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Woof! Bark! And also Whiiiiiiiiiine.

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6:20pm, 26 Jul 2015
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Hello Woody! He looks full of fun!!
5:51am, 27 Jul 2015
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Woody :-)
8:07am, 27 Jul 2015
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Lovely looking dog Running Mum! Welcome to the thread, Woody :-)
3:24pm, 27 Jul 2015
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thanks all!! hes certainly keeping me busy!!! hes settled in really well- the 1st few nights he cried on and off all night and then he was fine! sleeps through the night now- hes 12 weeks today and has had his last jabs so i am now in the process of walking him lots - i was jumping for joy when he did his 1st poo on his walk !!! am starting puppy training classes this evening and saturday we went to puppy hour down the pet shop which was an experience for all of us!! i forgot some "puppys" are massive !!!
10:45pm, 27 Jul 2015
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Hope the puppy class went well - look forward to following his progress Woof
7:09am, 28 Jul 2015
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Looking forward to hearing about your adventures with Woody.(Is the name anything to do with Toy Story?) We had the opposite problem at puppy play school - all the other pups were tiny - but older and much more assertive than Godzilla like Jess. They dive bombed her like angry seagulls. Poor Jess!
8:48am, 28 Jul 2015
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Woo hoo :-) My lovely Jet had such a great tme at agility class last night that he zonked out as soon as we got home - all that brain work is tiring. ;-)
He's finally working a bit further away from me (spaniels are apparently renowned for working 'close' to their handlers), but his grin as he sails over a jump away from me, looking back to make sure I'm watching, makes me laugh. If I'd known agility would be such fun I think I'd have started much earlier.
11:30am, 28 Jul 2015
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That's great to hear. We haven't been able to get to our agility class for various reasons over the last few weeks and were all set to go on Saturday but then got stuck in traffic (an hour and 20 minutes to travel one mile :-O :-O) for a local event for which no traffic management system appeared to be in place and thus missed the class again :-( Looking forward to getting back into it hopefully next week.
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