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Sub 3Hr Marathon

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3:34pm, 2 Jun 2015
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It would be nice :-)
3:04pm, 8 Jun 2015
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Woohoo, hip feels a lot better, was sore in the last race (25 May) but recovered well and hardly felt it after a 40 min run yesterday. So I think I'll start running again more regularly (though lightly). Next race is a week on Wed, should fit in a couple more easy jogs before then. Depending on the dates, I'm tempted to think of Manchester next spring as a warm-up race for the 3 peaks, otherwise there is no marathon in sight for me...
10:00pm, 14 Jun 2015
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10k pb yesterday!!! 35.22. Also meant I finished in 3rd (first ever podium place) and won £10 and a bottle of wine. First time I've run sub 36 in 2 years and beat my previous pb by 5 seconds. Was a tough race. Went with the leaders for the first mile but was way too quick and then I was stuck in no mans land about 20 yeards behind 3rd until 9k when I pushed hard and ended up having a 150m straight sprint to beat him by 1 second.

Training going well, did a steady 12 today at sub 7 pace and felt very comfortable and easy even after racing yesterday. Low mileage week so feeling fresh.
10:51am, 15 Jun 2015
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Great stuff Roberto. I want to get my half, 10K and 5K times down now, once I've got current cycle of longer races out of the way. :-) G
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154 Rob - 2:53.00
Joe Hawk - 2:56.xx
Dave Kelly - 2:46.20

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Vienna - jdarun(2:59)
Manchester - abdou(2:59)
Shakespeare - steeplechaser(2:59)
Frankfurt - tom_craggs(2:38)
Milton Keynes - Gym_Bunny (2:50)