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8:39am, 25 Apr 2016
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People obviously collected them and took them home as souvenirs. :-)
8:56am, 25 Apr 2016
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Maybe someone forgot to turn off their watch at the end of the race.
10:35am, 25 Apr 2016
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Philip, go into Your Account and the panel on the right shows all your markers. Click on the symbol and it will take you to its location on the map.
11:16am, 25 Apr 2016
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lots of people did run it backwards in the middle of the night :-)
12:31pm, 25 Apr 2016
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Without checking the guide, I think you can only have a single marker heading in the same direction located at the same point. If someone else had the same idea as you, their marker might have splattered yours
12:33pm, 25 Apr 2016
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Philip - it's quite likely that a number of people did the same thing as you. I have a recollection from some time back (somebody will correct me if I dreamt it) that if multiple relays end up in the same place then all but the most recently arrived are deleted. Can't remember the details of the reason why or explain further if that doesn't quite fit with what you're describing.
1:28pm, 25 Apr 2016
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I have a similar recollection to Andy so it could be that they got merged. The other possibility is that they got blown up by a detonator. London is a dangerous place for relay markers. Please look after your relay markers. Remember a relay marker should be for life not just for the VMLM!
1:42pm, 25 Apr 2016
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I think the reasoning behind it was because if they were allowed to collect in the same place, then the next person to run East (for example) would be carrying lots of relay markers and they would carry on accumulating
8:29pm, 25 Apr 2016
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CumbriAndy's logic sounds quite reasonable. Still, they cost me 2000 points each and I got 8000 back so quids in
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