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The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread

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9:11pm, 24 May 2015
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Bazo - HUMP. reminiscent of the london blue start ;-)

after feeling sorry for myself this morning I burned off some steam cross training and throwing heavy weights around ;-) Managed a 10 mile run tonight under 8 min mile average with less soreness and feel like I'm getting more a stride. I did get verbally abused by football fans on occassions - appears running in a vest through town on derby day/ last day of the season and bank holiday weekend isn't advisable!
9:19pm, 24 May 2015
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talking of race starts, the same guy clipped my heels 3 times in the first 200m at Parkrun yesterday, third time I turned and gave him a big glare - not an apology or anything and he then put in a big effort and pushed ahead. He came back to me just before halfway and I gave him a wide berth as I cruised past, but secretly took a lot of pleasure from beating him
11:08am, 25 May 2015
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Glad to see Lou and Gus both running again. Some good parkruns, 10Ks and half times too postie, RFJ, Bazo too.

I look forward to posting some better short distance times from July and hopefully being back to PB land towards back end of the year. It's our club's 6 mile race tonight and I really want to get a decent time at it one year. But after the weekend's 38 miles on Sat and 38 miles on Sun, on rocky, hilly WHW terrain, I'm not even going to try and run today! So another year will pass when I can't do our club's oldest race (it's older than me, and that's saying something!)

Taper time for me now - just under 4 weeks to race day (that's an ultra taper, btw!) :-) G
6:58pm, 25 May 2015
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Good day out at the BUPA 10000, cannot argue with another seasons best... 10 secs off last weeks time, 40:42 and a 73% WAVA my highest for a while. went out in 20:24 and back in 20:18 :-)

Some one gave me a clear shout out about 7k, was that you Curly, sorry if i didnt respond.....

Nice one Baz.....
7:17pm, 25 May 2015
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Yes that was me! It was only 5k though ;-)

You looked well on form so good running. I had pollen issues sadly so jumped off course to have a second coughing fit and then walked for a bot and jogged in. Went through half way in 20:36 so not out too quick but just cant really be bothered with racing at the mo. Still ran some, did 45 mins of tough Pilates tonight and my legs are coming back which is good. Start proper training tomorrow which means all races are training runs which I prefer a lot :-)
8:10pm, 25 May 2015
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my memory when racing is awful :-)

yes from about 4 k i stared to run very well and started to race well.

Sorry to hear you had pollen issues. Take care
11:08pm, 25 May 2015
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Nice running RFJ.

Bazo good to get one over someone like that.

Happy that's some weekend of running, take it easy.

Got a 3:08:32 at Newry on Sunday. Upped the pace in the 2nd half after I got something off my mind 😉 (pit stop)
11:19pm, 25 May 2015
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Well done BS!

Well done RFJ - hope your ok Curly - I've had to bail on a race when my asthma has misbehaved before - well done for finishing!

No reaction to my run yesterday - stuck to 3 miles tonight to make sure it feels ok and my usual calorie demolition on the cross trainer.

Trying to plan the rest of my running year....
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About This Thread

For those who want to go sub 3.15 in a marathon and/or those that have already done it and want to give advice. Share your journey (or help somone else's!) here.

Right. It's Spring 2015. Target marathons for the good people of the thread (or training/jogs denoted (*):-)):
30 May - Kent RR - Scooby Dave, Joe Hawk
31 May - Edinburgh - HappyTimes, Joe Hawk

Medal! Liquid carbs For Santa! *fist-bump* etc.
And these outstanding individuals have run one (or more) sub-3:15(s) so far in 2015:
:-) emdee, HappyTimes, BS, HappyG(rrr), Joe Hawk, Scooby Dave, only weak men, run-forest-run, Fravage, LouLou, paul a, Windsor Wool, Daz Love

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