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24 Mar
10:33pm, 24 Mar 2017
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They can drink through a muzzle because they can dip it into water so the water is inside the muzzle and you can feed treats through most of them because the holes are big enough but they can't generally forage around and just eat stuff with most muzzles. Wanda's does have quite small holes, so feeding treats is more difficult but we can get a few in - and primula cheese can be squished through the holes too.....
24 Mar
10:35pm, 24 Mar 2017
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I have just watched The Kyle File from a couple of nights ago about dangerous dogs. I had heard a lot about this programme so wanted to see for myself if it was as unhelpful as I had been led to believe.

Of course it was..... it was Jeremy Kyle.
25 Mar
8:32am, 25 Mar 2017
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Alice the Camel
I was quite shocked to discover that if we want to take Charlie on holiday with us next year, as is the plan, he needs to be muzzled on the ferry :-O I had a quick look at a couple at the vets last week but they seemed very hard and I imagine they'd be uncomfortable. He would look like something out of Silence of the Lambs wearing them!
25 Mar
3:36pm, 25 Mar 2017
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I acted as scribe at this morning's practice agility show and I;ve fallen in love again. The object of my affection is a smaller, smooth-coated version of Jet. She is only 13 months old and mad as a box of frogs - she reminds me of Jet at the same age. Very speedy and utterly gorgeous.
A rather wonderful collie fell in love with my right pocket (I'm not mug enough to think it was personal ;-) )
25 Mar
4:00pm, 25 Mar 2017
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Having been a bit despairing about our wayward puppy I finally feel we are turning things around again. I have admittedly been a bit remiss in my training duties. I saw training as another job to do on top of so many other jobs. I've been a bit overwhelmed by life and training slipped. However now the nights are lighter and evening walks are more enjoyable they are also getting longer, and it has finally clicked that training can be part of our walks. I'm also using a long line for morning beach walk which is helping. We will get there :-)
25 Mar
8:01pm, 25 Mar 2017
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you will get there, in fact you are quite near if not there already. Its a bit like kids they grow up in spite of us I think sometimes. :-)

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