Cavey - Member of the Month September 2008

Member of the Month September 2008


Fetch says: If you need inspiration when it comes to achieving your goals, I don't think you could go far wrong with Cavey. Before you read this interview, check out the pic on the left. That was Cavey a little while ago. And now go check out the Marathon Des Sables website - and try and picture him running it. Well, he's gonna, 'cos he's worked damn hard, and made a lot of people proud to know him. So there. But before that, he's got an arduous list of questions to plough through. And no introductory paragraph would be complete without mention of our wonderful sponsor (, who will give Cavey £100 of goodies for winning.

Jen J asks: Well done! How are you preparing for the people aspect of the MdS, with the tent sharing and having no privacy?

Cavey says: Great, I hadn't even thought about that so now I've got something else to worry about. Jeez some people!!! To be honest I'm not too worried. I've done a couple of races with some other entrants I've met, so will probably tent up with them. I'm probably more worried that they will get pissed off with me farting and snoring, and then evict me!

santababy asks: Well done Cavey, hugely deserved :) what was it that made you think of running to lose weight instead of just dieting?

Cavey says: Erm...a whim? I'd joined a gym and was doing Kick Boxing, and the weight was coming off nicely. I then saw a poster for the Sheffield Half and thought it would be a good challenge. I never for a minute thought I'd get bitten by the running bug. But to be honest the weight loss wasn't great by just running, i've had to be really disciplned with my eating too, and as soon as I take my eye off the ball the weight creeps back on, no matter how much I run.

A bet MADE me asks: Congratulations Cavey!!!!!! Hope you spend the money well which I'm sure you will with the SimplyRun crowd... Question: Your Favourite meal in your favourite place... could be the local Indian to a picnic on a desert island... no expense spared... imagine you could eat what you want.. and where... ! (Of course you could add who with!:))

Cavey says: Wow, this is hard. I LOVE food, almost all food. The most memorable meal I've had was with Mrs C at The Deep in Hull. In the evening they turn part of the Aquarium into a restaurant and you eat surrounded by fish. It was fantastic..........although I avoided the fish option on the menu, that would've just been wrong! But if we're talking hypothetical i'd say me, Dawn Porter, a Raspberry Pavlova on a yacht in the Med.

Hendo asks: Cavey - you are quite proud of the fact that you are both northerm *and* a scummer. Have you no shame?

Cavey says: Surely you've 'known' me for long enough to know that I don't have any shame, but that's nothing to do with having a soft spot for Northerner's and Scummer's! :p

John 66 asks: Why mds? Why not one of the many British ultras? Why QPR?

Cavey says: I heard about the MdS years ago when I used to watch TransWorld Sport. It looked amazing, the scenery and the isolation. So when the opportunity came up I jumped at the chance. A lot of new multi stage Ultras have cropped up in recent years, but for me they don't whip up that same awe I had watching the MdS as a kid. Why QPR? Because all the other options seemed MUCH less appealing!

surreystrider asks: Are you going to be my waiter at Hebden ?

Cavey says: If you can keep up! :p

Slowboy asks: Which part of MDS do you most fear? High speed abrasive sand being wind-blown into already chafed and tender skin, perhaps? (this is, of course, not really a question, just a means of inserting that fear into your psyche :P)

Cavey says: I have no fear! Okay it's the spiders. Definitely the spiders, or maybe the scorpions, or even the snakes. It's definitely the creepy crawly stuff that gives me the stomach knot!

BeerMatt asks: Cavey - who are your tips for BUAFL and for BAFL (Premier, One and Two) next season?

Cavey says: "Funny you should ask ;) Get a £10 accumulator on this and you'll be quids in! BUAFL - Southampton Stags - I've got to tip my old team here, especially in their 20th anniversary season. But they've won Two National Championships in the last 3 years, so its not just a sentimental pick. BAFL Premier - London Blitz - My mate won't be happy I haven't picked the Knights, but I can see the Blitz bouncing back after throwing it away last year and losing by 1pt to the Jets. BAFL Division 1 - London Cobras - Filling the gap of the defunct London O's, the new London team should romp this, even if it is a step up from last season. BAFL Division 2 - Hmm, always a lottery in Div 2 (this is probably where the accumulator goes tits up!) But I'll plump for Nottingham Caesars"

Maclennane asks: What is the capital city of Burkina Faso? If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear? Will Batman and Robin escape the Riddler's fiendish trap? Do you have a copy of Fly Fishing by J.R. Hartley? Who put the bob in the bopsewapshewap? Why do birds suddenly appear? Did you hear about the one-armed fisherman? If train a leaves station x, travelling 37mph, and train b leaves station y travelling at 53 mph, how hungry do you have to be to eat a virgin burger?

Cavey says: "What is this 15 to 1?? Here goes.... . 1) Ouagadougou 2) Erm, no 3) Bah?? 4) Of course, unless there's been a drastic shake up in Marvels story writing section 5) No 6) Bob? 7) I believe it occurs everytime you are in the vicinity 8) No, please tell me more 9) Not very, when you is as greedy as I. Do I win a prize?"

zosie2000 asks: How will being member of the month change your life and the lives of those around you?

Cavey says: Its surreal, my feet haven't touched the ground since I found out. I think the main change to my life will be my wife leaving me, when the kit I order from Simply Run arrives. Apparently I don't need anymore....crazy woman!

bigleggy asks: How do you plan to keep your beer cool in the desert ?

Cavey says: I'm hoping Surreystrider will return the favour and offer his waitering services. If not I have sourced some dehydrated red wine!

Fat Dave asks: How was your bacon sarnie?

Cavey says: Amazing. It is the only anti-dote to a hangover. That and not drinking of course, which I will be doing from now until April (probably!)

McGoohan asks: Sheffield: South Yorkshire, West Riding or independent Socialist republic?

Cavey says: Socialist Republic.....if that's possible with a Lib Dem controlled Coucil?

AlJu asks: Can I can I have your life size cardboard cut out and will you do a 5k with me when I'm ready :-)

Cavey says: No way, Fat Matt is going up on the wall home :p And of course I'll do a 5k with you next year. Bushy Park?

Pilotlight asks: do you think your cartoon namesake ever got off with those Gorgeous girls in the bus?

Cavey says: No, never. He's a neanderthal crime fighter first and foremost. He wouldn't have time for those strumpets!

littlefatwelshman asks: Looking thorugh2009 and into 2010, which do you fear most, Camels in the Desert or Moose in the Arctic..... ;o)

Cavey says: I would fear the reaction I got from Mrs C should I even mention doing another multi stage Ultra Marathon! In fact I'm surprised she hasn't barred the Likey's website at home!

YP1 asks: Did you enjoy being a teetotal vegan?

Cavey says: It was 'fun' while it lasted. I don't know why more people don't do it?

cotty67 asks: Cavey - What are your plans for after MDS or do you think you will never run again?????????

Cavey says: NEVER, its immediate retirement afterwards!! No, seriously I have some post-MdS goals. No long stuff, as I don't overly enjoy it, and its so time consuming. I'd love to concentrate on 10k's and HM's with the aim of getting a sub 1:20 HM eventually. But I'm a bit cack at commitment (see above), and will probably just mess around doing local races for 'fun'.

hls asks: Cavey - I know you have had some bad runs lately, as a beginner I would like to know how you pick yourself up and get back out there again. (I think you doing the MDS is fantastic - well done mate) :-)

Cavey says: Thanks Hls. I suppose I am lucky as I can remember the good runs as well as the bad runs. I'm also blindly optimistic, so always think the good runs will come back eventually. One of the things I have done recently though is go back to basics and get back in my comfort zone. Its good to push yourself as thats the best way to improve. But if its a crisis of confidence, sometimes you need to do something to rebuild that confidence. For me it was going back to running with my road club where there is a greater mix of abilities, so i'm not always struggling at the back!! Its amazing what a difference it has made, and just goes to show how much running is effected by your head.

RuthB2 asks: Cavey, very chuffed to see you win, well done! Can you describe the first time you thought about MdS, what appealled about it, and then how you felt when you actually applied? Secondly what does Mrs Cavey think about your running?

Cavey says: Thank you Ruth. The first time I thought about the MdS was when I saw it on Trans World Sport. It looked amazing, but I never thought I'd ever enter. It completely went out of my head, and even when I started running I didn't give it any thought. Then I rediscovered it, and 'luckily' it coincided with when the entries opened. I didn't think for one second I'd get a place, due to the demand. So when my place was confirmed I felt a bit sick, which quickly changed to excitement, but now its getting closer (4 months and 3 weeks) I'm starting to feel sick again! In answer to the Mrs C question, I'm sure she likes it that I run, and that I enjoy it, and that it has got me fit. I think she would prefer that I didn't enter so many races, in particular races through deserts!

SODIron™® ©2004 asks: What's my favourite colour?

Cavey says: Blue (with white hoops)

Mudskipper asks: Why Dark Peak Mr Caveman Sir?

Cavey says: Because I also like Brown with yellow and purple hoops! It also helps that my mate at work runs for them and we can share lifts.

Mudskipper asks: and why did you decide fell running was agood idea after you were so negative about it previously?

Cavey says: Fell running is never a good idea!! I just appreciate that running up and down fells and over bogs will help with my stamina. The Walsh's are going in the bin when I get back from Morocco. Grin 'n Bear It made me realise how much I love tarmac!

Muxy asks: Are those birds in the cartoon with you good in the sack?

Cavey says: Come on, Cavey wouldn't do that. He's too busy solving crimes to be doing that mucky unsavoury stuff.

Mystery Matt (mdunn77) asks: When are you going to start running long distance?

Cavey says: Its all a carefully crafted plan Matt, based on scientific research, that means I will start running long distances when I can be arsed! It was all coming together in the spring, but the stress fracture put me back by a good 4-5 months. I'm just getting to the stage where running 20 miles is comfortable. So hopefully, all being well January and February will see me starting to do back to back LSR's of 25 mile+, with an emphasis on time on feet more than distance.

micknphil asks: Well done CAVEY just want to know your opinion on You see all the chatrooms - Fetch and RW Do they keep you going as they do me going along through my depression , they make me LMAO- and remind me running is still there, and keep me greatly motivated

Cavey says: Cheers Mick. Without doubt the forums keep me going. If for nothing else, a bit of good humoured banter. But I've met loads of amazing people through Fetch and learned about so many great races. I'm sure I would've hung up my trainers long ago if it weren't for this site!

2 Flat Feet asks: When did you go bald?

Cavey says: I'm not bald, I'm just very closely shaved (particularly round the front bit)

Pammie asks: Well done Cavey If you could introduce a race that doesn't currently exist. Where would it be, and how long would it be?

Cavey says: Cheers Pammie. This is a right toughy! One thing I've realised since joining Fetch is that there is almost every kind of race, of every distance, over every type of terrain, in every coountry. However, there is a distinct lack of competitive Egg and Spoon races for the over 10's. So i'm starting up a movement to introduce Egg and Spoon 10k's, and i'm starting with Sheffield (of course). If it takes off I'll think about taking it nationwide, so keep your eyes peeled for one near you in the future ;)

SODIron™® ©2004 asks: Dear Mr Cavey, How would you solve the current global economic problems? Yours faithfully Alistair Darling

Cavey says: I would urge everyone to sell their belongings at a car boot sale (including house, car, wife etc). Buy some land in Idaho, bury a concrete bunker in the ground and become a survivalist. Assault rifles are optional, but a years supply of Heinz baked beans is mandatory, and possibly a Glade Air freshener!

jolguk asks: Well done and see you at High Peak, dear. Although you seem to be on the wrong team. Do you consider yourself an athlete?

Cavey says: Thanks jolguk. As an 'athlete' losing isn't an option, which is why Team 2 will be victorious on November 9th :p Seriously though, I have times when I feel like an athlete, but generally not. On the few occassions when I've absolutely nailed a race strategy it feels superb and I do feel like a finely honed athlete. Sadly those races are very few and far between.

Le Greg asks: When running MdS I assume that the weight you carry is an issue. So do you intend to travel with your own bucket and spade, or will you be sharing someone else's?

Cavey says: I have a an agreement with a fellow competitor. I'll be carrying the cool box, and he's carrying the beach games. I'm not sure whose got the worse deal, as the cool box is incredibly heavy, but swing ball and beach cricket is much more awkward to carry.

Mikuro asks: Awesome. Well done Cavey!!! Name your top 5 bands.

Cavey says: Cheers Mik. You had to ask didn't you! Its impossible to chose my 5 favourite bands as it changes daily, or even hourly! And what era.....of all time, or currently? And then there's solo artists, and DJ's......whatabout them? So as not to bore everyone to tears I''ll just give you my CURRENT Top 5 bands (as of 10:52am on 21/10/08): Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Maximo Park, The Specials, Bad Manners

Jock Itch asks: Nice one Caveman :) What is it like supporting blue and white filth ? ;)

Cavey says: Cheers Jock. Its like being a member of a really small and exclusive private members club, and I feel a massive sense of pride supporting the Super Hoops. Its so much more rewarding than being surrounded by all those Barbour jacket wearing, Range Rover driving nobs at Fulham. :p

Dave A asks: Well done Cavey, well deserved. Whats it like being an alco pop drinking, gay dog owning, southerner?

Cavey says: Cheers Dave, I think? Its good to see the Police are really hammering home that diversity training! It's great being an alco pop drinking, gay dog owning, Southerner, because the ladies love it (or at least they love the gay dogs)

Widger asks: Congratulations Mr Cavey! What is the best pie/pasty filling in the world? What is your 'get up and dance' song?

Cavey says: Thank you Widger. I love pies, all pies. I particularly like a classic Cornish Pasty filling, Steak and Ale is also often appreciated by my stomach, or Chicken Tikka if I'm feeling a bit exotic! ;) As for 'get up and dance' song, i'm probably in danger of making myself look even camper than I actually am, but I do like a bit of Dolly Parton - 9 to 5,or Madonna - Cherish, or (in a drastic attempt to regain some credibility) I do like a bit of old school Garage, like Gabriel by Roy Davis Jnr, or Battle by Wookie

Dipper asks: Which member of the A-Team would you say you are most like, and can you do an impression of any of them?

Cavey says: It changes daily Dipper, but today I'm mostly feeling like Face. I'd do an impression, but I don't think it will work to well in the written from?

Girvan Ruth asks: Congratulations. What will you spend your winnings on?

Cavey says: Cheers Ruth. I'm toying with some Skins at the moment, or some new Brooks Addiction's. Either way it means more kit, much to Mrs C's despair! ;)

Tiggia asks: Cavey. Much respect. You are a leg end. If you were a member of Take That, which one would you be? :p

Cavey says: Probably the fat dancer i.e Robbie. Coz I'm fat and I can cut some rug (particularly with a few Smirnoff Ice's down me!) ;)

Hannecake asks: Cavey, congrats my friend! But... how are you going to cope with the humiliation of being beaten by me on leg 10 of the High Peaks Relay? ;-) and the winner buys the looser a drink, so what is yours? :-)

Cavey says: Thank you very much Hann. I see no humiliation in losing to South Wales' finest Dutch fell runner. However, its NEVER gonna happen! Bring it on, and I'll remember to bring £5 to cover your drink AND a piece of cake :p

Siamese Pete asks: Congats etc.:) If you were going to spend your hard earned money buying shares, which ones would you buy?

Cavey says: In BP, or Shell, or Texaco. Definitely one of the oil companies as they seem to be the only people recording record profits at the moment!

RooA asks: OOooo, I was looking for this thread. You have made an impressive comeback from injury Mr Caveman sir. Not so many moons ago you struggled on an 11 miler with me and the Ms (sorry to remind you :P). Yet look at you go now! What is you secret? Or is it just a case forcing yourself to do it?

Cavey says: Me struggling, surely not? I certainly remember that run, it was all good fun for the first 7 miles. I suppose it was just a matter of sticking to it. I had a couple of marathons under my belt from the spring, so I knew the endurance would come back. It was just a case of buckling down, getting out there and enduring some pretty grim runs in the mean time. So I suppose the secret is not to dwell on the cack runs and just chalk them down as experience and miles in the legs as part of the greater good!

Binks asks: Well done Cavey. Well deserved. Look forward to meeting you in the sand. Put these Marathon Des Sables possible scenarios in order of your preference to experience them 1- Hearing a crunching and snapping noise as you put your shoe on then removing your foot to find a scorpion 2- Going for a leak and encountering a snake that hisses and bites you a new eye 3 -Allowing the sand to reach your vaselined parts that effectively turns your skin to sandpaper and tears open your flesh as you move 4- Your sun battered brain fooling you into thinking that Kylie is beckoning you to come over and kiss her. While kissing her your brain returns to normal and you realise that you are kissing a frenchman 5- Getting overtaken by a camel.

Cavey says: Binks, good to meet you at Snowdon. Your question makes the MdS sound so appealing!! I think I'd have to go for the following in order of preference: 1,3,2,4,5 I really don't want to kiss a Frenchman (even Contro) but there's no way I'm being overtaken by that camel!

SarahL asks: Hi Cavey! Just found this thread - massive CONGRATS! :) So........... How much will the kit weigh that you have to carry with you at MdS? What's your middle name? Why are you nicknamed Cavey? When the going gets tough what's the thing you think of to keep you going? and If you were to get another tattoo what would it be? Congrats again! :)

Cavey says: Cheers Sarah. All in all I think I'll probably start the MdS with about 10-12kg on my back, but 5kg of that will be food, so will deplete over the week. I haven't got a middle name, not sure why, but I gave myself the middle name of 'Cool' when I was about 8 (how sad am I?) Cavey goes back a long way, my mates big brother started it when I was about 15. I had long straight hair down to my shoulders and my nose stuck out like Captain Caveman's. It stuck, and some of my old mates still call me Cavey now. When the going gets tough I think of Nemo. The morning of my first Marathon at Draycote, Mrs C said to me "remember Nemo, Keep on Swimming, Keep on Swimming" and that sticks with me now, it ceratinly came in handy at Bullock Smithy where I was literally crawling the last 2 miles! Which leads me on to my next tattoo, i've been thinking of having "Keep on Swimming" written on my forearm, with an underwater scene of octopusses and fish and stuff. Not sure I can afford it though, but will definitely have the MdS logo on my calf when I get may be a bit tacky and cliched, but I don't care :p

Barky asks: After MdS - how about the Antartic Marathon?

Cavey says: Erm....No!!! I don't mind getting a bit of a sun tan in the desert, but there's no way I'm freezing my knackers off in the Antarctic!

CanaryYellow asks: If you could alter the calorie content (ie make it nil) without altering the taste of any single food which food would you choose and why?

Cavey says: Tricky, cakes or curry....cakes or curry....cakes or curry. I think it has to be cakes, you just can't make a nice tasting low calorie cake.

oldbiddy asks: well done Cavey :):):) Are you really a guinea pig :):)??

Cavey says: Cheers OB. I know I'm hairy, but I'm not quite that hairy (and I haven't got a funny looking bumhole either!) :)

stoxy asks: What is your favourite alcopop?

Cavey says: Smirnoff Ice, but it used to be Two Dogs or Hooch in the old days.

Hendo asks: Have I asked a question yet?

Cavey says: I believe you have sailor boy

RooA asks: From where do you get fashion inspiration?

Cavey says: See I'd give this a sensible answer if I didn't think you were taking the piss! There's nothing wrong with cardigans for the man about town :p

John Bach asks: Cavey - congratulations - well deserved What does Mrs C "really" think about your running and the races you do/have got lined up? How do you keep her "on board" re your running? (can he have a word with my wife?!!)

Cavey says: Cheers John. Who knows what women "really" think? ;) I think Mrs C likes the fact i've lost weight and am now healthy, and she knows thats because of the running. But she does refer to life with me as "The Matty Show". So its a mixed bag if I'm honest. I know I'm guilty of being selfish, and I think a lot of runners are probably the same because it takes up so much time. Thats probably the main reason I will go back to running 10k's and Half's after April, and restricting it to local events. I've 'got away' with running and racing as much as I do because we haven't got kids at the moment, so when that changes i'll probably be coming to you for advice on work/life/running balance!

HarryB asks: Cavey, you told me you loved me, so how come you never called?

Cavey says: You changed your number and got an injunction. I still love you Harry, but my therapist says it all in the wrong kind of ways.

oceanspirit asks: Congratulations Cavey!!!!!! Should I ever allow Dave A to have any more of my brownies? What is your next challenge for yourself after MdS? Do you think you will ever visit a desert again after MdS? :) :) :)

Cavey says: Thanks OS. I think you should force feed Dave lots of Brownies, in fact give him anything that will slow him down! The next challenge after the MdS is a sub 1:30 Half. I think 2009 and 2010 I'll mostly be concentrating on road running again, and smashing all my PB's. I suppose i'll have to see how much I enjoy the Sahara, but all that sand and heat isn't my idea of a holiday really, so don't think i'll be rushing back.

Zoom asks: Well done Cavey :):):) As you will soon be coming to Wales again do you think you could look at mean and moody in our new welsh kit as these lads?!!

Cavey says: Funny how all the boys from the Valleys all look the same isn't it? Shame all that 'mean and moodiness' can't win a World Cup though :p

BigChiefRunningBore asks: Who is best, Captain Caveman or The guys of Whacky Races?

Cavey says: Come on Chief. It's a no brainer! Captain Caaaaaavemaaaaan is obviously the best!

Slowboy asks: Who would you rather...Jessica Rabbit or Penelope Pitstop?

Cavey says: That's just weird. I went to school with a bloke who had a proper crush on Jessica Rabbit.......but what was wrong with real women like the fit one out of the Bangles? Seeing as you ask though, Jessica Rabbit ;)

Fetch says: And it's job done. Thanks Cavey for your answers, and to all Fetchies who nominated, voted, proposed questions, or read the interview. The rest of you - pah! :-) TTFN!

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