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6:09pm, 22 Jun 2018
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TRO Toddslayer
Iceland not so hot when they’re not playing shambolic sides like Argentina and England......
6:57pm, 22 Jun 2018
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I thought I'd relax and watch some more World Cup, but Serbia v Switzerland zzzzzz
7:06pm, 22 Jun 2018
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Wriggling Snake
Take that back....
Good start.
8:43pm, 22 Jun 2018
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Surrey Phil
VAR is certainly help get the decisions right...when it is actually being used. We hear that Harry Kane's penalty shouts the other evening were looked at by VAR but the official decided against contacting the referee.

However much I can't stand players crowding the referee over every decision, the use or non-use of VAR is now giving players to shout and scream at every call made. Even during the Iran v Spain match, you had players having a go at the referee when he made it clear that he was waiting for VAR confirmation about the offside goal. Either that or he is being followed to the touchline during his monitor check. Give the officials a break!
8:56pm, 22 Jun 2018
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Wriggling Snake

Good game that.
9:32pm, 22 Jun 2018
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What do you mean Phil, VAR is helping getting the decisions right when it is being used?

Are you saying the VAR looking at Kane's rugby tackle pens and not contacting the ref was correct?

What about the double team on Mitrovitic tonight?

I like the principle of using the Tech but these are the bits I'm struggling with:

Lack of transparency over what incidents are being looked at. The only way I hear about it is via the commentators.

Lack of transparency when a decision is made i.e bringing it back for a pen. No information on the replays seen or the discussions had, also no information on why a very good penalty shout has not been given.

No communication of when VAR can be used, all I see is newspapers interpretations. I want VAR guidelines in detail on the FIFA website. I keep hearing clear and obvious error being key, and then seeing very subjective penalties being given.
9:40pm, 22 Jun 2018
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Second half was alright Shaqiri is a major knob.
9:47pm, 22 Jun 2018
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Rugby refs are mic’d up and explain their decisions, don’t know why football refs can’t do the same.
9:49pm, 22 Jun 2018
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I thought little Harry Enfield did really well.

Xhaka's hit on the spinning ball was quite something.

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