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Woof! Bark! And also Whiiiiiiiiiine.

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1:02pm, 1 May 2015
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I had a pal at school who's father was Hungarian. They had a vizsla bitch call Zsa Zsa. She was wonderful and in spite of it being 35 years ago I've never forgotten her :-) My wife's previous squeeze has a Weinmaraner but she always coveted vizslas. It dint take us long to decide what dog to get last year Awwwwwwwwww!
2:44pm, 1 May 2015
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Weimaraners are pretty gorgeous too. The grey velvet dogs! (Mainly- though there are longer haired and non grey versions I think.)
4:52pm, 1 May 2015
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Wirey or long haired W's are ace. There are Wirey V's too Awwwwwwwwww! "Wife, I want a wirey!". "You can't have one" :-(
5:12pm, 1 May 2015
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Longer haired Weimeraners are actually Slovakian Rough-haired Pointers...

Wirey vislak are wonderful - we've got 4 at present and had another 2 who unfortunately have gone over the Rainbow bridge... Sadly missed, characters every one of them!
7:42pm, 1 May 2015
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They're both gorgeous breeds.

The dog that's caused me extensive bruising is a wire-haired Vizsla. It's only out of enthusiasm but i have to brace myself now and turn away. I'm hoping she'll learn to get my attention some other way.
7:56pm, 3 May 2015
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Tussock is on his first camping trip and bagged his first Wainwright fell yesterday. He's been paddling in Coniston Lake too Quack!
8:02pm, 3 May 2015
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4 wires must be a handful! Great dogs WoofWoofWoofWoof
10:04pm, 3 May 2015
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Go Tussock... Wanda started her Wainwrights with Helvellyn (not via Striding Edge though!) She'll be doing a few more in time, but doesn't know it yet :-)
3:30pm, 4 May 2015
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Got new neighbours - 2 lovely Staffies. One of those quite large sandy-coloured ones and its smaller brindle pal. Awwwwwwwwww!

So there are 4 houses next to each other which have, respectively, black lab, v young Westie, mastiff/rottie cross and then the 2 Staffs.

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