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training Sub 3Hr Marathon True Gritts! 15700 00:54
races Marathons abroad Old Man 187 00:53
shop What new kit have you bought/has arrived in the post today? True Gritts! 6040 00:36
training Polarized training Canute 257 00:26
chat Morning Light: The Fetchland Gardening Wire Dvorak 2052 00:19
chat Decision making thread Stander 625 00:11
chat Dear Scottish Fetchies Duchess 3933 00:08
vlm Rejection Magazine watch - have you got yours yet Mark-R 127 00:06
chat Book Group McGoohan 916 30th Sep
friday The Music Game DazTheSlug 32754 30th Sep
chat knitting, crocheting and general craftery Squares 12416 30th Sep
training The sub 1:30 half thread Whiskymurray 2106 30th Sep
chat 700 Miles in 2014 Dooogs 22004 30th Sep
chat 100 miles a month - the 2014 thread Dooogs 1578 30th Sep
friday September Hugathon Lip Gloss 737 30th Sep
friday Things you want to say but can't Trin 39700 30th Sep
chat The 'new' Dr Who Chrisity 4277 30th Sep
chat The benefits of giving up alcohol! FenlandRunner 13308 30th Sep
friday Mundane thread Lip Gloss 25378 30th Sep
races Parkrun Thread RunningManScott 11827 30th Sep


This is the place to talk about anything to do with running, or chocolate, or anything - it's up to you. This is a running site, but a lot of the folks who hang round here are usually trying to avoid working, and will chat about anything.

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