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Calling fraggle: 5 year anniversary run of 30 day Adriene?

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2 Jan
12:50pm, 2 Jan 2022
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Yes :(
2 Jan
2:37pm, 2 Jan 2022
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I'm not sure whether I'm going to do the 30 days with Adrienne or just do my own 30 day thing, as I worry that doing her class will take away from me doing my own rehab. Along with my physio exercises I have a lot of hip opening and hamstring/calf stretching to do, so I might just stick to my own flow
2 Jan
2:46pm, 2 Jan 2022
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I tended to do my own thing first when I was in that position fraggle - but appreciate you might not have the time.

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Maintained by Sharkie
In January 2016 fraggle decided to follow Adriene (of Yoga with Adriene fame -only she wasn't 'quite' so famous back then). It was the start of Adriene's second 30 Days of Yoga and fraggle started a thread and asked anyone interested to join in. I did, I completed the 30 days and I got a PB fpr my 60 metres at the end of it so it was certainly not detrimental....


Fancy joining in with this year's 30 day programme - 'Home'?

Here's the link to Adriene's site, the link for 'Home' is right at the top


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