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C Block - there's no place like it.

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11:13pm, 24 Nov 2014
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new job, or just had enough of the old one?
8:00am, 25 Nov 2014
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Out of interest... how do you even "install" a desk? I'd have thought it just needs putting on the floor, which is mostly taken care of by gravity, leaving the "installation" to consist of making sure it's the right way round.

Perhaps this casual attitude shows why I'm not a desk installer.
8:02am, 25 Nov 2014
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They install vicars, you know. I was invited.
8:04am, 25 Nov 2014
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Good point. They also need to be the right way round (Catholics look East, Protestants face West, or the other way round).
9:48am, 25 Nov 2014
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Flanker, I'm a contractor. My time is up and I have no wish to continue.

These are rather heavy duty desks that link with others via a system of metal poles - with the consequence that when my neighbour types my desk vibrates.
10:10am, 25 Nov 2014
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BTW, am I the only one who's noticed that 'the installers have a problem with their delivery vehicle and are stuck waiting for the AA' makes an excellent euphemism for erectile dysfunction?
11:29am, 25 Nov 2014
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At least they didn't get stuck in a tunnel
11:35am, 25 Nov 2014
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How about 'stuck on the Chelmsford bypass'?
12:23pm, 25 Nov 2014
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2:07pm, 25 Nov 2014
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