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12 Jun
5:26pm, 12 Jun 2016
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Shortcut Cam
Just spotted the Higgs Boson south-east of Ockley in Surrey. Some lucky cyclist might pick it today.
12 Jun
7:14pm, 12 Jun 2016
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Fizz :-)
Ooh, I'd not seen that before, I know there's only one. Wish I was closer!
15 Jun
5:45pm, 15 Jun 2016
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Good day for points today. I've been dropping relays near marathons and they have run their course but today one got carried on another 36 miles, thanks icklevee

icklevee carried philip_m_jones's relay 36.61 miles

and a coin collecting route near my real home (as opposed to my fetchpoint home) netted me a few points as well

philip_m_jones collected 228991 in coins

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1) be specific about where the marker is (an ID would be handy, but failing that, a decent description of its location may well be enough).
2) let me know the date and time of the run
3) don't report the marker. If it gets removed, I can't check it.
4) be quick. Some markers move on, e.g. daily Garmin moves, or bugs/relays getting transported on by other runners.
5) remain calm. You just did running. That's a good thing, right?

I may not get to all reports in time, but if enough of you do report problems, it gives me data to find the causes of the problems.

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