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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone


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16 Oct
6:33pm, 16 Oct 2018
1117 posts
I think he has been good to very good, let down from being exceptional by the lack of cynical finishing.
16 Oct
6:34pm, 16 Oct 2018
1118 posts
Just my view, football is about opinions, and that's mine. I really believe England are a better team with Sterling in it.
16 Oct
7:29pm, 16 Oct 2018
8750 posts
You're right Fenners, it is a game of opinions and you are entitled to yours. Just don't get so defensive if people don't agree with it.
16 Oct
10:29pm, 16 Oct 2018
1831 posts
2 in 43 for a guy that’s there to score goals deserves a bad word or two. I’d love to know how many assists he had.

I’ll give you one name Rashford. How many names do we need to replace one guy?

Like I said he’s good but should be producing more. Two away to Spain is a great start.

It’s Ian Wright and the like making it all about race. No, it’s just he isn’t replicating his club form for his country.
17 Oct
7:50am, 17 Oct 2018
30899 posts
Cheg, you normally talk s lot of sense, but race does play a big part of the way that players are judged,especially in a negative way, by the bigoted part of our football-supporting society, but also by our media which is predominantly white and male. Even female commentators and pundits are considered unwelcome.

Just as Scottish and Welsh athletes are British when they succeed but are swiftly returned to their home nation when they don’t, race remains the fundamental defining characteristic for players of colour.
17 Oct
8:25am, 17 Oct 2018
30903 posts
19 Oct
9:13pm, 19 Oct 2018
5074 posts
The international break must be over if I'm typing "FFS, Wednesday" again...

Boro are a proper PulisBall team - dreadful to watch but very effective.
20 Oct
7:42pm, 20 Oct 2018
1139 posts
Going down, going down, going down. In this instance I wish with all my heart I was wrong. But Town are going down. In fact the current muppett may be gone by Christmas in an act of desperation by Mr Evans.
12:49am, 21 Oct 2018
17606 posts
TRO Staying at home with the watter
Good job Ipswich fans driving MCarthy out, that went well....

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