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training Ultra Marathons Northern Exile 19600 10:24
chat Fetch Hoodies? Kimbles 1762 10:20
chat 700 Miles in 2014 Sombrero 21057 10:18
chat Dinner tonight shall be... DocMoye 7661 10:16
training Ultra training for beginners idle_wilder 458 10:15
friday Joke of the day........ Binks 8600 10:13
races Round Norfolk Relay - Fetch Team Too flanker 5536 10:12
chat Dear Scottish Fetchies Molesy 3177 10:10
tri TriSport Fetch: The smell of 220 Nick Cook 134334 10:09
friday Word Association Nick Cook 165005 10:08
races Ikano Robin Hood Marathon and Half Marathon 2014 kpeel87 12 10:07
friday September Hugathon Tiggia 588 10:03
training The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread B Rubble 46241 10:02
chat 500 miles in 2014 geordiegirl 796 10:01
chat Book Group Longwayround (LWR) 535 09:47
chat Home Brew Red Squirrel 15 09:47
training 1,000 miles in 2014 Velociraptor 1487 09:44
training Polarized training Velociraptor 222 09:37
website Pesterers vs Lazybones HCParker 6479 09:34
chat Support thread for students, mature and otherwise... LindsD 892 09:34


This is the place to talk about anything to do with running, or chocolate, or anything - it's up to you. This is a running site, but a lot of the folks who hang round here are usually trying to avoid working, and will chat about anything.

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