The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread

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27 Feb
8:56am, 27 Feb 2017
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Falkirk XC photos looked awesome Stoosh. Well done and glad you enjoyed the mud bath. I had taxi duties so didn't spectate or marshal. WW, UTRaB, thanks for good wishes and sympathies. I'll be back to running (slowly!) soon enough, I'm sure. Still debating whether to go down for the social. If so, hope to celebrate PBs and targets hit with you all. :-) G
27 Feb
2:55pm, 27 Feb 2017
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9 miles at a shade over 7mm on Saturday had me feeling awesome, and followed it up with a good long....lunch with the in laws :-(
Didn't have to time to fit my long run in before they arrived (tidying up, looking after the 3 year old while Mrs F cooked...), and my plan to fit it in after they left evaporated after I caved and had a glass (ahem) of wine with lunch. Have taken a day off in a couple of weeks so I can fit in the missing 19 miles without feeling under pressure to do so.

Good running everybody, tough conditions this weekend.
27 Feb
7:30pm, 27 Feb 2017
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HappyG - Awesome is not the word I'd use to describe the conditions!! It was great to watch the fast guys making it look so easy after I dropped, and staggering to see guys who regularly win races so far down the field!!

Longest run in forever earlier. A slow 21, good to have it done though :-) Last time I done a continuous 20 was 2016 GMM...
9:02am, 28 Feb 2017
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My goal was always not to get lapped by Calum H, Andy B etc. at Falkirk. 3 lapper, so would that mean being less than 30% slower than them (or is it 50%? I've done 2 laps just before they finish 3? Can't do the maths!) Horrendous, mud fest last year too, but what's not to love?

Well done all on some good solid long running too. Looking good for the spring marathon campaigns. :-) G
9:35am, 28 Feb 2017
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paul the builder
Depends how you want to define it/measure it, from which POV. If they're doing 5m/m you need to do better than 7:30m/m (which feels like better than 50% slower). OTOH that means they're doing 12mph and you need to be faster than 8mph (which sounds like better than 67% of their pace). Happy to help :-)

Frav - the key to days like that is seeing them coming and pre-empting them by running long on Saturday instead. Or stupidly early on Sunday morning. I don't even try to come up with plans for running *after* family lunches, because it's never going to happen.
9:51am, 28 Feb 2017
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G - it's the closest i've come to being lapped. Reckon i only missed it by about 3mins this year :-O
Never mind - it's on to the road running season for me now and with life away from running being a bit more hectic than normal for this time of year, i may target Stirling instead of London as the A-race but i'll see how training comes along over the coming weeks.

About This Thread

For those who want to go sub 3.15 in a marathon and/or those that have already done it and want to give advice. Share your journey (or help somone else's!) here.

Spring 2017 plans for racing, or participating for fun/training purposes(*):
Apr 2 - Manchester - KinkyS
Apr 2 - Rome - lunaman
Apr 9 - Rotterdam - Jovi Runner
Apr 9 - Brighton - only weak men
Apr 17 - Boston (Lincs!) - Uyuni
Apr 23 - London - Windsor Wool, dan., KinkyS, B Rubble, whiteflash, Rossco Peeko, paul the builder. STOOSH, Shortcut Cam
Apr 23 - Southampton - Huntsman, SailorSteve
May 20 - White Peak - Joe Hawk
May 21 - Windermere - KinkyS, Joe Hawk
May 21 - Stirling - Son of a Pronator Man, SM6, STOOSH

Medal! Liquid carbs For Santa! *fist-bump* etc.
The 2016 roll of honour - this outstanding collection of individuals has gone sub-3:15:
BS, Nelly, K5 Gus, KinkyS, whiteflash, paul a, puzzler, dan., Bazoaxe, Windsor Wool, paul the builder, donran, lunaman, Scooby Dave, Rossco Peeko, run-forest-run
(sub-3er's can get their glory elsewhere ;-))

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