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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Oldbiddy - Member of the Month February 2008

Member of the Month February 2008


Fetch says: Hiya OB. If I can separate you and j.depp for a moment (put that *away* j.depp), I'd like to congratulate you on behalf of all Fetchies on on winning our Member of the Month award for February 2008 (sponsored by SimplyRun.co.uk - we love you). The interview is a bit shorter this month, because each user is only entitled to one question - which keeps things a bit more focussed. And before we start, I'd just like to invite you, dear reader, to join the Pink Ribbons group, to show OB just how much you care. And now Fetchies, join me on a trip into deepest darkest Norfolk, where [deleted for legal reasons]...:

Jen J asks: How many questions would you like people to be able to ask you?

Oldbiddy says: I really don't mind, keeps me off the streets !!!

Hourglass asks: You're clearly too 'normal for norfolk', what did the doctor's write on your notes? :-)

Oldbiddy says: SEFN, strange, even for Norfolk :)

santababy asks: oh, i have one was i first person to congratulate you?

Oldbiddy says: no, Johnny Depp was ,

HarryB asks: Is this question serious enough to satisfy Pudds and the new rules of the game?

Oldbiddy says: I think so,

Qwerty asks: Many congrats :-) What do you feel has been your greatest running achievement?

Oldbiddy says: Definitely The Loch Ness Marathon, and raising money for The Parkinsons Disease Society, although every race has it's merits

Hanneke asks: Woohoo! Well done Obee :-) Where do you get all your positive energy from and is that how do you get so fast?

Oldbiddy says: I think that's just me ,oh and Maltesers. Getting faster is the training with the club and wanting to beat others in my age group

runnerbean asks: well done OB:-) :-) is it true you're planning on getting implants bigger than mine?

Oldbiddy says: Absolutely, I have a team of Architects working as we speak :) They'll be loads betterer.

BigChiefRunningBore asks: Is the State Pension enough to live on?

Oldbiddy says: No way ,I supplement it with lap dancing and cranial massage

chromey asks: Does Tena Lady work?

Oldbiddy says: I don't know, cos really I don'tneed them . Pelvic Floor of iron :-)

Sweaty Frank asks: What is the one big but attainable running goal that you have not yet achieved?

Oldbiddy says: Running eyeballs out. I always err on the side of caution.

Kev Scone asks: how did you manage to nobble the votes, did you threaten fetch with the zimmer or offer him a ride on the moto-scooter :P

Oldbiddy says: I threatened to post pics of a bleary eyed dawn Fetch at RNR :-)

jude asks: What was your VERY FIRST thought when they told you about Eric. The FIRST one mind.......... Oh, and, bloody well done, you're my favourite running old dear XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Oldbiddy says: I was frightened for the kids and for Mr.Bids, strangely enough ,I also felt guilty for causing the worry.

Gofigure asks: As a novice runner, what was your first "eureka" moment?

Oldbiddy says: My first race, the Wroxham 5K, it made everything make sense.

Big Al Widepants asks: Are you a young person with an old dear's body or the other way around?

Oldbiddy says: lol cheeky sod, old dear who never grew up. Teaching 5 year olds takes it's toll, then move into Dementia nursing, no hope really.!!!!

RuthB2 asks: If you could create the perfect race for you from scratch (distance, location, terrain etc.) what would it be?

Oldbiddy says: A temperate day with no wind, undulating mixed terrain. In fact Wells next the Sea to Holkham and back, Fabberoo. Or Scotland :)

KatieB asks: What gets you through the last mile of a race? (am so, so pleased)

Oldbiddy says: A little Mantra ,or counting, or being scared of losing Fetchpoints, oh and pride :)

Zeb asks: Congratulations. What is your dream run?

Oldbiddy says: Beach and Pine forest, on a warm day

Sid asks: Great result! What song makes you sing out loud?

Oldbiddy says: Anything by the Killers, or Queen,Atomic, Blondie :)

LorraineS asks: Johnny would obviously be the lead actor, but who would play you in the story of your life ?

Oldbiddy says: Julie Walters

orbital sander asks: congratulations :-) have you ever done anything you would be far too embarrassed to tell us about?

Oldbiddy says: Ho Yus :) Been arrested for breach of the peace and much more :)

Spally asks: when did you first realise you had the running bug and what is your favourite running song? congratulations by the way.

Oldbiddy says: When I realised how well I was beginning to feel and when I began to lose weight.At the mo it's Basshunter, *When you're gone*

Last of the Time Lords asks: Well deserved OB! If you were to give one piece of advice to anyone else going through the same situation with 'Eric', what would it be?

Oldbiddy says: To try and see the long term picture. It's just a carp phase to be got through. Learn to rely on others, no-one can do it all by themselves. Accept help and support, it is beyond value.

mxhornet asks: Do you still love me ? *heart*

Oldbiddy says: Always and for ever :)

Barky asks: Aston Martin DB9 or Mini Copper?????

Oldbiddy says: A small policeman??? DB9

Diki asks: I think we should let j.depp conduct the whole interview !!

Oldbiddy says: He is, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

SparkyMark asks: Congratulations OB :-) Following the fantastic Loch Ness Marathon, there was another race that day ... after the race up the stairs at Wetherspoons, the time spent in the loos was delayed somewhat - Was this wholly to do with the Dyson Hand-dryer? The race downstairs, whilst holding hands, was hilarious - Would you recommend stair racing as an ideal post-marathon warm down? Is JD good at hugs? :-)

Oldbiddy says: I would recommend it Sparkly, the fact that I couldn't walk for a week would not deter me from doing it all again :):) Never seen those hand driers since tho :) Are you fishing ??? He doesn't hug as well as you ;)

bigleggy asks: How much did you get paid for this advert :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkbAgrwT42w ;-)

Oldbiddy says: You'd be soooooooooooooooo jealous if I let on !!!

Simontr asks: Congrats OB- this is really well deserved. Class all the way. Whatt would be your ideal night out? Not running, but I am fascinated to see what the answer will be.

Oldbiddy says: A night at the dogs !! I've never been and really fancy it :)

j.depp asks: well deserved :-) where shall we go on holiday?and shall i shave?

Oldbiddy says: A caravan in Ireland and yes please, for once :)

Ravanelli asks: No silly Questions - Cream Egg or Curly Wurly?

Oldbiddy says: Curly Wurly

mic asks: *heart* OB.. top draw choice, and totally deserved you loon' :-) If you had the chance to do one thing in life that had been in your lifes top ten to do ... what would it be ?

Oldbiddy says: Dance on stage in a ballet. Really :)

oldbiddy asks: Thorntons or Hotel Chocolat ????;)

Oldbiddy says: Hotel Chocolat

chrisity asks: well done OB, it's time that insanity was recognised as a positive trait. my question is if you had to run only one leg of the RNR, which one would it be, and whose baton would you like to grab on the way?

Oldbiddy says: Leg 2 , in the Dunes and I can't choose. Perhaps a baton inspection first ?)

st bernard asks: well done ob all the best for the future what made you take up running in the first place ?

Oldbiddy says: Raising money for The Parkinson's Disease Society and making Richard, a patient of mine proud of me.

mad4purple asks: If someone was to say they would do anything for you what would you ask of them?

Oldbiddy says: I hope that they would think kindly of me

topcorner asks: Congrats OB, couldn't have happened to a lovelier wrinkly! :) Other than your family, who or what has been your greatest influence in life? Up the Gills!

Oldbiddy says: My friend Richard , for starting me running in the first place.

Siouxsie asks: Oh wow! Well Done Biddy! :-) :-) With a body a perfect as yours * mwah* why do you run? What's your fave distance? Why? If you *had* to pick one - Depp or Flowers? :-) xxxx*heart*xxxx

Oldbiddy says: I run to keep fit and for the pure pleasure. Depp I think. So far fave distance is half mara, time to get a stride and long enough to be satisfied :)

Blott's Mate asks: O.B darling - how simply fabulous! At last! Tell me sweety - how can I turn into a poet like what you are???????????????????

Oldbiddy says: lol, time and much practise and probably some alkyhol:)

CanaryYellow asks: Yay you. :) My question: You win a voucher which will let you travel and stay anywhere in the world for 6 weeks. You can stay in each destination for as long or as little as you wish. Where are you going? *please note even mythical travel vouchers do not extend to Johnny Depps residence or bed*

Oldbiddy says: Three weeks travelling up the East Coast of the US, then three weeks in Toronto for some serious Ice Hockey :)

Miss PiggyWiggy asks: OB some people would have not run after and op, what gave you the incentive to just get back out there? CONGRATULATIONS

Oldbiddy says: I never thought I wouldn't run. It's what I do and what gives me freedom. I hope I'll speed up recovery and make chemo easier.

Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Great OB Well done What is your motivation to keep running ?

Oldbiddy says: The enjoyment factor, plus meeting friends at races and making new ones. Also as Chair of NNBR, I need to lead by example :)

Boingy asks: OB, can I pop round sometime and have a ride in your phanny ? ;-) *heart*

Oldbiddy says: Oh yes, you may. In fact by the time you read this I shall have a much smaller one :):)

Stepford Wife asks: Do you think you'll keep the tassels?

Oldbiddy says: yes and collect other examples too I hope .

danny wilde asks: Hey Bidds You've run loads of races - which one was your favourite and why ? ..and don't answer it now..wait for the spreadsheet :-)

Oldbiddy says: My favourite has been Loch Ness Marathon, on many levels really. On a personal one, just finishing was awesome, but also on the level of fun we had and lovely Fetchies and other people I met. The best really :)

LLL No1 asks: Well done ob. what you gonna do with your prize money ?

Oldbiddy says: Have a face lift :)

Phantom asks: Johnny Depp or Pat Jennings?

Oldbiddy says: Is there a choice ???? JD, although he lets loads of goals in :)

smoke free green asks: well done OB a most deserving winner, my question would have to be 'if not then why not?'

Oldbiddy says: Because there was not enough privacy :)

Shin Twigs asks: ok oh wrinkled wonder......... Time machine - one trip only - where you going?

Oldbiddy says: To visit Oscar Wilde

Pammie asks: Congrats to you OB If you were ever to be stuck in a lift who would you rather be stuck there with you?

Oldbiddy says: Johnny Depp :)

irunslowly asks: OB, you more than deserve this, well done. Now, what is your favourite position, at the start of a race I mean of course? :-)

Oldbiddy says: Halfway down the field, so I don't shoot off too early and too fast

84togomoonsago asks: a very well deserved accolade - congratulations!!! Here's my question which would you choose for a holiday.. 5* luxury hotel or camping in the wilds with morther nature?

Oldbiddy says: 5* luxury , done all the camping I intend to do

Snapstinget asks: What is the answer?

Oldbiddy says: forty two

Jock Itch asks: A thought provoking question for you OB. I love you and you inspire me. :) Anyway......John Noakes used to tell his dog Shep to get down. If you had a dog then what would you tell him to do ?

Oldbiddy says: I have 8 and I love to tell them to do the housework, cook tea, mow the lawn and massage my ego . :)

Snoo asks: I love you biddy boo. *heart* How many Jacobs Cream Crackers can you eat in a minute?

Oldbiddy says: In 1978 I ate 4 at a custom car rally, just before I won the wet T :)

Hendo asks: Where in the nursery rhyme does it say humpty dumpty is an egg?

Oldbiddy says: I think this is still up for debate. Tis an existensial conundrum.

Magbag asks: How many woolies can you knit in a day ?

Oldbiddy says: 37

Girlie asks: Very well deserved my booty:-0 My question for you is this: if you had unlimited use of the invisibility cloak for a day, where would you go and what would you do?

Oldbiddy says: I would want to go and shadow someone I fancy, to see what they are really like. I'd be happy to travel anywhere ;)

Rebel asks: Much deserved lovely lady.:) Does Steve live near you?

Oldbiddy says: No, But funnily enough he was an exboyfriends neighbour in Lee.:) Very nice wife and two kids .

Gus asks: Well done OB. When running a race, have you ever slowed down to admire a nice arse?

Oldbiddy says: Does a bear take a poo in the woods????? Ho yus, lovely stuff indeedly

McGoohan asks: If all men were brothers, would you let one marry your sister?

Oldbiddy says: This is normal for Norfolk

Woad Wunner asks: What do you want to be when you grow up? ;)

Oldbiddy says: An adult

SarahL asks: How was Johnny last night?

Oldbiddy says: So good my eyeballs are still spinning

Red Tomato asks: Does your husband ever ask you not to embarass him when you are out together? if so what is your usual reaction?

Oldbiddy says: He's given up, just rolls his eyes and sighs manfully

micknphil asks: Old Biddy - well done sorry , but i just need to ask - has this changed you , is it ... 1 . Just ok, it's fun 2 . pretty good 3 . bliddy brill 4 . or yes, it's changed my whole life completely, meaning in running terms, you feel like you've never felt before and in personal life etc, you cope better - etc Thankyou , and we wish you well, and much happy running

Oldbiddy says: It has changed me ,yes. I'm more confident, fitter and far more lush. I feel like a new woman can you find me one.

Fetch says: And we're done, and safely back across the border, with barely a pitchfork wound :-) Thanks OB for answering, and to all Fetchies who submitted questions.