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C Block - there's no place like it.

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3:49pm, 13 May 2015
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It's cods-wallop.
3:49pm, 13 May 2015
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By which I mean 'shite'
4:45pm, 13 May 2015
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Glenn: yes :-)
5:20pm, 13 May 2015
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Ah. They've probably not cleaned those tanks since I had my tonsils taken out there in ~cough~ 1965.
4:35pm, 20 May 2015
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Subject: If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Dear All,

Many times, tough business challenges help us in creating new opportunities. To do this, one may make use of powerful competencies that are part of our new business excellence workshops.

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
If professional life forces you towards a complex decision, learn and put AHP to good use.
If business processes in your company need a revamp, the BPR competencyis the best for you.
If you have alternative scenarios to evaluate, choose the BME program.
If life gives you contradicting priorities, use inventive methods from the C&I workshop.
If you have overall business profitability challenge, opt for the TOC learning provided in our Business Value Analyst program.
As always, we have regular programs - the Lean Practitioner, Lean Guide, LSS Green Belt, the LSS Black Belt and the Business Excellence Master Black Belt.

New Blog Post - Great Lemonade taste does not just happen by chance. It is a result of a special kind of experiment called mixture design (a kind of DOE). Click here to read more about it in our new blog post -
4:39pm, 20 May 2015
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If life gives you lemons, have a lemon party
4:39pm, 20 May 2015
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I want to kung fu the Business Excellence Master Black Belt in the face
8:45pm, 20 May 2015
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ahhhh, GlennR, that post has just whisked me straight back to my "old life" and sums up why I'm semi retired and doing something compketely different!

Lean Sigma and DoE aghhhhhhhh take it away, pleaease
12:20pm, 21 May 2015
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If life gives you lemons, go buy some gin and some tonic and get hammered.
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