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Ian Williams aka Fetch

How do I export a run from Garmin Connect?

In the normal run of things, Garmin will automatically send your runs, rides, swims and other activities directly to Fetch, so long as you give us permission to be sent your Garmin data.

Occasionally, you might need to get hold of a file from Garmin Connect to import manually to Fetch. Here's how to do that:

  1. Go to your Garmin Connect Activities List.
  2. Most of the activities will be named Untitled. Click the name of the activity you want to export and it'll open up.
  3. Look for a little cog symbol towards the top right of the screen. Click it, and you'll see some options.
  4. Export Original will download a ZIP file containing a FIT file (Export TCX also works).
  5. Return to Fetcheveryone and click the Add Training link at the top of the page, and choose the FIT option.
  6. Get the FIT file out of the ZIP file, and upload it.

Other Notes
It's a bit annoying having to get the FIT file out of the ZIP - but once you've done that, it's all fairly quick.

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