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chat Book group? SusiesueH 37 06:01
chat Getting fit again after pregnumpcy RuthB2 4393 05:50
friday Word Association Davie Newbie 2 164061 05:41
friday Joke of the day........ Duffo 8576 05:14
chat Dear Scottish Fetchies santababy 1432 05:12
chat (Packed) Lunch Tomorrow Will Be Ouchling 372 00:46
chat Who are all the single Fetchies!! Hanneke 134539 00:25
training 1500 miles in 2014. Techthick 6998 00:02
chat over 50's club Techthick 17115 27th Aug
races Parkrun Thread Dvorak 11719 27th Aug
training How was your bike today? Dvorak 3239 27th Aug
chat What are you listening to? Derby Tup 4352 27th Aug
friday Things you want to say but can't Duchess 39022 27th Aug
tri TriSport Fetch: The smell of 220 Gobi 133769 27th Aug
friday Wednesday Lurkerthon Derby Tup 39374 27th Aug
chat Fetch Birdwatchers Derby Tup 4752 27th Aug
website New forum layout, aarrgghh my eyes Duchess 129 27th Aug
chat Scottish Runners 2014 57.5 Degrees of Pain 921 27th Aug
chat Fetch Pregnancy Club katypie 35570 27th Aug
chat 700 Miles in 2014 swittle 19673 27th Aug


This is the place to talk about anything to do with running, or chocolate, or anything - it's up to you. This is a running site, but a lot of the folks who hang round here are usually trying to avoid working, and will chat about anything.

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