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The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread

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4:24pm, 1 Mar 2015
8043 posts
Lol WW,look at the profile for that mile.....a mahoosive downhill......followed by a 7:20 ( I think) on the way up theother side.
4:28pm, 1 Mar 2015
1741 posts
I noticed but was never going to mention it. I was going to let you give your clean living the credit rather than the profile!
5:44pm, 1 Mar 2015
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WW - yes I am I'm running the Bournemouth Marathon beginning of October.
5:57pm, 1 Mar 2015
24192 posts
Yeah, Bazo was racing the Commonwealth Games marathon runner and just announced Scottish ultra team member, that very same Ross Houston. Link (roll over me to see where I go) (I'm just posting this cos Keziah from our club is in the women's team - do I get some reflected glory. I coach her, I'll have you know. Well, I shout at her when she's doing her tempos. Similar?)

Enjoyed that today, well done Bazo, great time, PB showing great progress, esp given horrendous conditions. Someone used the expression "sleet needles" in a blog that I read recently. Very apt for today's wee race! Thanks for your analysis of my pace - I'm hoping 7:2x should be doable next week, so will try and start steady and dig in at the end for a 3:15.

Some great solid long runs being posted, and some impressive speed. Lovely wee ad hoc sub 3:15 for BS! :-) G

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About This Thread

For those who want to go sub 3.15 in a marathon and/or those that have already done it and want to give advice. Share your journey (or help somone else's!) here.

Right. It's Spring 2015. Target marathons for the good people of the thread (or training/jogs denoted (*):-)):
8 Mar - Borders - HappyG(rrr)
29 Mar - B&A Marathon (Baltimore) - Westley
5 Apr - Alexander the Great - Jovi Runner
12 Apr - Brighton - only weak men, Scooby Dave, JohnnyO, Joe Hawk
19 Apr - Manchester - Nelly, K5 Gus, abdou, glucotab, Joe Hawk
20 Apr - Boston - run-forest-run
26 Apr - London - Moscow Flyer, Windsor Wool, Peacey, JohnnyO(*), Bazoaxe, whiteflash, RFJ, dan., hellen, Jovi Runner, B Rubble, Joe Hawk
26 Apr - Shakespeare - Chrisull
26 Apr - Düsseldorf - amabs
4 May - Milton Keynes - Daz Love, Joe Hawk
30 May - Kent RR - Scooby Dave, Joe Hawk
31 May - Edinburgh - HappyTimes, Joe Hawk

Medal! Liquid carbs For Santa! *fist-bump* etc.
And these outstanding individuals have run one (or more) sub-3:15(s) so far in 2015:
:-) emdee, HappyTimes, BS

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Sub 3:15 Marathon

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