The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread

For those who want to go sub 3.15 in a marathon and/or those that have already done it and want to give advice. Share your journey (or help somone else's!) here.

Spring 2014 target marathons for the good people of the thread:
18 April - Enigma Good Friday - ChrisThePuma
27 April - Madrid - dan
5 May - Milton Keynes - ChrisThePuma
17 May - White Peak - Joe Hawk, RFJ
18 May - Windermere - flanker
25 May - Edinburgh - B Rubble, Smout, HappyTimes
31 May - Kent Roadrunner - Fravage
15 June - Littledown - Iampecunia
28 June - Waterford - Woffy

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12:14am, 19 Apr 2014
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Nice to see the recoveries going well for many and already planning ahead for more miles training/racing over summer and the Autumn marathon destination decisions.
Felt a bit off form last few weeks and a below par 10 mile race coupled with a couple of treadmill speed sessions cut short I have been struggling a little mentally for my spring marathon effort.
Bring on more of today`s sunshine though and things could be back on the up. 16 miles with 15 at or around PMP!? not sure what pace to go for just yet. HR suggests (I think) that there is more there yet. Though not sure I would have ran another 11 miles at todays pace. Well I am sure I wouldn`t, however are we likely to feel we can when in middle of training and not tapered/or fuelled properly etc!?
Split (avHR)
6:51(137), 6:45(149), 6:42(152), 6:49(153), 6:39(153), 6:52(154), 6:42(156), 6:39(154), 6:39(152), 6:34(158), 6:35(159), 6:39(160), 6:35(161), 6:37( 164), 6:40 (165) then mile easy.

From previous marathons I know I can hold 161 - 165ave HR.
What is longest MP run others on thread tackle during their marathon build up??
I would probably like at least one more pretty long one with a few easy miles w/u and few more on end I think.
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