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FetchPoint: The Game

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8:29pm, 1 Oct 2015
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I got 2 tomatoes today! I never managed 2 gores. And my zone is bug free. A good start to the the month... things can only go downhill
8:35pm, 1 Oct 2015
6771 posts
That's impressive. I run my mid-week training runs before work in the dark. I never check the website before I go out. Loads of bugs and 2 tomatoes left behind. :(
9:16pm, 1 Oct 2015
6571 posts
Two 'toms' already bagged ;-)
8:35am, 2 Oct 2015
1053 posts
Anybody able to shed some light on this? Last night's run earned me points as follows

CumbriAndy collected 84681 in coins
CumbriAndy reached a post box
CumbriAndy found a TomTomato
CumbriAndy crossed a bridge
CumbriAndy reached a post box
CumbriAndy crossed a bridge
CumbriAndy squished a bug

With a grand total of 85881 points. Given there's no points for reaching post boxes (according to the Game Guide) that clearly means 1200 points for two bridges, a TomTomato and squishing a bug. I thought squishing a bug earned 100 points and I'd expect the TomTomatoes to be worth the same as Goreillas (100 points each, I believed) which implies 500 points per bridge (which I'd never thought about but assumed to be 'free' - like the post boxes). Is anybody able to confirm or correct any of these beliefs/assumptions/deductions?
8:39am, 2 Oct 2015
2630 posts
any relays?
8:46am, 2 Oct 2015
2631 posts
... or a 'random' worth 1000?
your assumptions are the same as mine (100 for gore-illas, TomToms and squishing a bug, and 0 for bridges and post boxes) but there may be an un-documented change in the scoring since the change in sponsor

btw I'll be up in your part of the world next week, but northern end, so won't be able to pick any of your flowers
9:44am, 2 Oct 2015
29 posts
If you squish a bug, you get points for how far it moves. I gather bugs in a holdign pen and then take them out on a long run.

Link (roll over me to see where I go)
10:21am, 2 Oct 2015
1054 posts
R4R - nothing else - that's the totality of the record as listed in My Account. Enjoy your trip up here :-)

Philip - thanks for that - it's a good article which 'confirms' the 100 point maximum for squishing a bug.

The possibility of an undocumented change had occurred to me (wouldn't be the first time). I was more wondering whether this was the even more likely scenario of an unnoticed notice ;-)
9:53am, 7 Oct 2015
619 posts
Question, is it pronounced:
Tomtom-ahto or
Tomtom-ayto or
Tom-Tomahto or
Or should we call the whole thing off?! ;-)
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