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GPX to Garmin Watch


How to transfer / get / put a GPX file onto your Garmin

This took me ages to discover

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How to transfer / get / put a GPX file onto your Garmin
First download the gpx from wherever it is (usually from the organisor’s website)
Remember where it’s saved (download folder usually)
THis gpx won’t go straight into the connect.garmin website because it need time points in, here’s how to do that...
Go to
Click Convert
then go to
Upload from … chose the file gpx file you downloaded
then from the drop down menu on gpsies.com choose
GPX Track
then and this is important clock (Show Options)
then only change the
Speed (mph) set your speed (remember 10mps is 6 mins per mile etc)
Click convert (again remember where it’s saved)
THen go to
click the upload botton
then the manual upload button
the choose the new gpx file
Once downloaded go to activities in connect garmin
click the activity
then click save as course.
then go to the course details and click save to device.
make sure your garmin is on
then it should be saved on your garmin.
on the watch it should be under / training / courses

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