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The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread

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4:03pm, 20 Oct 2014
2729 posts
Thank you for all the comments, much appreciated :-)
6:46pm, 20 Oct 2014
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Good to see you're already preparing for the next assault at London:-)

Clare - enjoy the time to re-assess your goals and have some downtime. I'm sure you'll be all the more determined when you choose the next one:-)

How's the taper going dan, you ready to smash Leicester?
6:47pm, 20 Oct 2014
2447 posts
Also good to see :-)G in action at the weekend, as usual i gave him some encouragement along the way ;-)

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About This Thread

For those who want to go sub 3.15 in a marathon and/or those that have already done it and want to give advice. Share your journey (or help somone else's!) here.

Autumn 2014 is open for business. Target marathons for the good people of the thread:
18 Oct - Baltimore - Westley
19 Oct - Abingdon - run-forest-run, Peacey, clare1976
26 Oct - Frankfurt - STOOSH
26 Oct - Leicester - dan
27 Oct - Dublin - BS, puzzler
2 Nov - Newcastle - HappyTimes

Medal! Liquid carbs For Santa! *fist-bump* etc.
And these outstanding individuals have run one (or more) sub-3:15(s) so far in 2014:
Windsor Wool, The Urban Fox, BS, K5 Gus, dan., whiteflash, only weak men, paul a, abdou, B Rubble, Bazoaxe, paul the builder, Peacey, hellen, Happy Times, KinkyS, Glascu, RiversideRed

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