The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread

For those who want to go sub 3.15 in a marathon and/or those that have already done it and want to give advice. Share your journey (or help somone else's!) here.

Spring 2014 target marathons for the good people of the thread:
27 April - Madrid - dan
5 May - Milton Keynes - ChrisThePuma
17 May - White Peak - Joe Hawk, RFJ
18 May - Windermere - flanker
25 May - Edinburgh - B Rubble, Smout, HappyTimes
31 May - Kent Roadrunner - Fravage
15 June - Littledown - Iampecunia
28 June - Waterford - Woffy

Medal! Liquid carbs For Santa! *fist-bump* etc.
And these outstanding individuals have run one (or more) sub-3:15(s) so far in 2014:
Windsor Wool, The Urban Fox, BS, K5 Gus, dan., whiteflash, only weak men, paul a, abdou, B Rubble, Bazoaxe, paul the builder, Peacey, hellen, Happy Times

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Windsor Wool
Windsor Wool
2:55pm, 24 Apr 2014
1513 posts
Feeling totally braw to have kicked off this line in banter! And PtB, don't worry - what's worse for me is that I'm Northern(England)er who sounds (& acts) like a bloody southerner these days.

Baz, you lot don't need to try, you do it without intent! For me though it's Smout who captures the Scottish dialect at it's undecipherable best, I miss her posts....

Right, I'm off to read some Irvine Welsh. Did a bit of that in the past and found that my swearing went up a level so must watch out.

ta ta for now
3:29pm, 24 Apr 2014
6697 posts
The ballot paper will have two (or twa) choices:


I am hoping my next marathon is a stoater....
paul a
paul a
3:51pm, 24 Apr 2014
10591 posts
The header update isn't quite accurate for those who have already run more than 1 sub 3:15 this year ;-)
4:02pm, 24 Apr 2014
1842 posts
Scullery - though not sure it is so much Scottish just not heard it in ages. I was Ben the scullery gabbin a piece when thought of that wan.

Nice work on header ptb. Had my own wee sub 3:15 bimbble last month but if it don't meet the criteria no worries.

Hmmm as it gets closer i might need to see how logistics work for this embra marafun. :-O
paul the builder
paul the builder
4:39pm, 24 Apr 2014
4498 posts
HT - you're in. And so is anyone else I've missed if they just let me know (a man of my age can't possibly remember everything since January. Or even last week).

paul a
paul a
4:41pm, 24 Apr 2014
10592 posts
Thank you ptb.
7:41pm, 24 Apr 2014
2620 posts
KinkyS had a cracking sub-3:15 at VLM :-)
K5 Gus
K5 Gus
8:01pm, 24 Apr 2014
658 posts
HT - hadn't heard of "gabbin" meaning eating before, just heard/used it to mean talking. Interesting....... :-)
8:46pm, 24 Apr 2014
1843 posts
Phone typo Gus sorry that should have been grabbin.
Thank you ptb
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