Use your judgement to buy runners who will increase their mileage, then sell them to make a profit. Follow the training of your tradertable of runners, and decide when it's time to set them free again!

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How To Play

As a trader, your job is to pick the runners that you think will increase in value. You start with 1000 credits, and can use these to purchase shares in runners. If you think their mileage is about to drop, then it's time to sell.

How Are Runner Values Calculated?

The value of a runner is determined by their total running mileage in the last 90 days (currently 24th Oct to 21st Jan inclusive). Each time they log a run, their value is recalculated.

Collect Fetch Virtual Badges!

There are multiple badges available for traders, and a few for runners too. Look out for them as you make a profit out of your buying and selling. Please note that the badges are only available to users who have 'reset' their Trader balance since October 1st. You can do this via the Trader Settings.

How Do I Become A Tradeable Runner?

To become a tradeable runner, you need to join the waiting list. If there's a space, you will become tradeable at midnight UK time. There are 400 spaces in total for tradeable runners. Spaces become available if any existing runner has a value of zero for at least a week. They will be removed from the tradeable list, as this implies that they have not recorded any running for at least 97 days.

Handy Tips

Runners get a notification when you buy shares, but not when you sell them.

The value of a runner can go up or down, but don't threaten them. Have fun!

It's just a game!

Want to change the appearance of the trading board? Have a look at your Trader Settings

To discuss the game, including tactics and more insider information, follow the Trader forum thread.
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