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6:50pm, 28 Jan 2016
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K5 Gus
A strange one today, that may or may not be linked to a new Garmin watch.

Did a 14.02 mile run - it's a regular run, so was happy that the new watch measured it the same as the old one ( always between about 13.95 and 14.05 ).

However when looking at the map of the run on here, some of the mile markers are in the wrong place. Especially noticeable is the 14 mile marker which appears about 0.25 mile from the end of the run, rather than right at the end. Also the 13 mile marker is out by the same amount ( should be at same point as 1 mile marker all but a few yards ), but the watch definitely did the autolap beep and vibrate at the correct place, as I know where the 1 mile from home mark is exactly.

Also, to confuse things further, if I look at the map in Garmin Connect, then all the mile markers are in the correct place, ie in different places from the Fetch map.

Now, the trace does seem to have gone off path a bit around 5-6 miles, but the trail looks long, but the fact that the watch was auto-lapping at the correct points after that, and the final distance was correct implies it didn't lose the plot. I'm well confused.

Since all looks ok in GC, does that mean there is a problem in the FIT ( or is it GPX ) file that Garmin has sent to Fetch, or could Fetch be interpreting a correct file wrongly when drawing the map ?

Is it a huge coincidence that it was the just the second run with a new watch, and the first was a new route where I don't know where the mile marks are ?

Before I send a feedback to Fetch, thought I'd ask to see if anyone else has experienced this, either recently or ever.

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A strange one today, that may or may not be linked to a new Garmin watch.

Did a 14.02 mile run - ...

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