Fetcheveryone Tips

There are so many things to do on Fetcheveryone, it can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you find your way around.
Check your training log for duplicate entries!
Find reviews on your 50 nearest parkruns (or search any location for nearby events)
Search thousands of public routes, with filters by distance and type.
Try our map of places to get some grub on your cycle rides (and add any we've missed)
Try our map of open water swimming locations (and add any we've missed)
Our tri training league awards points based on a ratio determined by analysing hundreds of tri performances.
Fmail is our messaging system. Use the Fmail link in the header, or the Send Fmail link on user profiles.
Click the Help button to see all your recent feedback chats with Fetch.
When you've built a training plan, you get a notification each day to remind you of what you have planned.
Adjust your heart rate zone boundaries to suit your min and max HR. Find this in your profile settings.
Amend your pace zone boundaries to suit whatever is fast or slow for you. Find this in your profile settings.
There are over 200 subcategories of training to use in your log. Add the ones you want via your settings.
Change your splits to be any size you want - look for the dropdown above the splits graph on any training entry
Do you remember when the word 'Trumps' meant something fun? Come and play our Fetchie card collecting game.
Help with our relay. Get notified when one of the canisters is coming your way.
Met a Fetchie in the real world? Add them to your sticker collection, and see how many you can get.
Join our monthly Hide and Seek. Create hiding places during the month, and pick your spot before the new month begins.
Proud of your badges? Our beautiful infographic will illustrate them all for you.
Want to see all your badges and plan which ones to target next?
Need a challenge for the coming month? Can you perform basic addition? Perfect! Play Run The Sum
Fetch Miles are everywhere. Collect them, race them and create them too.
To set your Conquercise home zone, click on any zone and look for the 'Set as your home zone' link above the map.
Every square that is connected to your Conquercise home zone is part of your lawn. How big can you make your lawn?
The concentric pink rectangles on the Conquercise map are 'grids'. Fill an entire rectangle to increase your grid size.
Score the most points in a Conquercise zone and it becomes yours (then rename it to troll your friends!)
Our Conquercise game is all about exploring and is great encouragement to vary your routes. How many zones can you visit?
Fetchpoint is all about varying your routes to collect jewels, plant flowers, squish bugs and more.
You can move your Who Squares Wins grid once per match, so if you're away for the weekend, take your grid with you!
Need a week or two off from Who Squares Wins? In the game settings you can give yourself some time out to recover.
Challenge a friend using the crossed swords icon in our Who Squares Wins rankings.
Climb the Who Squares Wins rankings to qualify for the knockout multiplayer tournament, which starts every seven weeks.
Who Squares Wins! A weekly battle against a random player to own the most squares and control the grid.
Rundle: collect digits on your runs and collaborate with others to guess the combination.
Can you spot which runners will increase in value? Invest your credits wisely to build your portfolio
Want to have a bit more fun whilst running? Try our games section for loads of GPS (and armchair) fun
Try our ZIP option to import loads of files at once (with advice on how to get hold of files from Garmin or Strava).
No GPS watch? Try downloading the Wahoo app, which connects direct to Fetch.
Feel past your best? Filter your benchmarks to only show the last 12 months for some reachable targets.
Want to see the fastest 76 year old 5k runner? Try our Age Bests table.
Our reverse age-grade tool calculates the times you need to hit a particular age-grade (WAVA) score.
Get a gender and age-graded (WAVA) score for your run. Great for comparing times with friends of all ages.
Find out what it takes to be in the top X% of runners for your age and gender at a particular distance.
See the distribution of your swim length speeds, and corresponding cadence with our pool swim analysis page.
- Seen a page you'd like to bookmark? Click the star in the menu bar to add it to your shortcuts.
Want to add a poll to a forum post or blog post? Add it, then copy the square bracket code to paste it wherever you like.
- Want dark mode? Or a different colour scheme? Look for the dropdown in the footer.
Did you know that Fetcheveryone is owned and run by just one person? Find out how to support the site.
Looking for races of a specific distance? Click the 'Any Length' dropdown on the Race Finder and choose Custom.
Want to store past and planned races? Find the race listing and look for the 'Add to your Race List' link.
Find out who is racing where? Our feed shows races from the week ahead.
Want to see how folks are doing prior to a big race? Find the race listing, and look for the Pre-Race Training button.
Popular event? Look for the 'All-Time Leaders' button on any race listing to see best Fetch times over the years.
- Want to toggle between miles and km? Scroll to the footer, and click the units you want to use.
Add a club to your profile for a summary of the activity of all other members.
Search for running clubs near you using our map.
Set default items in your kit bag, so they are auto-assigned to new training entries of that type.
When you add stuff to your kit bag, you can set an alarm to trigger when the item reaches a certain number of miles.
Convert any of your training entries into a shareable route by using the Save As Route box on the map.
When plotting a route, press Map Layers to see various map variants, including satellite view and bike-friendly maps.
When plotting a route, if you change your mind about part of it, press the Detour button to make amendments.
When plotting a route, press the Elevation button to find out where the hills are on your chosen route.
Plan your route before leaving the house.
Look for the Build A Mile button on any training entry to make a Fetch Mile.
Need to join two runs together to make one? Look for the Merge button on any training entry to begin.
Forgot to stop your watch before driving home after a run? Look for the 'Split/Trim' button on any training entry.
Want to see just your interval sessions? Or only +30mi rides? Use the Filters button on your training log.
Training overview. The green Settings button to the top right of the graph lets you pick from dozens!
Want to use a gallery picture in a forum post or blog? View the image, and copy the square-bracketed code.
Want to give someone an extra level of access to your profile? Look for the 'Add to buddies' button on any profile.
Use the 'Follow' button on any user profile to be notified when that person does stuff. They appear on your People list
When you blog, click any of the images that appear alongside the big text box, to insert them at the cursor.
Choose from dozens of well-tested training plans to help you with your race goal, then adjust them to suit your needs.
Use our Training Plan tool to build your schedule, or import ready-made plans then drag and drop to suit.
Maintain a list of all the events you've completed or have planned.
Fancy a low-tech solution to take away the mental maths? Print one of our pace bands and stick it on your wrist
Can't find your event in our Race Finder? All our events are added by users - so just add it yourself!
Search our database for thousands of events near you; plus every parkrun location.
If someone's being a pest on a thread, the X button on their posts will replace them with kittens.
Our walking league gives a monthly breakdown of our leading walkers.
Fetcheveryone started in 2004, and some folks have been logging miles ever since. See who has the most.
Been to a few events? Some Fetchies have attended over a thousand. Come see the league table.
Run some decent times this week? Find out how your best efforts compare to others
How do your race times compare to other Fetchies? With gender, age, location and recency filters.
Our training league compares your annual distance to others. Filter by age & gender too.
Find out who has been training every day for the longest time period.
Compete over seven different distances to earn weekly promotion in UTMOST
Our ultra league is a simple way to find out who has travelled a very long distance in one go.
Adjust your nickname, login email, date of birth and location.
No-one likes unwanted email. Want to choose which emails you receive from us?
Setting your location helps the site put you in the right place on maps for event finding, route plotting and more.
Want to control how much other people see when they look at your profile? Adjust it here.
Want to connect your GPS watch to import your training to Fetch? It's easy when you know how.
Want to know more about someone? Any time you see a nickname or avatar, click it to view that person's profile
Want to know when there are new posts on a forum thread? Open one up, and look for the Watch button.
Forum thread you don't want to see? Open it, then look for the Mute button
Visit our forum to read about just about anything. And if we don't have a thread about your thing, start one!
Set your annual distance targets, and follow your progress. Keep up with the grey line to ensure success!
No-one likes getting injured, but if you keep notes, they can be very useful to look back on.
Track your weight, with the ability to set weekly or daily reminders.
Record trainers, bras, tyres etc in your kit bag to track the mileage each one does before replacement.
Want inspiration? See who has already been busy today (then go get your kit on!)
Do you like to train every day? Check our streak analysis to see how your back-to-back efforts and rests build up.
Get a summary of your pace and HR zones for any week.
Things going well? See how your monthly total compares to your best ever months.
Ever wondered how your cadence relates to pace? Try our analysis to look at any month from your training log.
Get help with your goals by using our plethora of calculators to predict times, generate zones, and much more.
Our benchmark tool finds the quickest bits of your runs, rides, swims and walks. That 10k time might be hiding a 5k PB!
Our annual infographic gives you a colourful summary of your training.
See how well you are accumulating mileage this year, and compare it to all your previous years.
Your best 12 months may not correspond to a calendar year. Try our rolling 365 day charts to find your peaks!
Had a good week? Our table shows you how it compares to every week you've recorded since you started training.
See how your current training compares to your previous best attempts at any race distance.
Just how much does gradient affect your speed? Our graph summarises your best efforts over the last 12 months.
See your biggest climbs from the last 12 months, including gradients, HR, cadence and pace information.
Our accurate marathon predictor uses real data for male and female runners and explains how to beat your prediction!
Get a 12 month heart rate breakdown. See distance and average in each zone by month; as well as beats per mile stats.
Trained at the right paces to hit your goals? Our training groups tell you all you need to know.
Track your press-ups, sit-ups, squats - whatever you want - and see how you compare to others in our reps league tables.
Generate a colourful infographic summarising your monthly training.
Go to your user profile and look for the Account Settings option to adjust your Fetch experience.
Our feature request system lets you request new stuff, and vote on hundreds of others requests.
Need help? Fetch can assist if something is broken or confusing! He'll get back to you ASAP.

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