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A big hug to all the Fetchies who voted at The Running Awards 2017. In an auditorium packed with the biggest names in running, we came away with a bronze award for Best Online Community. I am proud to be part of a wonderful and independent community of runners, bikers, and swimmers - but above all else, you are real people, who make a real difference to each other. Keep being awesome, keep spreading the word, and next year we'll be back for more!

Ian Williams

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  • Congratulations Ian!
    Having seen this community grow over the years and the hard work that you have put into the site; the award is well deserved.
    My only surprise is that they could find 2 better online communities for the Gold and Silver! ;-)
  • Congratulations well deserved, thank you for putting up with us all :-)
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Me and Katie getting papped. I was glad to get my trainers back on when I got home.

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