Sub 3Hr Marathon

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11:39am, 15 Sep 2014
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Thanks for your help guys

Mixed feelings after my 20 mile ong run on Sunday - I averaged 7.23 min per mile ovveral which is greatl. However I only hit my MP taget on 2 miles. I was also going to accept a max of 3 miles above 7.30 and I ended up with 6 miles above that time

For me now the training is done and Ill have to see if I can do it on the day
11:47am, 15 Sep 2014
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jda - brilliant - fantastic run well done!
5:43pm, 15 Sep 2014
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Nice one jda :-)
6:43am, 16 Sep 2014
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Well done jda, one of the best conversions of half to full marathon PB that I've seen. Probably got a lot of potential there.
8:44am, 16 Sep 2014
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Great work JDA.

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