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8:38pm, 21 Sep 2014
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Good plan. Nat always starts socialising anxious dogs by having them walk together side by side but not close. When there's a big group she will usually have the most anxious dog bringing up the rear.
7:14am, 22 Sep 2014
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Well done Keyver.... lovely pics Helegant
7:45am, 22 Sep 2014
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Great photos Helegant and lucky Keyver to land up in such a dog-intelligent and loving family!
11:07am, 22 Sep 2014
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I have written the first bit of my new Silver class story as a blog. It's possibly a bit dull for all but GSD (or Jess!) fans.
12:25pm, 22 Sep 2014
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I enjoyed it and am waiting for more....
7:23pm, 22 Sep 2014
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Part two of Sharkie's blog now there... all sounds quite mad ;-)
9:28pm, 22 Sep 2014
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:-) It is turning into a long story - I do like writing about the various other dogs and other people, but it makes the account very long winded.

Baroness - you mentioned pulling Wanda away from other dogs and wondered whether Olive's owner was worried about her own dog or about Jess when she did the same thing. The answer is probably she didn't trust either dog.

I was reminded of Nat's advice to me the other week. She gave me a mild telling off - you may remember I mentioned it but didn't elaborate.

On the group walk one of the other dogs approached Jess and Jess put a front paw up against it. I instantly pulled her away and Nat said I shouldn't have - Jess was giving the other dog a stern but polite 'No, I don't like that.' as the other dog had approached in a too full on manner.

She (Nat) understood what I was doing and why but said it was important not to make Jess think all her active interactions with other dogs were wrong. She admitted it was difficult with a big, strong dog and said she'd had a similar problem with her own Mister Wolf. He was attacked (sorry but by an out of control Staffie) and for a while became very nervy and cagey round other dogs. She has had to nurse him back to confidence - dogs mustn't get into a mindset that all other dogs are not to be approached - that they will be 'in trouble' if they do.

Not sure that reads properly I will post it and see!
9:38pm, 22 Sep 2014
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No 'approached' is the wrong word! more that they mustn't think all other dog are a Bad Thing. Pack leader says so.

I suppose I'm trying to say that - although she's not big - I know you worry about Wanda and her 'reputation' (being a Staffie X) but you have to be careful - as I do - not to confuse sensible, normal, doggie signals from Wanda with behaviours to be discouraged. It is DEAD hard though!

Having said that I had a lot of success today in - I think, I hope, reading Jess' behaviour with other dags correctly. One incident was when we met a bloke with two off lead Staffies. The more bumptious of the two tried to hump Jess. She didn't like it - her hackles were right up but she just about tolerated it without reacting angrily.

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