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The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread

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9:45pm, 6 Jul 2015
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Looks like a good few autumn marathon casualties this year...

Managed progressive 5km runs the last three evenings from 11km/hr up to 15km/hr which I think is around 6.30min/mile-ish. These have been on the treadmill and felt ok. Contrast to my runs on the road where I feel like I can't run faster than 8min/miles... Think it's an impact thing. Happy to keep going with some treadmill running as it allows.

9:46pm, 6 Jul 2015
6885 posts
P.s. Well done to all the racers - some impressive running :-)
9:50pm, 6 Jul 2015
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to be fair Clare, its like someone has been following Bazoaxe with a Bazooka and taking me down
10:01pm, 6 Jul 2015
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Clare that's why I use a garmin to keep count.

Stoosh 30 sec rec wow, I had 75 seconds and thought it was tough enough. What pace are you doing them at?
10:05pm, 6 Jul 2015
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BS - we tend to do 40secs/ 30's recovery and passing through 200m between 34-37secs depending how fresh i am... there's always a last rep burnout and pass through 200 in 31/32secs and wish we were just running 200mtrs ;-)
11:36pm, 6 Jul 2015
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*Gulp, will try to cut the recovery to 45 (from 75) tomorrow but may need the puke bucket. Last Thursday night at the club (night after the 20x200) some of us done 6x 0.5 and my legs were burning bad 😂
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About This Thread

For those who want to go sub 3.15 in a marathon and/or those that have already done it and want to give advice. Share your journey (or help somone else's!) here.

It's now Autumn 2015 (synchronize watches). Target marathons for the good people of the thread (or training/jogs denoted (*):-)):
4 July - Dartford - Ro5ey
5 July - Potteries - dan., Joe Hawk(*)
23 Aug - Donegal - BS
27 Sept - Nottingham - Curly45
4 Oct - Bournemouth - Huntsman
4 Oct - Chester - Nelly, Bazoaxe, Joe Hawk, STOOSH
18 Oct - Amsterdam - Joe Hawk
18 Oct - Abingdon - postieboy
15 Nov - Valencia - Joe Hawk, Windsor Wool, dafinchi
6 Dec - Malaga - dan.

Medal! Liquid carbs For Santa! *fist-bump* etc.
And these outstanding individuals have run one (or more) sub-3:15(s) so far in 2015:
:-) emdee, HappyTimes, BS, HappyG(rrr), Joe Hawk, Scooby Dave, only weak men, run-forest-run, Fravage, LouLou, paul a, Windsor Wool, Daz Love, Bazoaxe

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