The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread

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2:25pm, 28 Aug 2016
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Sorry to hear that PtB, hope things settle down for you eventually.

I think that running style is very individual, although sometimes you see someone and wonder how can they run like that. I'm lucky to be blessed with a very good easy style, although I'm not complacent enough to think that it couldn't couldn't be improved, so I've been tweaking it a bit over the last few years to better suit my increasing age. I'm sure that my style is a major factor in having been able to run for so many years at a reasonable level.
2:30pm, 28 Aug 2016
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First 20 miler this morning. Was hard work, but I'm still alive. I tried some MP Kms at half way and managed 6 before I gave in!
3:30pm, 28 Aug 2016
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MP pace in your first 20 miler is brave CW
4:04pm, 28 Aug 2016
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K5 Gus
Hope your life things settle down Paul in due course, and you can feel you have the time to devote to running again in a few weeks.

My local 10k yesterday, and tweaked the left hamstring in my warm-up strides. Started the race knowing I wouldn't be able to run it properly and pulled out in the first mile. Not ideal with Berlin 4 weeks today........hoping that 4 or 5 days rest will sort it and not affect me too much, and still get a week or 10 days of decent training in before a shortish taper.
6:23pm, 28 Aug 2016
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Joe Hawk
Sorry to hear that, ptb. Hopefully you can get out once or twice just for a break if nothing else.

CW - Well done on the twenty. I wouldn't have done the MP, it makes the long run into a hard session whereas I like to keep it fairly easy unless racing
6:58pm, 28 Aug 2016
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Hope things improve soon ptb and you can get back to training in the near future... enjoy the rest from it while you can..

Gus - takeit easy, nothing much to be gained fitness wise now anyway to recover well before getting back at it..

Nice and easy 13miler for me today up to the top of Dumyat hill and back home. Just keeping myself ticking over until next week's ultra then it'll be time for me to take a break from running for a few weeks to allow for a proper recovery before the xc season starts in just over a month :-O

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For those who want to go sub 3.15 in a marathon and/or those that have already done it and want to give advice. Share your journey (or help somone else's!) here.

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