FetchPoint: The Game

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For important updates on the rules, please make sure you're a member of the game group. Signing up to play the game will automatically add you to the group.

If you have a problem - usually it's a marker that you believe you hit, but hasn't moved, please send me feedback detailing the problem, making sure you:

1) be specific about where the marker is (an ID would be handy, but failing that, a decent description of its location may well be enough).
2) let me know the date and time of the run
3) don't report the marker. If it gets removed, I can't check it.
4) be quick. Some markers move on, e.g. daily Garmin moves, or bugs/relays getting transported on by other runners.
5) remain calm. You just did running. That's a good thing, right?

I may not get to all reports in time, but if enough of you do report problems, it gives me data to find the causes of the problems.

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11:34am, 23 Apr 2014
3557 posts
Thank you! most of mine get picked well within the 6 weeks, so I don't remember harvesting one before now.
11:40am, 23 Apr 2014
33563 posts
I'm hoping for a much reduced bug penalties today after yesterday's clearance.
11:40am, 23 Apr 2014
2279 posts
Doc - that's a slightly misleading answer
You don't need to water them in any particular week, so long as you don't leave them unwatered for 4 weeks.
You can get away with watering them just once between week 2 and 4, and they will get harvested, as you say
BUT - if you water them in weeks 1 & 5, or in weeks 2 & 6, they will still get harvested
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