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10:35pm, 30 Sep 2014
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I'm not too bad. Most of the dogs in the woods know each other and are fine. We're meeting up with 3 people and their dogs each morning and I'm already seeing other regulars. Haven't seen the neighbour's dog but I know he's walked early.

Two large Dobermans were doing big sweeping movements in the woods tonight. I wasn't really worried about them as I'd met them previously. They're quite lively but seem fine. However, their young owner was on her 'phone and I was concerned about my dog feeling ganged up on. I think she was too, as when one bounded over to greet he she gave a nasty growl and the poor dog backed off.
10:35pm, 30 Sep 2014
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*greet her*
9:03am, 1 Oct 2014
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I've been encouraged by George's behaviour with other dogs in this last week.
He's been 'bounced' from behind on the towpath whilst on the lead by a JRT - neither of us saw or heard it coming. It made him jump but he was perfectly polite and friendly.
He was then 'bounced' from behind again whilst on the lead by my uncle's JRT and labrador and again, although he was startled, he had a lovely play with them.
Last night we were on the towpath and he was on the lead. Another terrier was approaching, off the lead and its owner clearly had no intention of putting it on a lead (don't think she was even carrying one). Her dog crouched on the ground waiting for George and was quite a way ahead of it's owner. I wasn't going to be able to get round him without making physical contact so I decided to let George off the lead (and I told the other owner what I was doing). George trotted up to him and they did the circle and sniff thing and then played for several minutes, charging up and down the towpath like mad things. George quite happily followed me when I told him too though.
I know this is all fairly minor stuff but it's made me feel as though he's not all bad ;-)
Haven't rung the dog training club lady yet - bit apprehensive about that still.
9:13am, 1 Oct 2014
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That sounds good SW. Lovely that George got to have a good play with the other dog and then came back to you. I had a similar thing yesterday - I had Wanda on the lead but two labs were approaching off the lead and we were on the river path which was also quite narrow so I let Wanda off. I think she was a bit spooked by the fact there were two of them because in the end she waited for me to pass them and then shot past herself back to me with her ears back...the labs weren't really that bothered and there was no unpleasantness though. Hope George's progress continues. :-)
2:09pm, 1 Oct 2014
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Good encounters there for George and Wanda - it's all part of them developing confidence and socialising.

Sharkie - we will have the odd get-together over the winter (group walks at Westonbirt Arboretum are on the agenda I believe) and an occasional circuit training afternoon, but nothing formal while the shooting season is on. Next Spring I think the plan is to continue with Rally Obedience combined with some gundoggery stuff. Anything that gets Flossie thinking is good.

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