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Sub 3Hr Marathon

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10:07am, 18 Dec 2014
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Maybe dan, but I'm already doing long(ish) runs. Ok, they were both a little under 2h so far, the first proper 2h30 is still another weekend away. 10 weeks doesn't sound long to develop the metronomic marathon mileage and mindset that got me my last result. But that's just my opinion and I'm hardly an expert.
11:00am, 18 Dec 2014
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Me neither JDA, its just what works for us all as individuals. My weekly mileage is prob 40 when I'm not in mara training so I don't need to add too much more in
12:20pm, 18 Dec 2014
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Vienna is a great place, did my first marathon there :-) enjoy jd :-)
12:43pm, 18 Dec 2014
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JDA - while its only a 12 week plan, I am at 65 ish miles per week and have 2 x 19s under my belt already and a few 17/18, so plenty over 2 hrs so far and will be hitting 20 in the next week or so........its really a 12 week specific plan, but with plenty training before that starts
3:14pm, 18 Dec 2014
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In the 18 week P&D 55-70 that I did last year, I went *in* to it already at 60 mpw and doing 20 miles at weekend, like Bazo. I then did 20 every weekend, when P&D was at only 15 and 16 miles. So I sort of only really did real P&D for 12 weeks - first few weeks were Beyond-P&D! :-) G
12:30am, 19 Dec 2014
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K5 & Dave L: it's good to have a group aiming for sub 3 at Manchester. Last year I ran 210 miles plus per month from Oct to Feb, and I felt OK but quite worn-out in early March, but run-down by the race despite a long taper. After low mileage for the last couple of months I am hoping to get to the race before over-training sets-in this this time. I will get P&D and Jack Daniels off the shelf this weekend, but will probably just try to stick to the general principles of a plan.
8:25am, 19 Dec 2014
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Fair enough, people who are already more or less doing long-term marathon training probably don't need a long program. My 18 weeks really includes building up the mileage and with the amount of cross training I'm doing, I think overuse injuries are a small risk.

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