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Woof! Bark! And also Whiiiiiiiiiine.

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7:10am, 27 Jun 2015
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40 minutes sounds a huge length of time to me for a dog to remain focussed on anything
8:11am, 27 Jun 2015
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I'm not sure how your agility classes work but I suspect they are slightly different to ours as I think you are inside and ours are outside.. what happens with us is that we take our dogs into the ring in turn and run the course three times. Then when everyone has done that we each have another turn where we either do the same course again or a slightly shorter/changed course twice.

Wanda will often be less focussed by the second turn which I suspect is partly tiredness and partly the fact that by the time seven other dogs have been through there is a good chance someone will have dropped a few treats on the floor/in the tunnel etc. She will also sleep all afternoon after agility and she only gets a short walk in the morning before we go and either a short walk again in the evening or no walk at all (usual routine is a short and a long walk).

Obedience class - she remains focussed throughout that but again sleeps all afternoon once we get home.
8:13am, 27 Jun 2015
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Should add that at agility if it is not your turn the dogs have to wait in their car (obviously all doors/boot open it warm) but so they can't get excited/distracted by what's going on in the ring
2:04pm, 27 Jun 2015
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Flossie was back almost to her worst at Copse Hill yesterday. I mistimed our arrival so didn't have time to give her a run in adjacent fields before the class started. As a result she was eager to say hello to *everyone* and nearly pulled my arm off in doing so :-( Then when we were practising 'out' and 'away' signals I had to put her back on the lead while it was not her turn because she just wanted to play with the other dogs. All of whom, I'm embarrassed to say, look at her with disdain. 'We're in class! Doesn't this naughty dog know how to behave?'

And we'll miss class again in two weeks' time, just as we had to miss the one previous to this week's. No wonder she's going backwards.
7:58pm, 27 Jun 2015
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We met a lovely Italian Spinone this evening, "Bella". Tuss obviously really liked her ;-)
9:52pm, 27 Jun 2015
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BaronessBL, our classes are very different. The dogs take turns at various combinations and they watch each other. At the Friday class (mostly collies and mostly ring-experienced dogs) Jet is fascinated by one particular collie called Penny, and he joins in with the excitement, barking whenever she jumps. There is a lot of waiting around as each dog takes their turn, and when he's not trying to join in with the other dogs Jet enjoys rooting through the sand (it's an equestrian centre) for (at best) dropped treats and other 'goodies.'

LD, I think we've all had those days... Flossie remains the thread obedience-star despite the occasional play-break :-)
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