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Woof! Bark! And also Whiiiiiiiiiine.

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11:49am, 31 Oct 2014
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Cheers a lot folks. I'll note your comments and include them in my business + pass them to my tutor. This is my first attempt at an on-line survey, so all a good learning curve, especially with making mistakes. I had to throw it together so quickly and next time, I'll hopefully be able to put more thought into something like this and run it past a dog-walker or 2.
1:28pm, 31 Oct 2014
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I'm sort of in agreement with D2 - the list of things about order of importance most of them were completely unimportant to me other than perhaps cleaning/drying the dog on return. I just want my dog walked safely and responsibly - socialising/training etc etc is not something I would ask or expect a dogwalker to do.....for me its about breaking up the day for a dog left on her own for a long time, giving her a chance to go to the loo, and just let her get outside, stretch her legs and sniff about. To be honest if the dog walker played in the garden with the dog for half an hour and it achieved the above I'd be quite happy too.
9:18pm, 31 Oct 2014
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I'm probably too late but I've done the survey. I tend to agree with the others. The only things that are be really important are my dog's safety and the company and exercise she'd get if I was unable to provide it.

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