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Connect your Garmin device

Automatically import your training

There's a new and improved way of importing your Garmin data to Fetcheveryone. If you've ever struggled to get plug-ins to work, or had to faff around looking for hidden files on your computer, then salvation is just a few clicks away!

How It Works
After a run, you still have to plug in your watch, or the USB stick, or (if you've got a posh model) point it at the WiFi. The Garmin software on your computer talks to the watch, and sends your data to the Garmin website. None of that changes.

But Now...
With your permission, the Garmin website will forward a copy of that training on to Fetcheveryone, and we'll slurp it into our training log. Every session that goes up to Garmin will also get piped across to Fetcheveryone!

All you have to do is set it up...
Click here to connect your account

NB The very first time you add a new run, Garmin will send across all your activities during the last 30 days, so you might need to remove a few duplicates from your log.

Tell me again... what happens?
You'll be taken to the Garmin website, where you'll be asked to give your authorisation to allow Fetch to get your Garmin data. If you agree, then every time you sync your Garmin device, a copy of the data will be forwarded on to Fetch, and we'll import it into your training log.

It should be smart enough to tell the difference between running, biking, swimming - and even some cross-training activities; and it'll feed in to all your favourite Fetch features without any additional work on your behalf.

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  • It works. I tell ya, it works. Woohoo. Given the Garmin Communicator crashage history on my home laptop and other pain, this is now as smooth as the proverbial youngster's behind. Woo, and I say again, hoo! :-) G
  • The '30 days' get queued up. Most people are seeing them arrive overnight.
  • Can we get this for Nike+ ?
    (They have it over on RunHub)
  • I very much like this :-)
  • Is there a problem at the Garmin end today?
  • Drop me some feedback to report problems. I guess that occasionally the runs will queue up at the Garmin end.
  • Brilliant! Well done Fetch! By the way, great interview on Marathon talk
  • Hi, managed to set this up and all seems to be good :-)
    I've not used Garmin connect specifically cos I didnt want to keep two records, but now Id like to get ALL of my old fetch data into Garmin connect, is there an easy way? Thought there was a data export option in Fetch?
  • how do i get my race data older than 30 days on to Fetch?
  • Send me some feedback - I can import a batch of GPX/TCX/FIT files for you, if you have them.
  • It's genius, that's what it is! Thanks for doing this; makes life easier!
  • outrageously late to this thread but does anyone know if garmin connect works with forerunner 205?
  • It double loaded my last 30 days training into my log - had to go through and delete them all.

    does not seem to post to Facebook anymore - tried switching off and on
  • how do i convert back to not having my garmin connect account linked to fetch ?
  • I set this up on Sunday (I think) then randomly yesterday it re-imported the last month of so of training at 10:45pm..... Is this expected?
  • Any plans for a Strava link?
  • Any way to force Garmin Connect to take another stab at it? I'm importing from Strava to Garmin connect and it seems that if GC gets the data via an automated upload from another web service it doesn't then try to sync the files back out again.
  • I'm having problems with my Garmin 110 and want to try to remedy this by disconnecting the watch from from this website. Please advise.
  • I connected, but nothing has come over at all, was hoping all my runs etc would transfer but so far it's blank :-(
  • Pile of shite! Not even the garmin software works any longer for my 305!!!!
  • Works all fine
  • I've a new Garmin to replace my much loved FR205, and thus now have Garmin Connect. It's uploading data to Garmin Connect and the link to Strava works. However despite the GC account showing a link to Fetch nothing seems to be uploading to my Fetch account even though the link seems to be in place.

    What if anything am I doing wrong?
  • I'm in the same place. Connected but no data.
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