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Woof! Bark! And also Whiiiiiiiiiine.

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1:14pm, 15 Oct 2014
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Cheers guys as for the good bit i was referring to the owners :-)
4:36pm, 15 Oct 2014
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Hello twodogs! :-) Finally about to fulfil your Fetch name promise? (Still waiting to see you at parkrun btw....;-))

The only knowledge I have of having two dogs was my BiL, who got a second male Golden retriever pup when the first was about 8. Harvey had been neutered and was used to sharing walks and being looked after on holidays with friends with another dog, so he took Frankie's arrival in his stride. Frankie seemed to learn a lot of basics - barking to be let out for a pee, eg, from him. When Frankie got a bit too much Harvey would tell the puppy off but nothing to be alarmed about, just a quick bit of swearing.

Frankie was neutered too when he was about 18 months old, by which time the two dogs had got quite used to each other and rubbed along ok. I wouldn't say they were bosom pals, but they didn't show any signs of jealousy either.
7:33pm, 15 Oct 2014
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Hi ld
Yep after 5 years the oh has finally relented, I've had to Compromise though, I wanted a gsd or working lab:-)
I will get to park run one day:-)
9:04pm, 18 Oct 2014
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The grandchildren are here tonight and a love-affair has developed between Jet and IBLS (Irish Boy's little sister) aged 5. Jet has spent the evening obeying all her commands including sit and back and up and off and fetch and catch, and his little tail was spinning with glee. They have also discovered a mutual love of cuddles.

Irish Boy (8), meanwhile, has decided he's scared of dogs because they are canines with canines and he isn't entirely sure he won't get bitten. Having decided this he's avoided play, and Jet has been ignoring him.

I rather hope that the dog and the children all sleep well tonight. I know I will!
8:30am, 19 Oct 2014
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That sounds very sweet Helegant! I hope IB gets over his fear.
10:33am, 19 Oct 2014
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Lovely that Jet is so good with the children
4:02pm, 21 Oct 2014
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Just taken a trip up to the village hall where we will do the Silver test in a couple of weeks or so... it's not the hall where we usually go to class. I thought I was going just to walk Wanda around the hall and familiarise her with it, where we'll sit when waiting etc but our teacher put us through a few of our test elements too. She wriggled around a bit during her two minute stay but didn't sit up or stand. She can just about do a controlled greeting

We are off to the vet later as Wanda is a bit itchy and sore around her neck and I don't want her collar to be making that worse as we do more work on the collar rather than harness in the days leading up to the test.

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