Woof! Bark! And also Whiiiiiiiiiine.

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8:21am, 28 Apr 2016
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Well done Jet :-)
.....and Wanda says Medal! to Mollie too ;-)
1:31pm, 29 Apr 2016
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I think the most that Phoebe has killed is a mouse. She has tried to eat a hedgehog in the past. I'm not sure she'd know what to do with a fox, apart from try to sniff its bum.
9:57am, 30 Apr 2016
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Today's short run pacer (Lab or Whippet) looks to have decided for me. Sunbathing Whippet isn't going anywhere when the sun's out, so it's an easy run rather than speed work!

Link (roll over me to see where I go)
3:39pm, 30 Apr 2016
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Love it Fergus!
4:42pm, 30 Apr 2016
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Brilliant pic!
4:42pm, 1 May 2016
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Awwwwwwwwww! photo FergusG
4:52pm, 1 May 2016
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Fab WoofWoof
9:31pm, 1 May 2016
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What a lovely picture :-)
11:31am, 2 May 2016
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We have one more session with our trainer in 2 weeks before completing his basic obedience course. It seems to have worked. We haven't progressed to off lead walkies yet but are on long leads. They are doing really well. We are now considering starting good citizen stuff with them.
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