Woof! Bark! And also Whiiiiiiiiiine.

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6:54pm, 30 Jun 2016
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Oh dear poor Wanda - I'm glad she sounds a bit brighter now Baroness. Strange to say, Floss was squitty yesterday but it didn't affect her appetite and she seems back to normal today.
As regards going to the vet too hastily, I bet every vet would say they'd rather see an animal for no 'real' reason rather than let it suffer unnecessarily. I also think you get a 'feel' for whether your dog is properly poorly or it's a 24 hour thing. If you feel it's right to go, it's right to go.
7:32pm, 30 Jun 2016
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Whenever Alfie has had a bit of an upset stomach, I've switched to scrambled egg and rice for a daytime meal and left him overnight and so far, it's worked every time.
7:51pm, 30 Jun 2016
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scrambled egg used to work for Ralph, but the silly sod won't eat eggs in any form now - maybe he associates them with being ill?

He's now had three slightly smaller than normal kibble only meals (supper bfast supper) and apart from prowling and begging for more food he seems back to normal. (fingers still crossed)

If Wanda seems OK in herself now I wouldn't worry too much,, I think we soon get a feel when something really isn't right and then you don't question whether or not to go to the vets ?
8:20pm, 30 Jun 2016
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Wanda is certainly much brighter this evening than she was this afternoon. She has had a few drinks of chicken flavoured water so at least she has got some fluids back in now. Hopefully she'll continue to feel better
8:24pm, 30 Jun 2016
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Ha - as I was typing that she puked it all up again :-(
8:51pm, 30 Jun 2016
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both ends isn't so good :( does your vet have an advice line?
9:41pm, 30 Jun 2016
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No not as far as I'm aware at this time of the night, but she is still brighter than she was and looking everywhere for food - or standing by the fridge and looking at me then looking very pointedly at the fridge so I'll give her the second sachet from the vet in the morning and take it from there.
10:29pm, 30 Jun 2016
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best of Good luck! Love SarahL for an undisturbed night!
I have a Springer whose stomach thinks his throat's been cut, but I'm a mean "mummy" and am not giving in to eyes pleading for seconds.
Hope Wanda recovers as well as R seems to have done .
10:55pm, 30 Jun 2016
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Alice the Camel
Hope she has a reasonable night BBL.
Good that Ralph sounds to have fully recovered!
11:10pm, 30 Jun 2016
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Oh dear BBL just catching up.. not good coming from both ends poor Wanda, I always err on the side of caution and go to vet. I hope she is feeling ok overnight.

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