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FetchPoint: The Game

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5:58pm, 19 Aug 2015
17505 posts
cheers bob - never seen a rocket onthemap - gonna be looking around for onenow
9:46am, 21 Aug 2015
26285 posts
a lovely harvest of flowers for me overnight - just cant work out where from!
9:54am, 21 Aug 2015
2725 posts
where did you run/ride 6 weeks ago today?
9:55am, 21 Aug 2015
26286 posts
Usual places tbh - harvested 20+ flowers but only ran 5 miles 6 weeks ago!
9:58am, 21 Aug 2015
26287 posts
sussed it - 6 weeks ago today as opposed to yesterday. Worked it out, was doing a bike measure for Brodie castle 10k route.
11:52am, 21 Aug 2015
13992 posts
198K harvest for me too overnight. I am finally paying dividends for a consistent period of training. That will got to rat shit from next week as life gets in the way again :-)
6:42pm, 22 Aug 2015
26289 posts
some tactical flower planting on the Glen Moray route today - 40 flowers planted ready for two weeks time.
10:26am, 23 Aug 2015
1830 posts
Anyone near Kendal park today? I'm tempted to drive up but it's just a bit too far for the you know what...
3:25pm, 23 Aug 2015
481 posts
Hohhot almost worth a drive ;-)
5:58pm, 23 Aug 2015
1050 posts
Hmm - been out down south all day so not had a chance and the weather is now looking decidedly unpleasant. It is comprehensively inaccessible legally and awkward to get at even with a considered trespass.
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1) be specific about where the marker is (an ID would be handy, but failing that, a decent description of its location may well be enough).
2) let me know the date and time of the run
3) don't report the marker. If it gets removed, I can't check it.
4) be quick. Some markers move on, e.g. daily Garmin moves, or bugs/relays getting transported on by other runners.
5) remain calm. You just did running. That's a good thing, right?

I may not get to all reports in time, but if enough of you do report problems, it gives me data to find the causes of the problems.

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