Notes from Members

  • jude says: I will think of Jonny Depp and run like the wind!!! ;)
  • WeebleNana says: Entering Race for Life today - pink t-shirt, pink ribbon, maybe pink tutu & wings as well :-)
  • Mrs Muckyhands says: off to find some pink ribbon :-)
  • Buzzards Sis says: Will get one on Saturday xxx
  • Shin-Twigs says: will get mine before race tomorra
  • welly says: will wear my long sleeved pink shirt under my fetchie top until the summer, when I'll come up with another plan!
  • Woffy says: not sure where I can get one over here in Ireland but will certainly get one and wear it in support
  • Making_Tracks says: Off to hunt for pink ribbon ... I shall keep mine pinned to me until I'm fit enough to run my next race.
  • Lorraine says: Fantastic idea.So simple but affective
  • Ultracat says: Running partner is running FLM for Breast Cancer.
  • Roobarb says: Brilliant idea!!!!! Will sort mine out today.
  • filthyfaerie says: Lovely idea - I have one too :)
  • Lyra OK says: Wonderful idea. When I race, I'll tie my hair up with pink ribbons too. Go Biddy! :)
  • Silvershadow says: Will go out and get some now.
  • Boingy says: Lovely idea Mr Fetch. :-)
  • StormProof says: Found one in my sewing box - will stick it on for races and let everyone who asks know
  • Gus says: nice idea fetch, lots of support for the old bat:)
  • Helegant says: Will do
  • minardi says: I'm off to get my pink ribbon now
  • Lisrun says: Great idea Fetch
  • Max71 says: I shall break the habbit of a lifetime and wear some pink......I shall purchase my pink ribbon this weekend. Come on OB get better and pink??
  • McGoohan says: Include me in
  • SarahL says: I'll wear mine at the Paris Marathon heart
  • LLL1 says: I will join this group because I heart oldbiddy and because I am the No1 ;)

    Oh and pink is my fav colour
  • Schnecke says: Will get one asap - no fewer than 4 of my contemporaries diagnosed with breast cancer in the past year, and we old bids must stick together heart
  • SuzyWoo says: Will make sure to get one this weekend. heart
  • Snoo says: I love bids x
  • Princess Purple Bubbles says: Best get registered for R4L again :)
  • PaulaMc says: Fantastic idea - will sort out some ribbons for FLM pronto!
  • CrazyLegs says: Will wear one whenever I am out running :-)
  • Running Beard says: Pink is not "my colour" being a bearded ex-rugby player - but I am more than willing to sport a pink ribbon for OB
  • Slow Going says: I think I can carry off pink
  • Miss Piggy Wiggy says: For bids and my mum xxxx
  • Nightjar says: Already worn mine at Stanwick and Sandy.
  • Delamerewolf says: Doing the Chester Half Marathon next month so I'll be wearing mine - just lost a friend to BC so i'm doing it for her, and everyone fighting against this crappy disease
  • forest plodder says: Count me in
  • clairster says: wore mine at FLM, best wishes xx
  • Wendolene Wobbler says: Best Wishes OB, I wear a pink ribbon badge as two family members have had breast cancer.....never give up the fight and keep on running!
  • Ha! Ha! says: LOL MRS BIDS..XXXX
  • Caterpillar says: I love OB. She's just great.
  • flip says: Lost this when I came off fetch. I wear mine for elderberry and other fetchies and friends touched by

  • Labwalker says: I am running 10k in aid of Strathcarron Hospice on 2nd October. I will wear a pink ribbon for oldbiddy.
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