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3:51pm, 18 Apr 2014
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Same here on all counts folks!

Our toy box is a huge, old enamel bred bin.
4:15pm, 18 Apr 2014
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If I don't bring all toys indoor, in the morning there is a fox poo on top!!!
6:44pm, 18 Apr 2014
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Very scary thing happened this evening. On our way back from a reasonable walk with Wanda we were about to turn off the main A road into a little car park that we cross to get home. As we did so I saw a man about to put his dog into the boot of his car in the car park. Wanda was on a very short lead anyway but I sat her down so that I could have a treat to hand and we could then walk 'close' past the man's car in case the boot wasn't yet shut. Unfortunately before any of this could happen the dog saw Wanda and flew at us (he wasn't on the lead) but instead of coming to Wanda he ran straight into the road where he was hit by a car (the driver could have done nothing to avoid that) - the dog got up again and set off on the pavement alongside the road before turning off and heading across fields - now with his owner in hot pursuit.

The car driver stopped and spoke to the owner and I think they exchanged details and the man then carried on after his dog. A couple of other people who'd seen what had happened were really upset.

We walked across the car park where we could see the fields that the dog was now tearing around. There is a vet just a short distance from the car park so we went over there to see if they were open and to see if perhaps a vet nurse could come out (clearly the dog wasn't at deaths door) but the vets were closed so I wrote down the number for the man and went back (leaving Wanda out of sight with J) to his car to wait for him. I gave him the vets emergency number and told him what I saw of where the dog had got hit - the dog seemed remarkably OK all things considered - a graze on his jaw and a graze on his leg. The owner was also fine about it - he said the dog would have run off at anything a bird, a rabbit or any other animal.

I know it wasn't in any way our fault - just unfortunate that we walked round the corner with our dog totally under control at the moment when his dog was not totally under control... but if we hadn't been there the dog would have just got in the car, he'd have shut the boot and driven off.

Hopefully the dog doesn't have serious injuries - and hopefully he'll get it checked over by a vet but it was a truly awful moment to witness..... :-( Woof

6:55pm, 18 Apr 2014
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Distressing yes and scary - but ABSOLUTELY not your fault. I know you know this but feel I have to stress it.

Could have been much, much worse - I guess that's what's really scary. Seems to point to the fact that we have to keep on training and get as close as we can to that 100% recall.

Long way to go with Jess I hasten to add!
7:18pm, 18 Apr 2014
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You were doing the right thing, Baroness. There is nothing, repeat *nothing* in this incident that is in any way your fault. If the chap knows his dog will escape like that he has to make sure he's got it under control. It sounds like the dog has had a lucky escape (sorry) and I feel just as sorry for you and the car driver as for the other dog owner. xxxx
6:51pm, 19 Apr 2014
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Mmm, I felt for the car driver too. Hope you're feeling less unsettled today Baroness.

Saturday Agility for us. Jess was in a particularly idiotic mood. She kept wailing for Raffo. Squawk, squawk, howl, cry, squeak, whistle.
If we both go somewhere with her she can't bear it if the other person disappears or looks like they're about to. She's not even 'really' distressed - or at ;east she wasn't today - I could tell by her face and general demeanour.

6:55pm, 19 Apr 2014
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Whoops hadn't finished post....

The lounge suite (three Malmutes and two large coated owners) were in attendance today as well as two small dogs and Bertie, the slightly overweight Springer. This amountof dogs meant there were longer waits before our turn - which gave Jess more of a chance to pretend she was deeply upset and badly done to.
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