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Woof! Bark! And also Whiiiiiiiiiine.

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3:45pm, 16 Nov 2015
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It was our last dog class for a while today so we played games and our teacher brought puzzles for the dogs to try to work out how to find a treat. A simple one which can be played at home is a cake/muffin tray with a tennis ball in every hole and a treat under some of the tennis balls. The dog has to remove the tennis balls to find the treats. The other puzzles were proper 'dog' puzzles with treats hidden on a tray with sliders that the dog has to move with its paw to open and find the's to get them using their brain. Wanda's brain clearly works a bit differently as rather than be bothered to slide open all the little windows she picked up the tray, shook it and turned it upside down and all the treats came much easier than faffing about opening little windows :-O :-)
3:51pm, 16 Nov 2015
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That makes me think of Dexter. I bought him one of those balls which you put treats in and then the dog pushes it around until eventually a treat manages falls out of the small hole.... within five minutes he had figured out that if he took it to the top of the stairs a pushed it down, the force of the ball bouncing down the stairs would cause the ball to crack open and all the treats to fall out!!
Clearly Wanda and Dexter are super smart when it comes to all things food related ;-)
4:05pm, 16 Nov 2015
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Wanda has had those balls too (note: plural!) Repeated smashing on a tiled kitchen floor has the same effect as bouncing it down the stairs :-)
4:07pm, 16 Nov 2015
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Ah Wanda is a Star :-)
4:23pm, 16 Nov 2015
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I've not tried those dog games toys as the breeds I've always had aren't really food motivated but that's very funny, clever dogs!
I always thought my Eb was quite sensible until today when she (carefully and slowly) pushed her head through a very small hole in one of my wire stock fences and got stuck.... I can still hardly believe it, daft dog.
6:59pm, 16 Nov 2015
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I can believe it - both Eb and the foodie dogs. We bought Jet a slo-feeder. He turns it upside down and eats his food off the floor. So much less faff.
6:11pm, 18 Nov 2015
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I went to look at a new obedience class today - our instructor is about to be off work for three months for health reasons and I want to keep some sort of training going in that time.
This class is at a dog training 'centre' (ie a barn and a field used only for dog training rather than in a local village hall) and everything is done in 'courses' of about 3 months e.g Beginners levels 1,2,3 Intermediates 1,2,3 and so on. I'm looking at joining an Intermediates group who are a month into their course (which would work well for me assuming our instructor returns to work as planned). I was very impressed today. I think the classes will be more expensive (perhaps double what I currently pay) but I saw techniques today that we have never done. I also like the idea of a structured course after which you move up to the next level with more 'measurable' progress.
Although I feel that I should take my gold test with my existing instructor for loyalty reasons as much as anything - should she not return to work as planned or not run a class as convenient for me it's useful to know there is another option, and this place also does Good Citizen tests.
There is one dog in this new group that I know Wanda is likely to have an issue with and I have explained it to the instructor and why and she is still happy for me to join. Between now and next Wednesday I'm going to practice some of the things they did today so we're not caught too much on the hop when we turn up next week! :-O
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