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Club La Santa


Our friends at Club La Santa were keen to show their support for the newly-independent Fetcheveryone. When I spoke to Brendan Fox at Sports Tours International (they work a lot with CLS), he told me that a link I'd put in one of my newsletters many years ago had received more clicks than anything else he'd ever seen. Out of interest, I looked it up - it just said:

"...I am delighted to tell you that the lovely people at Sports Tours can organise everything you need to run the New York Marathon. They say that places are filling fast, but they'd be delighted if you'd consider putting some business their way."

Simple. No teeth-whitening required. Just a message, delivered without embellishment for the sane reader to judge. I'd love to be able to show them that it was no fluke. So with that in mind, I'd like to invite you to visit the Club La Santa website to see what they have to offer.

Katie and I visited there last year - you can watch my 15 minute vLog about our experiences rubbing cream onto Ironman competitors. If you're keen on a week where you can do some training in good weather (I can't truthfully say that we had a huge amount of sun in May, but on a previous trip in July it was utterly gorgeous), it's really quite lovely.

For runners, there's a track, a 5k loop around the outside of the complex, and all the off-roading you could possibly want (the volcanic landscape means you can pretend you're in an episode of Doctor Who).

For cyclists, bike usage is free (although you can pay extra and get carbon fibre), and there are lots of very smooth tarmac roads and climbs, and the law in Lanzarote means that motorists take a real wide berth.

Swimmers will enjoy eighteen wide lanes of 50m pool, with the opportunity to take swimming lessons from the in-house coach, for a small fee.

There are tonnes of different classes to try (all included), from the psychotic ab attack, through to the mellow bliss of 'Stretch and Relax'. There are gym facilities (although we've never tried those), diving and snorkelling trips (these are extra, but worth it just for the chat with the instructors in the mini bus) and a lagoon where you can try canoeing, paddle boarding and wind-surfing.

For families, there's a classic holiday swimming pool, with a very popular diving board, and the usual bar food, kids clubs, evening entertainment and disco area. On our visits, we've tended to see a lot of Scandinavian guests who all seem to have excellent English and good manners. It's a step away from the Kiss Me Quick hats in the south of the island.

Overall, we've found the complex to be clean and well-maintained - with brand-new accomodation (pictured to the south of the running track in the picture), good facilities and decent food. I'm gonna stop here, because if I go on any longer, I'm gonna get annoyed that I'm not there.

If you've been to Club La Santa, or if you're considering it, or would jump at the chance, please leave a comment below.

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  • As you all know I love CLS and keep coming back (I'm writing this right now from CLS). Even though my children are now older than I was when I first arrived here, there is still plenty to do, and this morning I've received free instruction in Open Water Swimming skills. There's always something new to learn and this is a lovely environment to do just that.
  • I had a lovely week there at the beginning of September a couple of years ago. Fabulous weather and a fantastic experience! I would thoroughly recommend to anyone.
  • I want to go now !! Which resort is it nearer to ?
  • I love La Santa. I was there in November and hope to be back this November - if not before!
  • I would love to go there - maybe one day, if my ship ever comes in .......
  • I love La Santa too!
  • Someone please take me to La Santa!!!! #dreamholiday
  • I was lucky enough to win a trip in the Fetch Advent calendar competition last year and it was amazing, we can't wait to go back! I would recommend to anyone, it's fab.
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Fetcheveryone at Club La Santa

Last year, Katie and I took a trip to Lanzarote to stay at Club La Santa, and to get involved with the Ironman®. Watch my vLog to find out how we got on:

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