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10:32pm, 15 Jul 2014
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Isn't that one step done 15 times over? Wouldn't 15 steps be more like
dial 0
dial 1
dial 2
dial 3
dial 4
dial 5
dial 6
dial 7
say "good"
say "morning"
say "can"
say "I"
say "speak"
say "to"
say "someone"

10:43pm, 15 Jul 2014
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Glenn, I hope you're going to update us on how the first five steps go tomorrow evening?
2:11pm, 16 Jul 2014
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Dear Colleagues,

As part of the work and balance series we have arranged a session on Nutrition & energy 2.

Nutrition & energy 2 session covers:

- The 5 golden rules of nutrition for health & energy
- How to read food labels, made simple
- Food & drinks to minimise & why
- The benefits of reducing wheat & dairy products
- Healthy food & drink swaps
- Setting your 3 actions to change

Please send this on to anyone else who you think will be interested.

Kind Regards,
2:13pm, 16 Jul 2014
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I'll swap you a carrot juice for this muesli
9:25am, 22 Jul 2014
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When I was starting out, and for decades afterwards, success was tied to climbing ladders. Following a defined path, climbing one rung at a time. But I didn’t get to where I am today by focusing on ladders. In fact, it was bridges.
9:29am, 22 Jul 2014
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Ladders generally require more focus than bridges
10:59am, 22 Jul 2014
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Using a ladder as a bridge might be worth a shot, if you're careful, but not the other way round.

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