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C Block - there's no place like it.

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5:07pm, 1 Jul 2015
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My Chief Super went to the shop down the road and bought Magnums for everyone in T Block.

He didn't send a minion - he went himself.

5:21pm, 1 Jul 2015
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I'm certainly impressed. Did he do any crime prevention while he was at it?
5:24pm, 1 Jul 2015
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Did anyone say"thanks for nothing, you know I'm lactose intolerant."?
9:06pm, 1 Jul 2015
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If they did they're probably still trying to get the stick out.
9:06pm, 1 Jul 2015
13969 posts
If they did they're probably still trying to get the stick out.
10:23pm, 1 Jul 2015
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of both ends GR? :-)
6:43pm, 2 Jul 2015
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is T Block an office or a detention area?
9:08pm, 2 Jul 2015
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It's a house, effectively. My office has patio doors, I kid you not.
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