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Ian Williams aka Fetch

JenJ - Member of the Month July 2008

Member of the Month July 2008


Fetch says: If omnifetchy was a word, then JenJ would be a perfect example of it. And if you need proof that you don't need to be a grizzled gnarly runner to do ultras, then she also fits the bill. Find out more from one of the friendliest people on FE by reading the interview, compiled from questions you've supplied. Don't forget to visit our wonderful sponsor (SimplyRun.co.uk). I'd also like to thank Ant Bliss / SussexSportPhotography.com for use of their wonderful photo. Right, Fetchies, you will go on my first whistle, Jen, you will go on my second whistle...

mlamden asks: Is Gobi the best coach in the world?

JenJ says: The coach that I was on in NYC for a work conference was amazing. It was kitted out like a nightclub, complete with bar, dancefloor and pole.

santababy asks: Congratulations Jen :) xx what got you into running originally and why go straight into long distances rather than the *conventional* way?

JenJ says: I first started running (for 6 minutes!) to lose weight. The ultra thing was partly because I'm an all or nothing person anyway, and partly because my boyfriend at the time was starting them. I have always had good endurance though - before I started running I was regularly doing 2-3 hour sessions on the elliptical trainer so it seemed natural for me to start there.

Snoo asks: So, who IS Jen J? ;)

JenJ says: Who?

Vicksta asks: How do you motivate yourself whan having a low patch during an ultra?

JenJ says: Sheer pig-headedness I'm afraid. There's no big secret to it, just stubborness

anne23 asks: Congratulations! Since everyone knows everything about you already, have a question about me: what should my next ultra be? Should I wait for Kent next year?

JenJ says: Kent is a whole year away. You could try Round Rotherham or one of the Tring/Town/Thames path ones - there are a few now as there's, ahem, more than one company involved.

cabletow asks: are low patches like Nicotine patches? you put one on when you want to feel low. Serious question - Are low patches just a state of mind? *Looks forward to hearing whether Gobi is a good coach too*

JenJ says: Low patches are a state of mind, but can be emphasised by physical niggles, however minor or trivial

FenlandRunner asks: Why run?

JenJ says: Why not?

Le Greg asks: well done Jennifer. If Batman and Elisabeth from the Waltons were neck and neck with 200m to go in a mountain stage of the Tour de France, would you have the last Rolo or throw it at the telly?

JenJ says: I don't have a telly. And I don't like Rolo's. And I never watched the Waltons. Next question please.

Grrr asks: Congrats Jen. Faster or longer? (take that to mean whatever you like. I meant it in terms of preferred objectives in running, but could there could be a much more interesting question hidden in there? ;-))

JenJ says: Taking the obvious question ;o), although I would love to get faster, I recognise where my strengths are are build on that, so for me, longer. That said, I would dearly love to get a sub 4 marathon

Dave A asks: Jen, congratulations, well deserved:) Do you have any plans to change from marathon/Ultra distances and target shorter, faster stuff?

JenJ says: I don't have plans at the moment to do so no, I want to continue to build the endurance side and do a 100 miler and maybe further

Gobi asks: Jen How often do you get a cold ? How close to your house is WCTT?? G

JenJ says: I never get colds. I sometimes get man flu though. WCTT is in a galaxy far far away.

RuthB2 asks: what was your favourite ever race and why, and what was your hardest race and why? (and congratulations!)

JenJ says: The Downland Challenge - it's a fantastic route, and very minimally supported, which to me is what ultra-running is all about.

UltraControversial asks: as you have done many ultras and are an accomplished ultra runner, where is your limit as far as distance, when enough is enough for you?

JenJ says: I have yet to discover my limit. One of the reasons I am so excited about doing the Ridgeway 85 miler is seeing how my body copes - it's currently completely untested over that length of time.

BigChiefRunningBore asks: How do you manage to have such loverly hair? What's your secret and is it expensive?

JenJ says: I cheat. I pay a fortune every 9 months to get it chemically straightened.

Barky asks: What is your ultimate goal?

JenJ says: Ultimate sounds so final, and my goals are constantly evolving. For now, it is to complete the Ridgeway 85 miler

Jock Itch asks: We just had a son together, not married, but I have to get married to get my green card because I'm from another country. Came here because of him and overstayed my visa, it was horrible 2 years of trying to find a job and stuff. He considers himself single, hits on girls all the time and promisess he would marry me this month and tells me how much he loves me. LOL Our son is american citizen, I'm not. He doesn't really take care of his son, parties a lot, goes to strip clubs and bars every night, invites, girls to his hot tub. I live at his parents' house. Should I just wait for 1 month and see if he marries me so I can separate then and take care of my kid here or should I just go home with my son?

JenJ says: Prague

mic asks: Congratulations Jen, properly deserved :-) :-) What is the best piece of training advice you have received and what would be the best bit of advice you could give to someone new into Ultras ?

JenJ says: The best piece of training advice I have been given is the mantra 'time on feet', and that is what I would advise anyone wishing to do an ultra to build on.

runnerbean asks: well done Jen:-) charmin or andrex?

JenJ says: Andrex.

clare1976 asks: Well Done Jen! :-) What first made you start running and how long ago was that?

JenJ says: I started about 2-3 years ago, in order to lose weight, but that was only for 20 minutes or so a few times a week, and I had more months not running than running due to injury. I then started training properly in January 2007, when I entered my first race - the Rome Marathon.

Miss PiggyWiggy asks: COngrats Jen well done girlie xxx If you were only allowed to run one race a year which one would it be and why?

JenJ says: The Downland Challenge. It's a fantastic race

McGoohan asks: Well done Jen. I see that you are getting more and more ultra-y. But how far is too far? Is there a limit? As your ultra-ing increases, will the limit go up? (OK, that's more than one question but they're all connected innit.)

JenJ says: I don't believe in limits, as that is saying to yourself that you can do no more. You can always go one step further. I would certainly like to complete a 100 miler, after that, I don't know.

B.B. asks: Jennifer What has running done for your life? What are the positives and negatives of being a runner? Oh, and where on my body should I put the F-Dot tattoo after the completing the 2009 Fetch Triathlon Championships? Oh, and when are you doing your first triathlon?

JenJ says: Running has introduced me to a whole new way of life - it has literally been a life-changing experience. The positives are too many to mention, and the negatives I try to ignore. I think you should get your forehead tattooed. And I shall be doing Ironman UK next September.

danny wilde asks: Hullooo Jen :-) How many times in your life have you been told that you look like Sandra Bullock ? and can you please bottle your stamina and sell me a pint :-) ( I was gonna ask McG's question but he beat me to it)

JenJ says: Twice actually. When I was younger usually I got told I looked like Jennifer Capriati, as we were the same age, did look alike and both had our hair in French plaits. And when people shouted 'Jen' I turned round…

SherryB asks: Congratulations. What do you most enjoy about ultra races?

JenJ says: The challenge of completing a new distance

Snapstinget asks: How often do you disobey your coaches?

JenJ says: Never. Of course sometimes I run completely different distances, and maybe at completely different paces, or maybe not at all. But that's just tweaking the schedule, isn't it?

For My Light asks: What is the best advise for someone like myself who is planning on doing first marathon next year?

JenJ says: Put the training in - that's the hard work. Then just enjoy the marathon - ignore the clock, just savour the experience.

wabbit asks: Well done JJ ... As a master blogger do you have any blogging tips. Im crap at blogging :-(

JenJ says: So am I. Just do lots and lots of blogs and people will think you know what you're doing.

Siouxsie asks: Congratulations Jen :-) Who are your running heroes and why ?

JenJ says: Sorry to be boring, but I have to say Paula and Haile, as I believe they have pushed the marathon to new standards. In terms of ultras, I find Pam Reed to be very inspiring, and Jez Bragg is unbelievable.

Diogenes asks: Is there one race or one moment in your running life that you can rely on to reignite your enthusiam should you have a slump? Is this most awkwardly phrased question you have been asked?

JenJ says: To answer the second question, quite possibly, and so I can't think of an answer for the first.

Hamsterboy asks: Congrats! You are slightly injured a mile before the end of a marathon....Drop put or walk the reast?

JenJ says: Walk the rest. A marathon is supposed to hurt a little at the end.

UltraCas asks: Congratulations Jen :) If you were a shape, what shape would you be? If you were on for a PB but the clock at the finish ended with x.10, what would you do? If you saw a sign with something spelt wrong and a big red pen in your pocket and no one was watching, could you walk past?

JenJ says: A star, because it's the prickliest shape I can think of. The fitness I have at the moment, PB's are far far away. It would be a struggle - I would probably walk past but would then be tortured by it forever.

John 66 asks: Which 20m race are you going to drag me round in 2009?

JenJ says: As long as it's off road, I don't mind.

Forest Faerie asks: Well done Jen :-) Do you cry at the end of a long race or am I just a big wuss?:-)

JenJ says: I did at the end of my first marathon, but I actually haven't done since, which I am very surprised about. I expect to be crying a lot during/after the Ridgeway.

Marathon Maiden asks: Congrats Jen, proud to have met you at Newby bridge halfway through your second marathon of the weekend! Same question as to FF: 10-in-10?

JenJ says: I would like to, but I'm doing the Gobi March in June next year. I'm doing the WHW the year after, also in June, so I'm not sure exactly which year it will be a possibility...

Last of the Time Lords asks: Many congratulations Jen :) If you could go for a run anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

JenJ says: I actually really love running on the South Downs Way, and would love to organise an ultra across the whole Way in a few years time.

Mikuro asks: Are you bored of answering all these questions already? ;)

JenJ says: Not in the slightest. I legitimately get to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on about myself.

mad4purple asks: What is your favourite way to chill out when not running?

JenJ says: Fetching, obv.

koughkandi asks: Can you describe the feeling *heart* of being member of the month?

JenJ says: Great :)

Shin Twigs asks: engage with the pain or disengage with the pain of ultra running?

JenJ says: I disengage, not necessarily intentionally, just that my brain shuts down during ultras!

Peacey asks: Congrats Jen, What do you swear by for pre race fuel an pre race meals?

JenJ says: I'm not so great with the fuelling, but I would like to get into the habit of a bowl of porridge before-hand. I recently seem to have got into a habit of having a burger from a salmonella van after races. I intend to break this habit.

Peacey asks: Can i ask another????? Jen - When training for ultra's, how long is you plan in weeks and what is the longest pre race training run? Id love to do one someday but im still trying to get my head round 26.2 miles!

JenJ says: Because I tend to race year round, I don't tend to follow particular plans, and my training is quite erratic anyway. Gobi does my training plans on a monthly basis.

Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Well done Jen (I wish there was a book on these MOM i'd clean up ;) ) Jen you have fantastic endurance how do you 'mentally' keep going on those lonely LOOOOOOONG runs ?

JenJ says: I actually really enjoy the loooooooong runs, as I find it very therapuetic just to ignore the time and plod along for hours.

JJ Flash asks: Congratulations Jen, very well deserved. I have a question for you that keeps me awake long into the night: Chocolate Cake or Cheesecake? and why?

JenJ says: Neither actually. I would however, quite happily eat all the icing from the chocolate cake.

hlsweb asks: Congratulations Jen. If you could give a beginner just one piece of advice what would it be and why?

JenJ says: Enjoy the runs you do, otherwise you've no hope of sticking with it.

Max71 asks: Nice one beautiful lady. 1. What are you running from? 2. What is your best physical feature? 3. Mates are asked to describe you what do they say? (not what do you say, what do THEY say) 4. What do you want from your CBT? 5. You have a child.....what impact does this have on your relationship with food? 6. What the hell am I doing with my life? I am aware this is more than one question...but they all follow on from one another. (apart from No.6)

JenJ says: 1. I think I started trying to run from being a fat girl, but I'm about the same weight now as when I started. 2. Possibly my feet, as although I've had two minor injuries with them, they are in remarkably good condition given how much time on feet training I do. And I rarely suffer from blisters. When doing an ultra, the tiniest blister on your feet can lead to a DNF. 3. They would probably say that I run a lot. 4. I want to be able to eat normally. Like other people do. I want to be able to sit down to dinner and eat and then forget about food until the next meal. I want to look at food and not instantly categorise it into good/bad food. I want to be able to eat chocolate and not feel like I have to eat loads more. I want to not think about food all teh time. I want to not want to get rid of food. I want to regard food as a normal person does.

BS asks: Well done on the MOTM :-) Do you ever get a CBA day and how do you deal with it?

JenJ says: Unfortunately I get them frequently at the moment, and they tend to get the better of me, hence my training is very erratic. I'm hoping that tri training will get me into more of a routine, and also provide an alternative if I can't face a particular run/bike session on a particular day

RooA asks: Well done! :) What do you think about when out on a long run by yourself? Do you find it lonely or is it ok? {am asuming you run by yourself at least sometimes!}

JenJ says: I mostly run by myself, and I actually prefer it that way. I find it much more difficult to run with other people. I think part of the reason I run is to be alone, and have some thinking time, and just get away from everything. When I run with others that doesn't happen, so I don't get that stress busting effect. As for what I think about - anything and everything. I often draft blogs in my head, but by the time I get home I've forgotten them.

Kittenheels Kath asks: Congratulations lovely lady: Is the world your oyster?

JenJ says: Ew. I hate seafood.

Limpet asks: Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble?

JenJ says: Pebbles.

Max71 asks: 1. Is Tpod, really a tpod? 2. Where have all the flowers gone? 3. Will you be trying sushi again?

JenJ says: 1.I don't know. I hear that he is. 2.The flowers died, they all died. 3.Possibly, although I still can't promise that I'll like it.

Velociraptor asks: Before you discovered running and got hooked on ultras, did you participate seriously in any other sports?

JenJ says: I didn't participate in anything seriously. Through my teenage years and again for a few years through my mid-twenties I shared horses, but was never competitive. Although the only one day event I did, I won ;)

Cavey asks: Whats your most impulsive running related purchase? Which race have you entered most impulsively? Are you an impulsive person? :p

JenJ says: No.

SarahL asks: Well done Jen - sooooo pleased for you! :) You've said you'd like to do Ironman next year... what about after that? What's your next big challenge?

JenJ says: I haven't really though that far ahead. I'd like to keep testing how far I can run, but I guess one day I should start thinking about improving my competitiveness

Cavey asks: (Don't encouarge her!!) Are you planning to enter Bike Across America?

JenJ says: Oooh, what's that???

jude asks: Well done Jen :) :) :) :) :) 1. Will you call yourself UltraJen or IronJen next year? 2. Where do you get so much self-belief from to just up and state that you'll do an ironman *just like that* when you sometimes seem to have no self belief at all? 3. Is your body made of steel and titanium?

JenJ says: 1.I am, and always will be, Jen J. 2.It's not self-belief, it's just stupidity. 3.No, it's mostly made of fat.

Chameleon asks: Hooge Congrats :) 1. Do you have any goals (running or otherwise) which you hope to reach in the next 5-10 years, after long deserty things and Iron Men are conquered? 2. Do you think you have a natural physical ability for Ultras and indurance events, or is it mainly your stubborn mental attitude when out racing? 3. (a) Have you missed not having a TV at all yet? (b) What are you going to do with all your DVDs? 4. How different do you think your life would be if you'd never joined Fetcheveryone? 5. Which would you rather compete in at the Olympics in 2012: The Marathon or the Three Day Eventing?

JenJ says: 1.I would love to organise an ultra over the whole South Downs Way. 2.I do have a natural tendency towards endurance events, but I am also blessed with a large amount of pig-headedness. 3. I have missed watching the Olympics, but that's all. The DVDs I am keeping as I can play them on my laptop. 4.It would be very different - I ceratinly wouldn't have my newly gained confidence. 5. I haven't got the guts for eventing, so it would have to be the marathon.

Max71 asks: 1. Why do you never get injured? 2. Do you do proper stratching after your runs 3. You discover you can no longer run, what do you do?

JenJ says: I do get injured, but luckily only very minor ones. However I have been running for less than two years, so I'm sure I have plenty of injury woes to come.

Max71 asks: Cheers Tpod 1. Which Cliques are you part of on Fetcheveryone.com 2. I normally wear Donna Karen "Cashmere" or Gucci "Envy" can you recomend a similar fragrance for me to purchase?

JenJ says: I was going to write a list of all our fragrances, but we currently have over 70. So I will just say go and buy our new one - Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein.

Spally asks: Well done Jen J :-) What keeps you motivated during your Ultras?

JenJ says: Getting to the finish. I'm very stubborn, and hate to fail.

Max71 asks: 1. Why do I always pick my nail varnish off 1 day after applying it? 2. Are you loving not having a tv? 3. What colour did you paint your bathroom in the end?

JenJ says: 1.Because that's the whole point of applying nail varnish. 2.Yes, but I miss watching the Olympics. 3.Blue Lagoon.

jude asks: Oh yes and.... 1. If you were a chocolate, which one would you be and why? 2. Who is your favourite person on Fetch? 3. Who is your least favourite person on Fetch? 4. What is the most annoying misspelling you have ever seen on Fetch? 5. What would your imaginary friends name be? 6. If you could uninvent one thing in the world what would it be?

JenJ says: 1.I would be a pack of Revels, because I'm never consistent. 2.My favourite person is Mr. Fetch of course, duh. 3.I couldn't possible comment. 4.Definately. 5.Splodge. 6.The word 'celebrity'

Max71 asks: ......and.... 1. What would be your ultimate job? 2. What did you learn from your recent exam 'incident' 3. How have you changed in the last 18 months, what have you learnt about yourself? 4. You cant sleep at night......what is going over and over in your head?

JenJ says: 1. If money was no object, I would work in a stables. 2. I learnt that I am crap. 3. I have grown up a lot and learnt that actually, I'm ok. 4. Why can't I sleep.

B.B. asks: Daddy or chips?

JenJ says: Chips. With HP Sauce

Max71 asks: Cake or Biscuit?

JenJ says: Biscuit.

Boycie asks: you faced some stiff competition this month - what do you think gave you the edge over your rivals??

JenJ says: Luck. The votes were all so close, that if the deadline had been any other time, the result could have been completely different. I was just lucky that at the time the votes were counted I was in the lead

DIY Diva asks: If it was all paid for : which 3 events would you want to do and why. If it was all paid for : would you go to altitude training camp, la santa or go somewhere with a coach. If it was all paid for and you didn’t have to work : would you train more or is there an interest you’d like to take up.

JenJ says: Antarctic Marathon. Everest expedition. Expedition to the South Pole. Just because they are the three most expensive challenges that I would love to do. I would be interested to go to altitude training camp. If I didn't work I would love to dedicate more time to training, and also get back into horse-riding.

A bet MADE me asks: Congratulations Jen! Now for an interesting question: what would be your most perfect 3 course slap up meal (with no race in the near fture so that you can really eat EXACTLY what you want) - make it mouthwatering with details down to the last herb.... !

JenJ says: Extremely boring I'm afraid - bruschetta with plenty of ripe and juicy tomatoes, probably spaghetti bolognese after that, and crčme brulee to finish

Max71 asks: ^ and would you keep it down?

JenJ says: lol!

paul the builder asks: Congrats, lovely Jen. You can tell a lot about a woman from her Favourites, you know. So, which other websites (apart from Fetch, obv.) do you spend plenty of time at?

JenJ says: Mostly Fetch actually, the others are boring stuff like online banking and email accounts, although I do also have a few ultra, tri and climbing sites in my favourites, which I don't visit regularly.

chrisity asks: were you originally a film about a board game, starring Robin Williams?

JenJ says: I was! How did you know?

oldbiddy asks: Well done Jen. :):) Can I have a backie on your new bike ??? :):):)

JenJ says: Absolutely. You may want to wait until I've learnt to ride it first though.

Nightjar asks: Hi Jen. What's the best thing that's ever happened to you / that you've done? And that you haven't blogged about? Have we binned the one question only rule?

JenJ says: I think the best thing that I've done is starting running and discovering Fetch. Really.

surreystrider asks: Joop or Fahrenheit ?

JenJ says: JOOP! (pronounced yoap)

Max71 asks: CSI A) New York B) Miami C) Las Vegas

JenJ says: Sydney

Stumpy2 asks: Max, well, duh. I mean it won't be Miami will it. I just sat through another episode of thingy doodah's wooden acting as Horatio. OK a question. I haven't read back....... which book would you most like to see made into a film and why?

JenJ says: I think most of my favourite books are already films, but I loved the Chronicles of Narnia, and my favourite was 'The Silver Chair' which I don't think has ever been filmed.

Barky asks: Mini Cooper S or Aston Martin DB9?

JenJ says: DB9 everytime.

Zoom asks: well done jen. As im watching friends at the moment if you have seen it which character are you and why?

JenJ says: I really want to say Chandler but I have to admit it's probably more like Monica.

Jacobi asks: Do you like beans on toast? And will you be wearing SOCKs when you do the bike/swim in your upcoming IM triathlon?

JenJ says: I like beans *and* toast. Not *on* toast, as it makes the toast go soggy. Why would I wear socks when swimming? I don't have any verrucas.

GregP asks: Jen - welcome to the dark side. Shimano or Campy?

JenJ says: I'm teetotal, but thanks anyway.

Fetch says: And we're spent. Jen, I salute you. Fetchies - an almighty "Awooga" for some great questions. TTFN!