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18 Feb
6:54pm, 18 Feb 2017
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Alice the Camel
I don't know about not castrating at all, but my vet recommended leaving it until around a year old to allow for Charlie to finish growing. He was "done" at about this age because he was marking constantly (including inside) and also humping anything he could get his leg over. I probably wouldn't have had it done if he hadn't been such a randy little bugger.
18 Feb
7:18pm, 18 Feb 2017
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Sounds like it was the right thing for Charlie AtC!! Did it stop that behaviour?
18 Feb
7:38pm, 18 Feb 2017
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Alice the Camel
Instantly, D2. I was surprised what a difference it made.
18 Feb
9:39pm, 18 Feb 2017
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Red Squirrel
This is going to be an issue when I look at rehoming. The rehoming organisations usually insist on neutering and I wouldn't want my dog to have this done for the sake of it.

I'm probably going to get a male dog to start with, then a companion later which could be female or male. I would be unhappy to put a well-adjusted boy through that procedure.

I looked after a very anxious cocker spaniel once - I had him with me for 5 days. It was heartbreaking to see how bereft and confused he was when his owners dropped him off, even though I'd met and walked with him and owner previously. After a couple of hours of full-on anxious behaviour, he settled right down and we had a lovely time with him velcro-ed to me at home :-) and out walking with my friends and their dogs. I wondered how he'd been before being neutered and if that had affected him. I should've asked the owner at the time.

I did know what I was getting into with the spaniel and was confident he'd settle. Sometimes you just know, don't you? He was completely adorable and it made me so happy to see him relaxed and happy around my other day dogs.

18 Feb
10:34pm, 18 Feb 2017
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I shall wait and see how it all pans out with Indi, he's not there yet!
19 Feb
4:31am, 19 Feb 2017
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"the health benefits of castration are minimal and are far outweighed by the dog’s need for testosterone for bone growth etc." This is exactly the reason why we waited until Jet was fully grown before having him castrated.

In our case the risk of Jet coming to harm if he got a scent of a female was too great - we lived in an area with rat-run drivers and the boundaries of our home were secure up to a point, but not, I susect secure enough for a randy dog with a good sense of smell. We knew we wouldn't breed from him despite his pedigree because he's not a field trial dog.
19 Feb
8:07pm, 19 Feb 2017
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As I've said before, Ralph is "entire", not originally by design.
I don't have issues with him absconding to search for ladies - but my vet is keen to keep an eye out for prostate issues as that is more likely to be a problem with non-neutered dogs.
19 Feb
8:07pm, 19 Feb 2017
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My sister's first Lab was left entire. He was not only a scrapper (especially with GSDs after one went for him and nicked a piece out of his ear :-() but his desire to meet the laydeez of the parish led to him being an inveterate escaper. How he never came to grief on the very busy nearby A52 was nothing short of a miracle.

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