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4:33pm, 12 Aug 2014
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Well done everyone. Grinding through the early weeks of marathon training now but stepped it up a lot from previous marathons with the intention of feeling like I have really trained hard. Backed off some of my 1-2-1 training to allow more time to recover. 105 miles week before last, 110 last week and both weeks with a couple of decent threshold sessions or races at threshold intensity - mainly with a hills focus. Will continue tat for the next couple of weeks before starting to up the marathon pace work.
6:07pm, 12 Aug 2014
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Great mileage TC. You'll see the benefits of that soon enough :-)

Still not felt up to a run myself yet, but I might try a wee stint on the treadmill tonight. Just see how I feel after a mile or two. Can't believe how much this virus knocked out of me.
6:11pm, 12 Aug 2014
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Be really patient with that davie - gotta be really careful coming back too soon post virus...
8:06pm, 12 Aug 2014
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Take it easy Davie - listen to your body if it's ready to run it will :-)

I'm once again finding myself in no mans land - trundling out miles in the 8min/ mile and above bracket but legs constantly feel tired. Tried to see if I could run 13 miles under 90 mutes at weekend but I just can't up the pace. Ended up with 96min. I know I need to be patient but feel I'll be lucky to scrape a 3.15 this autumn, part of me thinking of dropping down to focus on a half and try and get some speed back in rather than another cycle of marathon training which ends in a sub-optimal run and then another period of post marathon recovery and starting over again.

Part of me would love to run a decent half, have a good run out in Lanzarote at our annual holiday/ running challenge then train through December to build into London or even an earlier spring marathon (possibly Barcelona)....
9:34pm, 12 Aug 2014
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I know the feeling Lou. I'm confident I'll never race a marathon again unless I feel I'm in PB or thereabouts shape. It's having to take a month out and then rebuild after each one that puts me off. If I'm going to take that hit I want it to be for a good run.

I think I'm now thinking about just trying to get back into decent enough shape to have a good XC season now from Oct onwards. No point in targets when I can't even run up the stairs :-)
7:49pm, 13 Aug 2014
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Can I be removed from the sider/header? Withdrawing from abingdon.
4:37pm, 17 Aug 2014
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Tough decision Lou, but it seems it's been a while in the making, and I reckon you'll reap the rewards for it next Spring.

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