The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread

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8:44am, 25 Jul 2014
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Now on the poverty wagon to work and starting to think running home is a hideous idea at 10pm tonight!

Tizer - got the desire to run again just need to get some speed! Hope your Achilles improves - worth taking time to sort.
12:36pm, 25 Jul 2014
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Thanks for the feedback Tizer.....after a series of re-starting after injury I said back in April that I would love to start a marathon campaign in the shape I was at the end of this springs campaig - and luckily thats where I am.

I need to make sure I dont pick up an injury, and did have a wee achilles niggle in the spot it often hurts earlier this week, but that went away as soon as it appeared.

9 miles with 5 tempo this morning, was pleased to do that in the relative cool rather than in last nights heat. The 5 tempo were about 7 secons per mile off the pace of my last one, but pretty consistent at 6:30, 6:34, 6:34, 6:35, 6:33. That second in teh 4th mile was caused by almost tripping over a loose dog that the guy leading the BMF class was allowing to wander about loose....I may have sworn and he swore back (the guy not the dog)

Re MP, my maraton schedule takes a 2 week break while on holiday where Iwont be able to do the same mileage/quality due to the heat, but it is in my mind to try and get some MP work done in the running I do.

I sense that a Lou comeback is around the corner.......
9:21pm, 25 Jul 2014
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Aye baz - crazy miles Lou looks not to far away, she doesn't like to be behind me on the milage league;-) In saying that, a mile munching Lou tends to give me less ear ache so i'm all for it:-O

Think i'm going to change my approach to mp miles this time round and introduce them earlier, normally wait untill within the last 8wks but as i look to increase my weekly milage i plan to do longer tempos/progressive runs and ditch at least 1 of my club interval sessions each week.
Maybe trying some marathon specific training might help;-)
6:06pm, 27 Jul 2014
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Strangely quiet in here......

Spent the morning watching the CG marathons and inspired went out for a 21 miler...pleased with the outcome and the progressively faster last 5 as well.
6:32pm, 27 Jul 2014
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Good work Bazo.

Fantastic day in Glasgow - bit wet initially but caught the start of the men's marathon watching it on BUchanan street then walked round to George sq for the women's race. Saw the men's race again just before they reached halfway then women's at halfway and both finishes was stood in finishing straight. The Australians had great support and Shelley had a great finish. Great to see marigold leading the England field home and Derek Hawkins had a good run.

The guy from Mauritius I think ran a 2.57 - time for you guys to all research your family trees - and minor commonwealth country links?

Still got to long run though and just ate a roast dinner.... Could be a late night or a postponement!!!

Now have tickets for 5 athletics sessions in Hampden ;-)
7:14pm, 27 Jul 2014
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Binned my run today due to lack of sleep so will modify this coming week to compensate without killing myself. Still got a 58m week so i'll class it as cutback week.
Still 13wks to go for me so another week before i crank it up a notch.

Nice long run baz - your battering on well this campaign :-)
7:20pm, 27 Jul 2014
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Wont do you any harm Stoosh.....

I just checked back to a 21 miler on a very similar route back in February and I was 16 mins faster today and finished feeling much fresher
9:28pm, 27 Jul 2014
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Awesome day watching the Commonwealth games - both marathons, then rugby 7s. And ran home from Linlithgow station, so nearly 12 mile run fitted into the day (after 4 hours of walking about 8 miles walking about, in the end!) :-) G
9:39pm, 27 Jul 2014
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13 miles post Sunday roast. #Boak

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