on my file to clear me for flying duties! :) (Unfortunately been recently grounded due to migraines!)

I stopped relying on the blue inhaler before I ran, and didn't see any drop in lung performance. I think for my age and height I should be blowing about 450 on a peak flow, and typically get closer to 550-600, so lung capacity is very good. I am not sure what they class as acute...

I find allergies make the wheeze worse, dust, smoke and animal hair are the worse for me and some pollen's. I have also always found steam a great reliever for my wheezing. I hot shower, or even just running the hot tap in the sink for a while. and one time I was caught short without an inhaler someone suggested a strong coffee, apparently caffeine helps? a blue inhaler was located not long after the coffee appeared so I don't know if it would have worked!

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Couldn't find anything recent on the forum about asthma, or specifically for those of us the wh...

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