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outer heel (achillies?) pain connected to inner thigh pain?

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Jun 2012
8:11pm, 27 Jun 2012
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Where its the hip tender? Note i said tender..... Ie it hurts,when you poke it
Jun 2012
10:20am, 28 Jun 2012
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Maz Heeps
Thanks for the time cabletow...

the hip is tender kinda round the corner from the bottom of my bumcheek.... if that makes sense.... feels kinda prickly and tender when i poke it.

the inner thigh pain is almost a groin kinda pain, and stabs upon the first impact step off from the left foot... at which time the achilles hurts too....

Sounds like i am falling to bits!

Yesterday i did some stretching whenever it crossed my mind throughout the day... i also got some feneldene (sp?) gel from my mum which i applied am and pm to achilles and outer thigh.... ibuprofen in the morning never seemed to help all day, but my evening ibuprofen helped a lot and i was pretty much without pain at bedtime and this morning upon waking, except upon stretching exercises....

More ibuprofen this am and the "pain" is gone,but the feeling is still there, if you know what i mean....

i am more optimistic today than i was yesterday...

i appreciate all the comments
Jun 2012
10:20am, 28 Jun 2012
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Maz Heeps
oh and i have take pictures of my hip and foot areas, but i'm not sure how to post them... i could email them to you CT?

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