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2:00pm, 11 Aug 2014
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Dear All

Can you please let me know if you are expecting a delivery of Miracle Noodles

10:14am, 12 Aug 2014
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Hi Glenn

Efficient accounting time
This weapon is a time management conversation. It's used to sow larger, deeper seeds in your clients minds. It's used at the rapport stage of the meeting and will reinforce your reputation for efficiency and professionalism.

Objective and subjective
This weapon is also used at the opening stage of your meeting and it's a winner because it clarifies the whole process and reinforces the exceptional value your client is about to gain from their consultation with you.

Fact find delivery
This final weapon is a simple and powerful strategy. It's best used once you've been through 'objective and subjective' thoroughly. It can be an integral part of the 'objective and subjective' approach, however it's been separated it out because it can be used independently too. It should be used at the end of the 'objective and subjective' speech or whenever you judge to be the right moment.

All the weapons outlined above are described in full in chapter eight of The Sales Commando book, to find out more click the link below:

[If anyone actually wants the link I'm happy to pass it on]
10:18am, 12 Aug 2014
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I want the "Sales Commandos" to put their weapons away thanks
10:19am, 12 Aug 2014
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Interesting. Does it also include chapters on using camouflage and cover so your client does not know the meeting is going to happen until you open up with your belt-fed Powerpoint presentation, and how your job is properly done when the client can't operate effectively any more?
5:43pm, 12 Aug 2014
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Something died in me as I read that, Glenn. And it wasn't my enjoyment of being retired.

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