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5:58pm, 27 Jul 2016
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You missed out that 'we are your lab rats' in your fmail. :-)
6:12pm, 27 Jul 2016
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Wriggling Snake

I never liked the traffic lights, less would be good, none better, relays not keen. Bugs, yes I can see the idea of less of them and when you move them being worth more.

Collectibles are a good idea, even if they don't lead to a prize, possibly rare, but not so rare you don't see them, except for the pokemon idea of VERY rare things...I guess you could have a balance of collectibles according to the sponsor i.e as per gore(illas) and points for rare collectible things that equate to gore(illas).

Have you thought of books? Have you noticed just how popular the book thread is? I find it annoying that it is only fiction, or mainly so, but books, surely you don't have to have just running relatedprizes.


Books (Vouchers)
Food (not cakes but protein/running type thingies)
Drinks (ditto, probably)
Tea, have you thought of collecting tea? Yorkshire tea obvs.

You could also differentiate between, runners, cyclists, walkers (cross training), so if you upload one of those, you only get related collectibles and therefore prizes.

6:41pm, 27 Jul 2016
First-time poster!!
I know that it is meant to encourage running further and outside of my immediate mile radius, but the reality for me is that I am very slow and tend to only do between 3-6miles at a time. And because of my location most of my routes are circular and fall within the mile radius home circle. So I got a bit bored of becoming overrun with bugs as i didn't often manage to run them out.
6:46pm, 27 Jul 2016
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Alice the Camel
I have a similar problem to Fragile. When I lived in the 'burbs, Fetchpoint used to be a bit of an obsession and certainly fulfilled it's goal of "getting me out there" almost every day. Then I moved to rural Wiltshire. Bugs were a bit of a nuisance but if I persevered I could move them all to accessible places. But I couldn't move coins so ended up getting very low point scores for my runs as they were all along the same route. Also, I never managed to collect 5 goreillas in a month.
I know I could set my homepoint to be in a nearby town and overcome these frustrations, but I don't want to have to begin each run with a car journey.
Not sure what the solution is, if there is one.
7:04pm, 27 Jul 2016
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Ive not been as interested in fetch point since we lost sponsors/prizes. If we do get the prizes back, should we have more instead of just the big one every month - e.g. collect your 5 markers to be in with a chance of the big prize, but maybe some smaller random 'spot' prizes as well ? I collected those damn things religiously for years and never won anything, not that I'm bitter or anything ;-)

less of the traffic lights, fewer bugs, and more collectible things would be fab :-)
7:23pm, 27 Jul 2016
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Old Croc
as someone with not many folks about the coins and flowers are my main targets. In an earlier version the flowers "blossomed" or similar if you ran through them a second time - that scattered a load of coins. I liked that feature as it spread my scoring area but kept it near my routes.

Am about to move house to near an airbase - so a large section of my local area will be out of bounds. Mmmmm - whether to move base on here or not????
7:31pm, 27 Jul 2016
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Traffic lights are a tricky one. When I was knew to the game, I set the up on main junctions near me and made a reasonable profit but nothing to stop me putting say 100 on a junction which would be really annoying for the average runner. However I quite like that there are computer generated ones which you can pick for free every so often and are quite a good feature
7:36pm, 27 Jul 2016
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Also relays are also a tricky one. I like putting them near where I work and watching over the next few weeks as they make their way across the country. However I suspect you could make a very tidy fetchpoint living by doing one run at the start of the month and using the proceeds to keep buying more relays and be top of the league with strategic placement
8:00pm, 27 Jul 2016
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Two things I'd quite like to see - both have been discussed before:

1. The ability to mark areas as inaccessible - mostly large fields without footpaths in my case but others have talked about prisons, factories, some schools and hospitals. I appreciate this may be difficult.

2. The ability to pick our own flowers once they hit maximum value (whatever that may be reset at) rather than having to wait weeks for them to be auto-harvested. I'd have thought that would be relatively easy in the grand scheme of things.

The ability to edit a recorded route if your Garmin mislocates you off course - and causing you to miss markers you would otherwise have hit - without having to create an entirely new one would also be handy but I'm not sure how that could work. I'm broadly happy to accept the status quo on this one as 'just one of those things' - it's an occasional fault in the Garmin rather than a flaw in the game.

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