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JJ Flash
The XXU will work on the introduction of a corporate Data Management Framework and a programme of work designed to meet the compliance challenge ahead. The XXU will be responsible for overseeing the rollout of the Data Management Framework, Data Protection statutory GDPR Compliance Auditing and monitoring of the XXX Group including all subsidiaries, xxxx partnership units and providers, Data Protection Breach Investigations, non-compliance enforcements, provision of DP advice, IT Service Supplier DP Due Diligence, Statutory Data Protection Officer duties, implementation of the GDPR, all legal advice on data protection / GDPR and other associated activities.

The programme of work is enormous and the need to be fully compliant by May 2018 is business critical. We need every member of staff to become even more data and information security aware and to think and plan ahead. So there will be mandatory training for all staff. While some additional resource will be added to the XXU, it is still not enough to handle eleventh hour requests for due diligence or advice for proposed data handling changes (manual or electronic) or for the introduction of new data-handling software or services/arrangement.

More information will follow as the XXU starts to work through the programme of work.
23 Jun
1:41pm, 23 Jun 2016
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JJ Flash
In the original email the second sentence covers four whole lines.
30 Jun
3:20pm, 30 Jun 2016
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SCD Major Crime at Brentwood have found a box of 80 brand new Fuji Mini Discs (see photo attached.)

These are not required, so if you can use them please contact me.

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