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24 Aug
7:16pm, 24 Aug 2016
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instinct will out!
Jet and I went for a walk around the lake this afternoon. He caught his first rabbit (it hardly moved and I suspect it had mixy). He proudly carried it for about 100 yards then took it off the side of the path into the forest and dug a hole in the leaf layer and pushed the rabbit into it. Then he changed his mind went back to get it and took it off the other side of the path into the overgroth there and came back without it looking happy and with his tail held high. I didn't see where he put it so obviously it was a better hiding place.
Then... on the way back we chose a different route thorugh some overgorwn marshland which is currently dry. Then he jumped in the stream. I've never had to comb so much wet and sticky stuff from his fur. It took almost an hour!
9:10am, 25 Aug 2016
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Bless him! Sounds as if he had a lovely afternoon!

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