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C Block - there's no place like it.

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12:21pm, 10 Feb 2015
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Hi Glenn,

The following change has now been made to your phone profile:-

Phone account created ext 4194

Please follow the instructions below to propagate the change to your phone:-

5:06pm, 10 Feb 2015
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That's one of those thing's that is both (a) correct and (b) wank.

See also 'these data'.
6:55pm, 10 Feb 2015
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Plants are propagated. Phones are not!
7:54pm, 10 Feb 2015
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I usually treat data as a plural but I'm not sure that 'these data' has ever passed my lips.
10:43am, 23 Feb 2015
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Hi All

Please note this very useful flyer about the **’s live week of action.

There are some useful webinars and Twitter chats happening this week.

Best wishes

4:02pm, 23 Feb 2015
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I am so excited - we now have a C Block (well Zone C) and my desk is in it. Apparently the name - "the new annex" (which is admittedly 20 years old) was causing confusion so it is now Zone C.
5:01pm, 23 Feb 2015
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Good Afternoon,

Many of you are reporting that the survey is going round in a loop. Prior to sending the survey out, I completed it using google Chrome successfully. Browser choice may be interfering here. As we have engaged a 3rd party in helping us with this task, I'm unable to directly edit the link. I will escalate for correction.
6:18pm, 23 Feb 2015
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Is it the same staff satisfaction survey as every year?
7:26pm, 23 Feb 2015
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The one that somehow never manages to come up with the right answer?

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