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Ian Williams aka Fetch

The Green Exercise Survey: Road or Trail Running? which is better for your head!


A research project to find out if trail running (Green Exercise) is more benificial for mood, anxiety and stress, than road running. The survey is aimed at female runners only.

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Dear Fellow Lady Runners
My name is Clare Williams and I am currently studying for a degree in Health, Fitness and Nutrition, at Plymouth University.
I firmly believe that exercise, in particular ‘running’ has a significant positive impact upon the mind, body and spirit, which leads to my area of interest ‘women in exercise and sport’ and their social psychology and development within the health and fitness arena. I also believe that environment may possibly mediate positive and holistic experiences,in particular GREEN EXERCISE! (exercise taking place in forests, parks and trails) which may enhance feelings of relaxation, focus, recovery and enjoyment, helping to reduce tension, stress, anxiety and increasing general health and well-being.
With this focus in mind, I have designed a research project with the aim of finding out if and why naturalistic environments affect women when they exercise.
I hope the study will help to contribute towards the understanding of the benefits of green exercise and how this can be recognised and beneficial for female runners.
In order to measure my aims, I am undertaking a survey to establish ‘how female runners think and feel during running in urban and rural environments’
If you click on to the link below the survey will open. It will only take a few moments to complete.
Link (roll over me to see where I go)
On completion of the ‘Green Exercise Project’ I would be more than happy to provide you with a report or summary of my findings or if you would like further information regarding the research project please contact me at: clare.williams7@students.plymouth.ac.uk
Let’s get more women out there! Running for the mind, body and spirit!
Thank-you for your time and support,
Best Wishes Clare Williams.