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Fat Calculation


How to calculate body fat percentage?

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Hi everyone,
I'm new in the country, just arrived from Oz, and I'm trying to find a reliable method of calculating body fat percentage.
I vaguely remember a method which entailed measuring just about everything you own, dividing by the first number you thought of and adding 22 (just for good measure). Another method, I assume, would be to weigh myself and then get in a completely full bath to see how much water spilled on the floor, and then measuring it before it flooded my kitchen, and do some fiendishly difficult sums such as the square root of my shoe size...
Come to think of it, I might try a hyperbaric chamber with a fixed volume of air, and then suck out all the air while I'm in it, and the difference would be my volume.
Has anyone got a more reliable and slightly less dangerous method?

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Sep 2011 dollyg Try this place - http://www.active.com/fitness/calculators/bodyfat.htm
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