Sub 3Hr Marathon

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20 Aug
12:18pm, 20 Aug 2016
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Yes, i had a week or two out with flu this spring much closer to the race and it didn't seem to do me any harm - you may be able to treat it as a cut-back week and pile on a bit of extra training when you are up and running, but make sure you really are better before doing that!

Just entered Manchester for next April. Training is a way off. Spring marathons work much better than autumn for me, basically cos cycling in the winter is a bit shit whereas running is much more pleasant. Summer is the reverse, especially when hot. Hoping for a good campaign and similar improvement to the 5mins I did this year, though that's probably optimistic. Plenty of time to adjust that later.
22 Aug
7:20pm, 22 Aug 2016
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Hope your recovering well damo. Good to see your on for GMM jda. Fingers crossed I'll be good to go again on Wednesday?
24 Aug
9:25pm, 24 Aug 2016
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Thanks Pedro, had gentle run today and feel ok.

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