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6 Dec
10:50am, 6 Dec 2016
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Minardi - another good reason for the prize markers to have their own layers. Maybe they could share the Higgs Bosuns layer - I'm not sure why it has its own layer in any case

An alternative way of checking for your bugs is from the list of your own markers on the Account page. Your bug(s) will be listed here - slightly confusingly they are green.
6 Dec
12:55pm, 6 Dec 2016
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Fetch, the master of confusion. Ninja Snow
6 Dec
1:01pm, 6 Dec 2016
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I started that rumour :-)
6 Dec
1:45pm, 6 Dec 2016
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Doc snow and sleigh bells
I think minardi is cross
6 Dec
2:45pm, 6 Dec 2016
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who me?

friggin bug
6 Dec
5:46pm, 6 Dec 2016
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What happens if someone runs a track marathon immediately outside their circle? They should get 52 flowers scattered all around the track, but do they get the flowers that randomly get reassigned inside their circle? What if they repeat the track marathon a few days later - only a few flowers get watered?

What does it look like on the map if someone cycles a huge number of miles a week on a velodrome?
6 Dec
6:23pm, 6 Dec 2016
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HB - if it's run on a standard 400m track they will not get 52 flowers planted due to the matrix placements. Each flower (matrix point) has a 80m circle and nothing else can be planted within this circle, so probably only 4 or 5 flowers will be planted the rest will be 'lost', however they will score a full 52 points for 'planting' the flowers.
If one of the planting points is inside their home circle then they get nothing.
There will only be a few flowers so they will only need to run round the track once to water any flowers with the number watered based on the 1in 7, 2 in 7 chance rules
7:53am, 7 Dec 2016
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The Belly Is Gaun Tae Get Ye
I see percyw is off to Belfast again on the big metal bird. How do flowers manage to grow in mid air?

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