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Woof! Bark! And also Whiiiiiiiiiine.

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7:10pm, 15 Dec 2014
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Been to the Fleece for a swift one this tea-time. Tussock met two lovely springs WoofWoofWoof
9:31pm, 15 Dec 2014
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From my blog..."What yuou have there is a bored spaniel" said the instructor as my dog did his level best to make the agility class more interesting by finding other ways to move from one side of a jump to the other. "I don't know what's got into him, he's usually the star of the class" (He isn't really, they were being nice)

"He's being creative" said I - through gritted teeth - as Jet first went under the pole like a limbo dancer, then ran round the crossed pole, and finally pushed a bar off its cups with his nose, then jumped around with a big doggy grin, asking for a treat (no way Jet, not until you do the job properly). And yes, he has jumped quite happily until now, but tonight Mr had come along to see what happens in the class and Jet the comedian was playing to his audience.

Eventually Jet worked out that the treats weren't being given for frivolity and followed the course properly, skidding to sit in front of me with eyes popping with fun and anticipation. It's very hard not to laugh.
10:15pm, 15 Dec 2014
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That's interesting Helegant. At first Raffo didn't get involved with agility and sometimes he would sit in the car or wander outside the paddock. Jess would be easily distracted and we asked it Nat would prefer just one of us to be present and the other to keep well out of the way.

Nat said no she thought it was good for all of us to learn to focus on the job in hand WITH distractions. So now Jess is (within reason) quite happy with either Raffo or myself taking her round the course - whatever the other one is doing.
10:57pm, 15 Dec 2014
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That's the approach we've taken with the obedience training, and I agree that the distractions are useful training. But it is a bit harder, and tonight had novelty value for Jet.
2:27pm, 16 Dec 2014
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I'm interested that you are both able to train Jess at agility. I was told very firmly that we could only train one handler per dog (and it is definitely the handlers that need the training more than the dogs).

I might just mention the others in the class.

Bess is a shepherd/collie-ish cross, very bright and jumps high - at least four feet up when she's in bounce mode. She keeps play bowing and inviting Jet to play. She's done some agility training before, and doesn't like Bailey.

Bailey has done quite a bit previously and is really the star of the class. He looks like a red doodle dog, is a few centimetres higher than Jet and a bit heavier. He's high energy, only a year old and is quite dominant, but he's being neutered today so may be a bit quieter when he returns in the New Year. Bailey also keeps inviting Jet to play. Bailey doesn't like Hero.

Hero is the class clown. A rescue greyhound with regular ear infections, and a deep dislike of collies - he has gone 'off course' in order to attack two on separate occasions. He has two speeds, fast (which is very very fast and beautiful to watch), and 'rooted to the spot. When he switches 'off' it's quite visible. Last week he had to be cajoled over a jump. He eventually complied by stepping over it, one foot at a time with the grace of a ballet dancer en-point. Hero tolerates Jet examining him - Jet checks Hero's ears each time they meet, which requires Jet to stand on his hind legs. So far they have only shown curiosity towards each other, nothing more.

Honey is a year old, another working spaniel and from a family that is already expert at agility training. She already shows huge potential, but is currently held back a little, "A strong dog with a quiet handler" was last night's comment. Her handler is young, and I anticipate great results as they develop their team-working skills.

Jet is fast but needs to learn control. As shown last night he also needs to learn to concentrate even when it's not exciting for him.

We've had visits from two experienced collies in the past few weeks. They've shown the gap between the beginners and the experts. It's exciting to watch, and gives us something to aspire to.
8:11pm, 17 Dec 2014
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"That piece of log mister is not for you, or your consumption" Our Sam telling Tussock where he stand;-)
8:36pm, 17 Dec 2014
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:-) DT
Flossie and Lily met 2 yellow Labs on our walk this morning. (One of the things they often do is, Flossie finds a long stick and she and Lily each hold an end and they run along together. It's always Flossie who finds the stick, and if Lily's not interested Floss will happily lug it along by herself.). One of the yellow Labs had a stick and Flossie went to grab the other end.
'Oh she won't give that up,' said the owner. But within seconds Floss and the yellow Lab were sharing it, and then the yellow Lab yielded it to Flossie perfectly happily. The owner was most surprised.
Maybe there was some body language we couldn't see that established who had stick-dominance? :-)

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