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Forest Faerie

Fetch says: Interview time again, and our winner, Forest Faerie, is from Norfolk. Given Oldbiddy's win a few months ago, I am building up a statistical awareness that people from Norfolk really are SPECIAL. Of course, there's no-one more special than our wonderful sponsor ( So, after getting all your jabs and remembering to cancel the milk, join me once again as we travel into deepest Norfolk to meet the lovely Forest Faerie...

Siamese Pete asks: What are you going to buy with your £100 from the wonderful sponsor

Forest Faerie says: Oooh...not sure yet, I would really like a skort but I am not certain tahat they do them. Some matching kit would be nice though

John 66 asks: Grim, Tough Guy or Hellrunner?

Forest Faerie says: Hell Runner most definitely. It's a fun race and the chances of dying are minimal. Tough Guy was terrifying and I often felt like I could have seriously hurt myself if things had gone wrong. But both HR and TG (sorry haven't done Grim) were full of lovely mud!!

Tom Tom asks: Which of your race performances so far are you most proud of?

Forest Faerie says: I have lots a race performances I am proud of, for different reasons, but the one I felt I performed best athletically was the GER half marathon last October where I ran my best race ever and I got the sub 1:50 I craved. Oh and I managed to overtake a lot of fit young thangs in the last two miles :-)

wabbit asks: What do you do to motivate yourself or keep going when the going gets tough?

Forest Faerie says: I find running in a beautiful place like the forest motivates me but when I struggle I break the remaining miles down into 10 min segments and remind myself that it is only xx minutes of my life. Either that or I think of an ice cold coke and a relaxing bath I can have when I finish

Simontr asks: YAY! :-):-):-) I like TT's question, but she's already nicked it. So, what does Fetch mean to you?

Forest Faerie says: It's my world, I have no life outside of Fetch ;-)

mic asks: Top draw , congrats to you FF :-) What advice would you give other athletes who are looking at long term injury lay off , how would they be best advised to deal with the frustration ??

Forest Faerie says: ahh Mic, good topical question :-) I toyed around with x training at the gym for a while but discovered I really enjoyed cycling. My advice would be to try to find a substitute for running, either a spin class or a swim session and use that in a same way as you would train if you were running. Say have a long bike ride at the weekend, a spin class instead of your speed session etc. Also keep in touch with your running community, if you have entered a race and cannot do it why not go along and support or offer to marshal. You get all the fun social bits before and after the race without the sweaty effort in the middle, plus you get loads of sympathy heh heh :-)

Vicksta asks: Well done! What is your favorite type of cake?

Forest Faerie says: Mmmmcake...butterscotch and walnut please nomnomnomnom

cabletow asks: Ipswich or Norwich?

Forest Faerie says: No contest...Norwich, Ipswich scares me

hammerite asks: what is your preferred choice of sandwich filling?

Forest Faerie says: Well FishFingers of course ;-)

BigChiefRunningBore asks: Apart from me does anything else bug you on Fetch? (careful now peeps might read this)

Forest Faerie says: Nope nothing apart for you bugs me my dear ;-). Fetch is my happy place although I do feel a bit sad when someone flouces and loses all their data etc.

Barky asks: Is swimming front crwal a real challenge for you?

Forest Faerie says: Barky, if you could see my attempts to do front crawl you would see I am stroke-challenged. 1 length and I am pooped

Marathon Maiden asks: Yay, congrats! 10-in-10?

Forest Faerie says: oooh, don't tempt me LOL. Something like that does appeal to me but I can barely walk after a marathon so cannot envisage running one the following day. I can understand why people do it. Never say never though :-)

GordonG asks: Well done FF Hellrunner - do you run this as a challenge or for 'fun'? will you be doing more of them or was last year's a one off? *pretends this is one question and hope Fetch doesn't notice*

Forest Faerie says: Definitely for fun, when I did my first Hellrunner it gave me the confidence to enter my first marathon, as I had completed a race of unknown distance and quantity. I would certainly like to do more., the muddier the better. I am hoping to do a local event in November

No need for speed asks: Well done FF! Do you consider yourself to be Normal for Norfolk :-P?

Forest Faerie says: Ha...don't tell anyone but me and the oldman are not blood relations, not even distantly, so I guess I am not NFN really

Blott's Mate asks: Hurrah!:) :) :) :):) Why are you always smiling even wading through mud ?? :) :) :) No need for speed- I'll have you know FF is safely just over the boarder in Suffolk!

Forest Faerie says: I was always a bit ferral and a tom-boy as a kid, muddy races put me back in touch with my inner child :-) Oh and I smile because it's FUN and I am a poser :-)

Tpod asks: Wahey! Well done:-) I'm going to a wedding in Diss at the end of August. Please advise me of any local customs so that I may blend in properly.

Forest Faerie says: Don't look loike a Mawkin on the day, take a pretty mawther and make sure you indulge in plenty of mardle, but be careful you don't get into a puckaterry. Or you could just go dogging

Ravanelli asks: Well Done FF Well Deserved Have you any tips on home security?

Forest Faerie says: I find that putting an old Ford Escort up on bricks and a couple of abandoned fridges in the front garden deters most burglars

Jock Itch asks: We are familiar with your love of pink :) whilst you dyed your hair pink do you have a Barbara Cartland pink poodle or a pink pussy ? :)

Forest Faerie says: Neither, just something wet that smells of fish called Fatkn*cker. Well he started it!!!!

Woodley asks: :) Very well done FF If god hadnt invented running, what other sport do you think you would want to do instead?

Forest Faerie says: I used to fall off horses regularly before I started running so I would have probably pursued that

Ross Fawcett asks: Can we have a Fetch mile race sooner than dec 2008? :P

Forest Faerie says: I am hoping to organise some far more exciting than a Fetch mile soon and I need some willing victims, I mean participants to try it out :-)

CanaryYellow asks: Yay! Well done you! If you had the power to turn 3 foodstuffs to nil calories what would you choose?

Forest Faerie says: Chocklit, crisps and Jelly Babies (wine isn't a food stuff I guess)

DrBob asks: Brilliant result, well done FF :-) x snogging or running, which do you prefer?+

Forest Faerie says: I have to state a preference?? Ermm...running of course, I am better at that than snogging

oceanspirit asks: Well done FF :) :) :) Congratulations!!!! Which country would you really like to go racing in if money was no object and which race would you do there?

Forest Faerie says: America, New York, The Marathon :-)

Homer asks: You are lovely :-) The big question....when will you go sub-4?????????????

Forest Faerie says: Oh, next year I hope Homer, injuries permitting!!

Breezy asks: Well done FF :-) Serious one this one, did you experience any dip in motivation after your 1st marathon?

Forest Faerie says: Hi Breezy, no not after my first one, I wanted to go straight into Ultra running. I found it hard after Windermere this year, I was just so tired.

mxhornet asks: She'll go sub-4 when she keeps up with her pacer ;-)

Forest Faerie says: *slap* :-P

Woad Wunner asks: Many Congrats :) whoever you are ;) anyway If you were a real faerie what which other person would you use you magical powers on?

Forest Faerie says: Good question would have to be oldbiddy, so that Eric would be banished for ever and that she would become a Johnny Depp magnet

Ted! asks: I know that you are looking at going to the tri-side. What motivated you to give tri a go this year?

Forest Faerie says: I love new challenges and after reading some blogs on here and the enthusiasm of a certain Red Tomato I began to wonder if someone like me could do it. With this recent injury I have been able to develop my cycling and swimming skills and feel I could manage one without making a total a*se of myself (hopefully)

Girlie asks: BIIIIG Congrats:-) Time Travel has been invented, if you could chose a time to travel to ( historical or future) where would you go to and why?

Forest Faerie says: I would go to the future and become a crew member on Jean Luc Picards Starship Enterprise :-) because they get to wear lycra all day

Geprig asks: Well done on MOTM. Well deserved. As an east angularian, what's your favourite hill?

Forest Faerie says: Don't tell Milemuncher but I rather enjoy Croxton Hill, it makes me vom at the top

Dave A asks: Well done FF. How much did running Windermere with OB and Roobarb mean to you and was it your favorite ever run?

Forest Faerie says: Ahh Dave, it was certainly the most emotional run I have ever done and yes from that point of view it was the best. It will always be something I am proud of and feel that I was very lucky to have been able to share those miles with such lovely company. It was one of those "top ten" moments in my life

Jock Itch asks: We just had a son together, not married, but I have to get married to get my green card because I'm from another country. Came here because of him and overstayed my visa, it was horrible 2 years of trying to find a job and stuff. He considers himself single, hits on girls all the time and promisess he would marry me this month and tells me how much he loves me. LOL Our son is american citizen, I'm not. He doesn't really take care of his son, parties a lot, goes to strip clubs and bars every night, invites, girls to his hot tub. I live at his parents' house. Should I just wait for 1 month and see if he marries me so I can separate then and take care of my kid here or should I just go home with my son?

Forest Faerie says: "I think the real question here is ""Would you make him a good wife?"" A few tips for you from Housekeeping monthly 1955 -1. Don't ask him questions about his actions or question his judgment or integrity. Remember, he is the master of the house and as such will always exercise his will with fairness and truthfulness. You have no right to question him. 2. Don't complain if he is late home for dinner or even if he stays out all night, count this as minor compared to what he may have gone through that day. 3. Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes. Speak in a low soothing pleasant voice. 4. A few days after the wedding arrange for someone to kill the fecker :-) "

runnyeyes asks: congrats FF :-) why did you start running? will you do a trail mara?

Forest Faerie says: I started, like most people, to lose some weight and found I enjoyed it. Yes, I would love to do a trail marathon, am tempted to try the South Downs Marathon one year

EarlyRiser asks: Congratulations Forest Faerie! What's the best time of year and the best time of day to run in the forest? And when do the midges bite? :-)

Forest Faerie says: Dawn running in the forest is fabulous, best time of year? Difficult to say, early spring or autumn is really special, the forest is magical then. The midges love to bite you in the evenings, usually on our training nights!

Rapscallion asks: Huge congrats FF!! :) :) :) If you did not run, what would you do instead to use up all that time?

Forest Faerie says: I would probably have a tidy house and a very small ironing pile

stu8 asks: wa hay confgratulations :) Q1 - are wings and flying considered legal under AAA rules? Q2 - Is the lack of serious questions at all worrying?

Forest Faerie says: I never use my wings for races, only my bunches. Not concerned by the lack of serious questions, NFF really, normal for fetch :-)

RuthB2 asks: FF, what's the best piece of running advice you've ever been given? and the worst? (and huge congratulations!) and why do you run?

Forest Faerie says: Best bit of advice I was given would be to be your own coach and listen to your body. Worst bit was when a marshal told me to run down the middle of some mud at Tough Guy and I sank up to my waist and had to be rescued. Why do I run?...because I can :-)

Fetch says: Finished. Thanks FF, you're a star, if slightly muddy, and well done all for some searching questions!

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