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Sub 80 min Half Marathon Support

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1:38pm, 3 Apr 2014
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With you there Davie. Sill undecided if going for 10ks or Halfs. Even if I do focus on 10k, with still get a half in. Drawn to Cardiff again, is a great course........
12:57pm, 20 Jun 2014
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Alright Team Sub 80? :-)

I've got a half lined up on July 13th. Been using a bit of "faster than race pace" sessions in this lead up. Not sure how its going to pan out, but this morning I was to try for 2x2m + 2x1m at target 10k pace, so I was aiming for 5.45/mile. Got carried away on first 2 mile rep and hit 5.40 5.40, but struggled after that and there was a fair breeze up as well. Still ended up with a 5.46/mile average for the efforts so maybe if I go a bit easier on the early reps next time I'll get it down to 5.45s.

The plan is for a 10k-ish tempo run next week to help dial in race pace (5.57/mile?), then the week after is 3x2m @ 10k 9 days out from the race. If I can nail that one I reckon I'm in ~1.18 shape which I'd be very happy with given my lower mileage since the marathon.

Anyone else got a sub 80 shot coming up?
1:08pm, 20 Jun 2014
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Hi Davie.

Had a rest after London, got over a bad chest I had on the day there. Starting with 5k this summer off lower milage, few 10k Aug/Sep and Cardiff Half in Oct, which will be a Sub 80 attempt.

Just starting to get into a new route with my training.

Glad to hear you are well.
1:50pm, 20 Jun 2014
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Nothing too close right now however am running Haddington Half in August Davie if you are keen - wrong side of Edinburgh but have heard good things.

Signed up for Scottish HM in September in Edinburgh so should hopefully be a good quality field there, and Amsterdam in October of course which has been the goal for a long time. Mileage is up into the mid-70s now so am hoping I can get below 75!
1:57pm, 20 Jun 2014
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2 marathons in a month hit me quite hard in May which really showed when I ran my slowest ever half 2 weeks after. So I've taken it a bit easy and am now introducing some speed work.

Ran a 37.47 on a mixed terrain 10k on Sunday and never really felt like I was pushing it, aiming for 1:20:59 at the Kimbolton Castle half in August. I realise that sub 1:20 is just out of reach at the moment.
2:50pm, 20 Jun 2014
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Alright James, hope it all goes well wiht the 5s and 10s. Sure you'll be in sub 80 shape by October.

I'm thinking the new Scottish HM as well D. It's a perfect 4 weeks out from Chester marathon which I think I'll likely sign up for soon. I was hoping to be in sub 75 shape by October but just need to see how I manage through summer. I'd like to think 76.xx is doable with a couple of months of 80mpw :-)

Chris, I got hit hard by just the one mara. I find them really difficult to deal with after they're done. Never really sure how to get back into it and probably the reason I'm still down about 60mpw just now. I can't imagine trying to do 2 maras never mind how I'd get back into decent training. Just stick at it, I don't think 37:37 is too far off the pace and you've still a month or two to go.
3:02pm, 20 Jun 2014
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Davie - you did run your one alot faster than my 2 so that probably helped. I actually felt much better running the second!

I've start doing some core work and found that my core strength really is terrible so am hoping thats going to help me keep good form and be more efficient. I have a 5k in 2 weeks so that will be the first test to see if it helps.

Oddly, I think marathon training has made me a bit soft when it comes to shorter distances. I got used to easy runs so when I had to start pushing my mind was in the wrong place and just wanted to take it easy.
10:57pm, 20 Jun 2014
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I've retired to Ultra training this summer, so a bit off the pace. I would say the 1.24 I did on a hilly course last week might be worth 1.21-1.22 on the flat so still a lot of work to do.

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