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FetchPoint: The Game

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7:44pm, 21 Nov 2015
6888 posts
My November score is 384820. Yet I've managed not to collect any TomTomatoes yet! Is this a record? :-);-) I keep forgetting to check the map before I go out!!!
7:47pm, 23 Nov 2015
520 posts
got my 5th tomtomatoes this morning by walking the dog
8:14pm, 23 Nov 2015
383 posts
Always check the map Ness.
8:57pm, 23 Nov 2015
693 posts
I rarely get to check the map before going out. Either I or the dog are too impatient to wait for the PC to boot up....and no I don't have a smart phone or tablet!
7:45am, 24 Nov 2015
694 posts
Typical, this morning I went to the effort of booting up the PC to check the map before taking the dog out as I still needed 2 tomtomatoes, only to find today's sat on my doorstep!
8:12am, 24 Nov 2015
13733 posts
Mine's on my doorstep too today, but I've already got 5for this month. ;-)
8:20am, 24 Nov 2015
22069 posts
i find that soon as you get 5, they are pratically on your doorstep
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