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8:43pm, 27 Mar 2015
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No as a company we are world class at meetings. Just not enough rooms so it's all phone conferences. I think they have "solved" the problem by devising a form for us to fill in before we can have a room.
8:50pm, 27 Mar 2015
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I fancy that in every company I've worked for, they've said that every company has something really badly planned about it, and in each case, the company said that for them it was a shortage of meeting rooms.
11:54pm, 27 Mar 2015
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yep, same here. But what it has been in, I think, every case, is not a shortage of meeting rooms but a shortage of decent managers who are prepared to make a managerial decision without having 5 meetings to water down any ideas to the point of insipidity in order that they can't be blamed for personally making a bad call.

There has often also been a shortage of punctuation in overly long sentences ;-)
12:16am, 28 Mar 2015
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Apart from the initial capital that sentence is perfect.
9:31am, 28 Mar 2015
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In my first job, we had meetings in meeting rooms about once every nine months when salesmen wanted to present something to us. That would typically be followed by a three-course meal with wine in the executive dining room. Anything else was held standing around our manager's desk for 10 minutes.

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