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FetchPoint: The Game

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8:22am, 6 Mar 2015
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For the first time ever (I think) I managed to move 2 bugs to outside the second red circle without them squishing. How does this happen? I think I moved them to outside the first circle a couple of days ago then picked them up and took them further yesterday - but shouldn't they have squished by now?
8:34am, 6 Mar 2015
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1) Say you have a bug in your home area but you don't go over it on your way out of your home circle. If you go over it on your way home, it will still be squished or moved.

2) That does seem right, but as you say, it's not published.

3) 2, yes.

4) They disappear.


Perhaps it's because of the two moves. The first move didn't take them far enough to squish, the second move didn't squish 'em because they were already outside the circle? Maybe.
8:44am, 6 Mar 2015
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There's an article all about bugs available which covers most of the questions - I'm not going to promise that it's 100% up to date but a quick skim just now suggests it is consistent with my understanding.

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

I think the most common question surrounds getting them to move. In short, they will either move outside your 'home' circle if you run beyond that distance or not at all if you don't. There are only two ways they can move closer to your home point:

1. You report them as inaccessible - which causes them to respawn closer to home
2. Another player moves them further away from their home point
9:38am, 6 Mar 2015
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Thanks Nick and Andy. Interesting article - not seen that one before!
12:57pm, 6 Mar 2015
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Just add on point 3 that it is 2 bugs per person so if you have some close neighbours you can end up with more than 2 bugs being placed in your home circle each day
2:16pm, 6 Mar 2015
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I get 4 bugs a day due to someone who is registered but doesn't play!

Alice - even when the are outside your circle already the 1 mile rule applies. Say I pick up a bug which is 0.5 miles from home and run to just 0.4 miles outside my circle. The bug will not get squished but sit on the road waving a traffic. Should I then go for a longer run along the same route and get to 0.1 miles outside the second circle the bug gets to survive once again. Managed carefully you probably move them all for someone else to deal with :-)
2:18pm, 6 Mar 2015
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Good link about the flowers. Thanks you :-)
2:18pm, 6 Mar 2015
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That's why I have work as my Fetchpoint home. No one else in my circle, but a few in my actual home circle.
3:00pm, 6 Mar 2015
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That makes sense USB, thanks :-)

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