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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

TriSport Fetch: The smell of 220

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5:38am, 26 Apr 2019
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Cheers coach. I probably won’t get to see it for about three weeks alas. Good?
5:46am, 26 Apr 2019
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TRO Saracen
Nice work Greppers, we await more 3 set epics :-)

45mph wind predicted for Saturdays E2, block headwind out, tailwind back. I’ve only got a 58 on the front.....
6:16am, 26 Apr 2019
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9. (a) The MENS LEAGUE teams will consist of three pairs. Each pair will play ONE professional set against each pair of the opposing team. A professional set will be won by the first pair to reach 8 games with a 2 game lead. A tie break will be played at 8-8 if necessary.
6:17am, 26 Apr 2019
112088 posts
It’s all proper international stuff. Rule 7 is a cracker.

7. All matches must be played within 15 miles of Chelmsford Shire Hall.
7:37am, 26 Apr 2019
18666 posts
TRO Saracen
So a professional set = 8 games, unlike the T20-esque 6 game hit and giggle jobbies that the likes of Federer and Murray play.....
7:40am, 26 Apr 2019
27420 posts
'Hit and giggle' :)
7:41am, 26 Apr 2019
112091 posts
Yes it's weird, isn't it?

That said, the NextGen (sp?) thing for U23s has a 'short set' format - up to 4 I think - which is even odder.

Here we go. This is from the 2017 iteration I believe:

That's the reasoning behind one of the most noticeable innovations to be tested during the inaugural Next Gen ATP Finals, to be held 7-11 November.

Matches in Milan will use a shorter format: best-of-five set matches, but the sets will be first to four (with a tie-break at 3-3), and games will feature no-ad scoring.
7:41am, 26 Apr 2019
112092 posts
I watched a lot of the 2018 tournament on the telly. It really is T20 with fluffy yellow bastards.
8:20am, 26 Apr 2019
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Seems all about faster and shorter matches.

Feels like the world is full of short attention spans.

Got home late so took a rest morning.


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