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Sub 3Hr Marathon

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9:03pm, 14 May 2015
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Sounds positive Roberto - just keep gradually increasing the long runs and you should be in good shape to give it a crack. Just don't overcook it and put yourself back on the bench!!
I'll be at Chester as well but target will depend on how well i recover from a 24 hour relay race 4 weeks prior.
9:09pm, 14 May 2015
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Stoosh - I doubt you'll still be hungover so you should be good :-)
9:34pm, 14 May 2015
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Good point Joe - i've only had the 1 peroni today, training has started. Hopefully 10 in a day come peak training ;-)
9:41am, 15 May 2015
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Bazo, I'm still at the give it a rest stage. 11 days off and it's clearly improving. I've also found some stretches that relieve it - my quads basically seized up in the marathon, I'm wondering if the tight muscles have continued to put a bit of strain on tendons or ligaments.

Chester would be fun, but I'm planning on being away, and probably wouldn't be training for it anyway. I might give Manchester a go but it's bound to clash with the 3 peaks which is my main target (30 april).
10:00am, 15 May 2015
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Sound like there's going to be quite a few Fetchies at Chester :-) (although if I make it, I'll be about 15mins behind most of you)

jda - although the date of Manchester '16 cannot be decided until after the Premier League fixtures have been announced in June, I suspect the organisers will try and keep GMM before VLM, so it's likely it will be 3rd, 10th or 17th April. Obviously, for you the earlier the better as it will affect your 3 peaks target less, but I think it's highly unlikely there will be at actual clash of dates.
12:49pm, 15 May 2015
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jda, not saying you have the same as me, but rest was only temporary....I essentially had a 7 week taper then did VLM 2011...ran for 2 weeks after before I had to take another break, ran an autumn after an 11 week canpaign, had more time out and so on and so on. Only when I found a physio who diagnosed the cause did I start to get it undr control and currently am at 18 months without injury, albeit the discomfort can still be there at times
1:20pm, 15 May 2015
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I think I have the tightest hip in Britain!! Think about every muscle surrounding my right hip is tight just now!! 2nd sports massage in 4 days to try and get some loosening. It's like toothache :( don't even want to run!!
6:50pm, 16 May 2015
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Job done 2:56 at White Peak no PB though. Headwind in the first 11M probably put pay to a sub 2:55 but it'll come.
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