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C Block - there's no place like it.

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8:42am, 1 Oct 2014
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HQ K and J Block Out of Use Saturday 4th October 2014
On the 4th of October the car park bays will be repainted and therefore the car park needs to be empty of vehicles.

Would all staff that use these car parks please ensure that there are no vehicle parked there as of Saturday 4th Oct 2014 from 07:00hrs until 14:00hrs. If there are vehicles then
8:43am, 1 Oct 2014
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Should I set up a 'then what?' Poll?
12:11pm, 1 Oct 2014
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a) they'll get a new paint job?
b) you''ll be the excuse the contractors where looking for when submitting a bid for the work that had an unfeasibly tight timescale but that would ensure they won it
c) all of the above
12:17pm, 1 Oct 2014
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then the contractors will set them alight and dance naked around them
12:23pm, 1 Oct 2014
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d) they will end up looking like the car from Starsky and Hutch
4:14pm, 1 Oct 2014
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Still no clarification. The intranet article remains resolutely truncated.
10:17pm, 1 Oct 2014
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...then the Police will tow them away ? ;-)
12:34pm, 3 Oct 2014
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Quote from our intranet:

"'Fetch' is a [job] specific Go To Market portal, brimming with tools and materials to help when you are tasked with any client development activity, from targeting new clients to developing an on-going relationship."

12:41pm, 3 Oct 2014
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I've always thought that.
9:14am, 10 Oct 2014
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"Subject: Notification: lexical rule : Profanity : Nick Clegg - Liberal Democrat Party Conference Speech

A message sent to you from outside your company has been quarantined by your email security service. "


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