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Seapark AC Carrickfergus

Seapark AC is based in Carrickfergus and has a long history of bringing together new runners (Jog Carrickfergus), runners for fun and fitness and runners seeking to improve their own individual performance. Coach education and development is endorsed by UK Athletics and is kept current through professional development and training. Coupled with personal running experience and an empathetic approach to both new and experienced runners means that Seapark AC members can have a training schedule that is exactly the right one for them and their goals.

The Club meet every Tuesday & Thursday at The Amphitheatre, Carrickfergus at 7pm. Weekend runs are organised in smaller groups specific to events.
54.7198 -5.8052

Club Sessions

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Meet at Carrick Leisure Centre. Usually speed work. Hills or intervals.
Meet at Carrick Leisure Centre. Variety of endurance based sessions (fartlek, steady runs, fast finish tempos .....)
Usually a six mile run from Woodburn Primary School up to Knockagh Monument and back starting at 9:30am.
Long run - often starting from different locations with various start times.

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5k 5M 10k 10M Half Mara

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