The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread

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10:37am, 2 Dec 2016
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Windsor Wool
such camaraderie and support on this thread with each showing an interest and following one another's training ;-)

18th for me Hunts - the JD plan starts on the Sunday, yikes!!
10:40am, 2 Dec 2016
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My marathon specific training schedule has already started, the joys of an early April marathon!
10:51am, 2 Dec 2016
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The joys of an October marathon... puts feet up. Relaxes. (actually not - I'm doing strength workouts, single legged squats, hopping drills and bench(well 3 stair) step ups. Time to try and get some pace back.
11:48am, 2 Dec 2016
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18 weeks to go for me too!
Hopping, chris, that's what I need to get back to, it's hard work that plyometrics (fancy word for hopping). It's revealing just how exhausting jumping in the air is too, which shows it must be good for you! It's always too full at the gym, I end up falling all over people, which is a bit embarrassing. It'll be the local park I guess, (the garden only has one circular bit of lawn about 2 metres wide and I get told off for wearing the grass out, wtf).
Otherwise the plan is Bob Williams again, with quite a few 1600m sessions, and plenty of time now to get some 20 milers in and see how the 'ole PF stands up to things this year.
12:42pm, 2 Dec 2016
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Too early for a marathon plan to start...12 weeks plan for me ! That's late January usually.

P&D or JD, that is the question
2:30pm, 2 Dec 2016
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In terms of when to start training maybe I should check with Joe or Paul a for when I should start training for Wednesday marathon, this should allow for 10 days tapering.

Good luck everyone with your plans.
2:41pm, 2 Dec 2016
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Merry Christmas & Happy New G(rrr)
Lol at hopping Luna. But only a little Lol, cos actually, single leg squats while brushing teeth and shaving, feature in my training... :-) G
4:11pm, 2 Dec 2016
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Daz Love
12 weeks for me as well Baz.

I am keeping it slow and building miles to the end of Jan, want to get to around 50 per week before 'probably' doing P&D 12 week, 35 - 55 miles which will start on 30th Jan for London.
4:22pm, 2 Dec 2016
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Joe or Paul would say a week is all you need, maybe actually take a rest day on the Monday and start to prepare on the Tuesday of race week ;-)

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