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Bastardos hôtel: 2013 cible vélo couper le beurre

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28 Nov
7:30am, 28 Nov 2013
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I'm just two miles off of my target for the year (1200) so am fairly certain I'll make it.
3 Dec
9:49pm, 3 Dec 2013
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10 to go will go past it tomorrow
4 Dec
6:49am, 4 Dec 2013
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Looks like I'm going to overshoot by about 10% :-)
4 Dec
7:13pm, 4 Dec 2013
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now 9 miles past target with almost a month to spare :-)
7 Dec
4:19pm, 7 Dec 2013
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We might have the makings of a plan here to make the last 20-odd days meaningful.

Link (roll over me to see where I go)
24 Dec
4:09pm, 24 Dec 2013
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Dai Bank
Hadn't planned to ride tomorrow but as today's ride was cut short I might just pop out for 8 miles to get my 2013 target whatever the weather.
25 Dec
2:56pm, 25 Dec 2013
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Dai Bank
Target achieved and surprised to see so many cyclists and runners out this morning
8 Jan
3:12pm, 8 Jan 2014
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Dai Bank
2014 target will be 2500 miles all off road/CX type riding. If I ever get sky to sort my broadband failure I might be able to record it on here too. 2 rides totalling 44k so far after a week oop north spending money in Royle's, if buying a mini_pump counts as that
24 Apr
12:02pm, 24 Apr 2017
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Good grief. We've got outbuildings coming out of our ears.
24 Apr
11:20pm, 24 Apr 2017
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Angus Clydesdale
How is this rubbish in my Watch List?!

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