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26 Apr
3:00pm, 26 Apr 2017
1506 posts
Hoot! & yes a fetchie appeared nearby, but briefly, couple of weeks ago.
26 Apr
3:08pm, 26 Apr 2017
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OMG just checked the leaderboard

DT :-O
26 Apr
3:29pm, 26 Apr 2017
4291 posts
there seems to be a slight imbalance on the points award from traffic lights due to the London marathon!
26 Apr
4:13pm, 26 Apr 2017
14160 posts
Doc Moye
it wont last!
26 Apr
4:13pm, 26 Apr 2017
14161 posts
Doc Moye
and there is plenty of pride to battle for lower down
26 Apr
6:02pm, 26 Apr 2017
14345 posts
Ultra Sparkly Bridget (USB)
I am getting closer to the top 100 :-)
26 Apr
7:13pm, 26 Apr 2017
2901 posts
I had been looking at fetch every morning for the month before the vlm looking for traffic lights on the course. I was on about 17k points before the VLM. I'm due to take a few weeks off running so my score will inevitably drop.
26 Apr
9:32pm, 26 Apr 2017
171 posts
And I've started a new job that will keep me away from getting into Central London very often. All those points will evaporate in 26 days or so!
26 Apr
9:34pm, 26 Apr 2017
14173 posts
Doc Moye
You earned those top slots, so enjoy while you can 😀🏆

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