Gore-Tex trail shoes v ormal trail shoes

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Jun 2012
11:16pm, 17 Jun 2012
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I'm looking at replacing my Asics Trabucos with the Trabuco 14s, but have also found Trabuco G-TX. Basically, the exact same trainer but with a Gore-Tex upper. Any experiences with similar trainers? I thought the Gore-Tex upper would just mean that any water / mud that did get in, wouldn't be able to get back out again. Or do they really do such a good job at keeping ran etc out?

The only reason I was considering them was because I wore my old Trabucos when I was walking about Islay and even just walking through the wet grass, my feet were soaking. Would the G-TX really make that much difference?
Jun 2012
11:17pm, 17 Jun 2012
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"... at keeping *rain* etc out..."
Jun 2012
8:02am, 18 Jun 2012
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*boing* for the daytimers...
Jun 2012
8:18am, 18 Jun 2012
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eL Bee!
in the Asics it probably will make a difference, because their 'trail' uppers are basically a running upper and hold on to water like a big sponge.

Things to consider.
In our humid climate there isn't a big enough vapour pressure differential when it is wet (which Goretex needs to 'breathe') so when it's wet or hot your feet may as well be in plastic bags; that is to say on hot days you may well have damp feet where you wouldn't in a non-goretex pair!
If water gets in over the top - it stays in which is very squelchy and makes your feet all wrinkly
They are excellent in the snow.
They'll keep your feet drier in wet grass.
They are pretty good for doing jobs like washing the car/bike.

In this country there are not many conditions that I'd say that Goretex trail shoes perform particularly well, although you may find you have slightly less damp feet in some conditions but some people really like them.

i have a pair (not Ascis) which get used occasionally, and will probably last longer than I do as a result!
Jun 2012
9:11am, 18 Jun 2012
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Thank you eL Bee! :)
Jun 2012
3:33pm, 18 Jun 2012
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I bought one pair of trail shoes with goretex liners, and I will never do it again. Yes, once it goes over the top your feet stay wet and heavy the rest of the run. I also think that running is harder on the goretex liner than walking, so it is more likely to get damaged quicker.

Basically what el Bee said - fine for snow, okay for wet grass whilst the membrane is intact & washing the car etc. However for running I'll go with the easy in/easy out approach to water in the future.
Jun 2012
3:44pm, 18 Jun 2012
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Same as above. They do have their uses, but as a day to day trail shoe I would not us a GTX shoe.

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I'm looking at replacing my Asics Trabucos with the Trabuco 14s, but have also found Trabuco G-TX. ...

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