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Sub 3Hr Marathon

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11:44am, 23 Nov 2015
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I would never consume a litre in a 2 hour training run gluco. That seems quite a lot. Even in the actual 3 hour race, I don't think I had more than a few 00mls? If I drank more, I think I'd feel my tummy was sloshing about! In ultras, we were told not to drink too much water (not without minerals/electrolytes added) because of risk of hyponatremia (low sodium, due to over dilution in blood by drinking too much water).
6:14pm, 23 Nov 2015
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That is fair point Happy - this article I found quite interesting Link (roll over me to see where I go)
If I got it right --Either follow your thirst or drink up to before the sloshy feeling no more, or if not uncomfortable, you can drink water back up to weight you started off on...I thnk I`m attempting this last one, see how it goes....Odd they say a litre for every pound lost, cos I thought a litre weighed a kilogram not a pound....I thought it was only in ultras that you needed salt capsules etc. I have the advantage of not being small of stature, and hopefully not over 4hrs (if so wrong thread) which are big risk factors for hyponatremia apparently.
7:17pm, 23 Nov 2015
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I don't think there is much risk of me overhydrating in a marathon. I'm not planning on stopping for big drinks, just trying to get down the occasional gulp. The bottle I take on my long runs usually seems to end up empty but I probably struggle to drink as much in races - "considerable weigh gain" is ridiculous (though the warning may be useful to some). I also have a bit of salt in my home-made kendal mint cake - no real idea about proportions, I just find it helps the taste.
9:54am, 24 Nov 2015
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The logic of "I lost 2kg of weight over the course of the run" leading to "most of that would be water" leading to "90% of blood is water" leading to "so I now have a lot less blood volume at the end of the run" is flawed. For a start, your blood is not the only place in your body where water is stored.

By all means carry fluid in races and training if you want, but you'll find that very few runners at around this level feel the need to (assuming we're not talking about living in or racing in extraordinary conditions - very hot or humid). I'm like most of the others on here I think - 500ml max over the course of a raced marathon, spread out over 6-8 stations. On long training runs - normally nothing at all, but if it's a warm summer day I'll maybe stop and buy a drink somewhere after the halfway mark.
8:12pm, 24 Nov 2015
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Interesting how I believed my own message for a while - the water is most likely being lost from elsewhere than the blood stream... though I remember, when my litre of watery mix had run out, cursing good and long at empty fluid statiions after mile 20 at Abingdon once. Perhaps the ensuing muscle cramps were less to do with lack of water in the blood, and more to do with undertraining the muscles (not enough mpw). I`ve got Nathan for company at least.
8:20pm, 24 Nov 2015
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The cramp I often suffer with in marathons, usually happens when I have started out faster than I am capable of sustaining.....
9:08pm, 24 Nov 2015
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gluco - I mainly prescribe to the under-training reason for cramping (or going over the very fine line we all like to tread). There is some research that links dehydration though and I do think that I see a correlation with dehydration and cramping to some extent. I'm not a great biologist but I do think you're barking up the wrong tree with your lack of water in the blood theory though. Isn't the vast majority of water in the body stored outside of the blood stream? If you drop the blood angle then I think you're on to something that others will buy in to.

FWIW in my recent marathon in Valencia I drank 5 full 250ml bottles of water on the run. Quite soon after the race I needed to pee and it appeared that I was reasonably well hydrated. I think this was a help rather than a hinderance.

Anyway, I'm likely to lose blood volume through the nose posting on here so I'll take my nose back out!
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