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Woof! Bark! And also Whiiiiiiiiiine.

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10:08am, 23 Oct 2014
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Sorry Jangles, I called Hector by the wrong name earlier.
10:11am, 23 Oct 2014
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I can't see it yet Baroness
10:58am, 23 Oct 2014
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The lecture we attended recently was about play, including its origins and uses, as well as practical information we could use with our dogs.

Must dig my notes out - there was some good stuff about appropriate and inappropriate.
12:57pm, 23 Oct 2014
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I've calmed down a bit now ;-) and obviously no actual harm came to Wanda although I know she had been frightened because she was very well behaved on the way home and even sat down to let another dog pass us, without being asked!

Thanks for all the comments on my blog - especially yours Sharkie. yes it was probably unnecessary of me to run after the woman and ask her name and say her out of control dogs should be reported .... but this was after two or three perfectly polite requests for her to call her dogs away or put them on a lead for a moment while I caught Wanda... And that's the bit I really don't get....even if you see someone with a clearly badly behaved/out of control dog and your dog is behaving impeccably if they said - please could you just call your dog away or put it on a lead for a moment while I try to catch mine - why on earth wouldn't you want to help another dog owner.

I'm guessing that she was maybe embarrassed that her dogs chased Wanda who was obviously frightened.....and perhaps people don't think that Staffies are frightened of anything least of all retrievers.
1:34pm, 23 Oct 2014
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I commented on your blog that the lady should have called her dogs off. Sometimes you have to assume that everyone is just plain stupid and take the necessary steps to resolve the situation yourself. It may be that she didn't recognise the signs that Wanda was giving off, and just saw how happy and bouncy her pups were. With Pheobe she will bark at other dogs when she is close. Most of the time it's because she wants to play, but people generally associate barks with aggression. They don't listen to tone and look at body language. As long as Wanda is under control and safe from harm, that's the main thing.
1:50pm, 23 Oct 2014
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Baroness - hope you and Wanda are feeling better now xx

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