This is the place to talk about anything to do with running, or chocolate, or anything - it's up to you. This is a running site, but a lot of the folks who hang round here are usually trying to avoid working, and will chat about anything.

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friday July Hugathon Nellers Tiggia 4368 04:13
training 1500 miles in 2014. Watford Wobble Techthick 6347 03:46
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chat Commonwealth Games 2014 alpenrose Dvorak 226 00:16
chat Who are all the single Fetchies!! Ultra Kazzaaaaah!! Hillbilly 133958 00:07
clinic depression NRGEE Carpathius 22033 00:07
website Importing using the Garmin Communicator Plugin fetcheveryone Teknik 729 30th Jul
training The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread paul the builder HappyG(rrr) 45815 30th Jul
chat Dear Scottish Fetchies ChrisHB Is 631 30th Jul
friday The Music Game topcorner DazTheSlug 31944 30th Jul
chat Dinner tonight shall be... RichHL Red Squirrel 7267 30th Jul
chat (Packed) Lunch Tomorrow Will Be Red Squirrel Red Squirrel 317 30th Jul
chat Smartphones - Apple or Android what type of phone do you use? Duffo Red Squirrel 31 30th Jul
chat Fetch Pregnancy Club Mikuro Is 35444 30th Jul
chat Commuting to work by bike HappyG(rrr) Wooters 136 30th Jul
training The lets motivate each other to do our strength and core work thread... The Terminator becca7 1466 30th Jul
chat Giving up chocolate for January The Scribbler LindsD 103 30th Jul
chat Who will help me eat *cake* Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) Watford Wobble 31 30th Jul
friday Mundane thread Johnny Blaze colettedeann 23195 30th Jul

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