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10:59am, 2 Sep 2014
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Can empathize with PtB and BR and their illness/injury woes. best decisions have been madeand now you can concentrate on getting over your respective issues, recovering, getting back to 100% health and then building plans for you next target.
As Iampecunia has noted, there does appear to be an amount of doom and gloom on here at the moment. So, to lift that a litttle, I am starting to get my mojo back as I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel wrt my niggle/injury. The left glute has now decided to start working (not bad after 4 months of rehab!) and is nearly as strong as the right. So I've decided to get back into some formal training. I'll continue to go through hydrotherapy which has been working wonders with functionality of my upper leg muscles (plus it absolutely knackers me as I am a really poor swimmer) especially when aqua jogging a 50m pool. I may even run a comeback marathon earlier than planned and run Portsmouth at the end of the year.
12:40pm, 2 Sep 2014
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BR, sorry to hear that, sounds like a sensible decision

Hellen, I agree with Lou, you do some amazing running, but maybe some R&R will help you to move forward

The thread is taking a bit of a turnaround though in that hypocondriac Baz is the only (well almost only) one still fit !!!! Having said that my hip/groin has been niggling of late, but a few days of foam rollering seems to have got things back in line

Runa, glutes I think are the root of all my issues, if I do my rehab I can run and manage the issues, if I neglect the rehab I get niggles that eventually stop me if I dont get back on the re-hab.
12:53pm, 2 Sep 2014
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I need to start following this thread as I'm hoping for a 3.15 at Dublin and could 100% do with some motivation! I noticed three others listed to the right - will you be trying to run together?
12:54pm, 2 Sep 2014
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Sorry to hear of injury and illness woes ptb and BR, hope you both recover soon. Good to hear you're well Bazo. How many weeks - is it 5? What are your last few key runs and how soon do you start taper? I'm on a 3 week taper at the mo, and loving it! Driving car to work this week to keep from tiring myself cycling. That's my excuse anyway! Then after the weekend I'll be on recovery. Magic! Several lazy weeks! :-) G
2:06pm, 2 Sep 2014
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Good job you've not managed to sell it yet then, G? ;-)

RBNLMX (snappy!) - hope the training's going well for Dublin. It's a big field, and there's plenty to run with whatever your pace (well, anything slower than about 2:45 anyway). There's pacers too. So I don't think you'll be short of similar-minded company, even if it's not necessarily someone from this thread (where there are a wide range of targets, not just 3:14:59).

Baz - yes, that occurred to me too. Ironic (I think). Anyway, I don't mind screwing a campaign up if it means you nailing one. You're due one.
2:41pm, 2 Sep 2014
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First interval session for a while today, maybe only the second or third of the year. Easing back in with 16x200m off 100m walk/jog recoveries, 8 slightly uphill and 8 slightly down. I know you can't take anything out of these shorter sessions in terms of analysing pace but all within 38-41s per interval which despite being about a stone heavier is pretty much exactly the same as the last time I did this session nearly two years ago.

Really enjoyed that, forgot just how much I like intervals.

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