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North West Fetchies Talk Rubbish Thread

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13 Oct
3:37pm, 13 Oct 2017
6055 posts
I think I'm entered but my chances of running it look slim
13 Oct
4:13pm, 13 Oct 2017
3051 posts
It's usually on my radar, but it seems to be going so mainstream now (they're even giving out medals!!!) I'm not sure I'm so keen!
13 Oct
4:32pm, 13 Oct 2017
5643 posts
Medals ? Mind you ive entered it 4 times and only got to run it once #jinxed
13 Oct
4:35pm, 13 Oct 2017
3052 posts
Until this year it was my PB 10 mile course, might have to have a go at restoring it to that honour I suppose. It is a nice event.
13 Oct
4:52pm, 13 Oct 2017
6056 posts
My PB 10 Mile course too....... cos it's my only 10 mile course :-)
13 Oct
4:55pm, 13 Oct 2017
3053 posts
LOL! This year I've been fitter than ever before, and I ran a pan flat 10 miler and took a huge 1s off my Stockport 10 PB - maybe I'm just better at running hills than I am running on the flat!
13 Oct
5:42pm, 13 Oct 2017
16608 posts
Wriggling Snake
Best race of the year...will enter 10 mile PB is the STK10 too. I think the hills make me pace it better...
17 Oct
10:10pm, 17 Oct 2017
17270 posts
Steady Edina
I don’t think I could cope with the hills. I did it once back in 2009
17 Oct
10:25pm, 17 Oct 2017
16634 posts
Wriggling Snake
It is great. In. Also Bowstones fell race. Hit The Trail, Reddish Vale 7th Jan and Trafford 10k.....

Thinking about Lyme Park 10k or parkrun....

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