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8:12am, 8 Dec 2016
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Alice the Camel
I Awwwwwwwwww! that photo!

We've not taken Charlie on holiday with us yet (we've only been away for a week since we've had him, he stayed with my son) so can't really help. I'm sure different dogs have different needs. Reading through, I think others have made good suggestions! They seem to have covered all the things I'd be looking for.
9:03am, 8 Dec 2016
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Thanks again everyone - and a great picture.
TR you're spot on - our house is all open plan downstairs - Wanda doesn't sleep on the furniture at night because fortunately she loves her own bed but we have previously come down in the morning in an open plan holiday cottage (with very cold stone floors) to find her on the sofa instead of in her own bed (or if we didn't actually catch her there was a warm dog-shaped indentation on the sofa at least!). Wanda will also come upstairs in the night to check we haven't left her (we have a stairgate at the top of the stairs though).

We ask that people don't leave dogs unattended in the property but in reality I expect some who are 100% confident their dog will be OK in a crate will do so - we do have details of a dog sitter who would come in if needed though.

Our feeling is that we will have a no dogs on furniture 'rule' but also accept that dogs don't always accept that rules on holiday are different to what they do at home and so we'll provide throws etc for the furniture just to be on the safe side. I think I'd rather have people stay who respect that we have rules but will use the throw so that it's not obvious their dog has been on the sofa than people who bring their dog in wet and sandy from the beach and he jumps straight onto the bed for a nap - because we said it was OK for dogs to be on the furniture!
9:06am, 8 Dec 2016
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Hark the Helegant Angels Sing
Exactly :-)

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