Sub 3Hr Marathon

Achieved Sub 3Hr in 2014
Medal!Medal!Medal! True Gritts (2:52:55)Medal!DavieC(2:47:44)Medal!Ninky Nonk(2:59:22)Medal!sLickster(2:58:22)Medal!BazP(2:42:24)Medal!DaveLord(2:53:32)Medal!Paul0(2:59)Medal!Justcol(2:59:30)Medal!Stoosh(2:56:48)Medal!Dave Kelly(2:54:31)Medal!MPHinLondon(2:55)Medal!James74(2:52)Medal!RodThePlod(2:49:37)Medal!CC2 speedy goth(2:58:22)Medal!lunaman (2:59:16)Medal!JohnnyO(2:57:56)Medal!Medal!Medal!

Target Sub 3Hr in 2014

Jasond (2:49:00), LouLou (2:59:47)
57.5DoP (2:53:59)
tom_craggs (2:39:59)
Smout (2:58)
Andy_B (2:54:59)
Tizer (2:49:59)

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10:06pm, 14 Apr 2014
4078 posts
Still a solid time Runa, well done. I had the same issue the past two years, so was glad it didn't come up this time. It got so bad at times I was unable to even walk and was reduced to pulling myself across the floor on my elbows once! Really not nice. Was starting to think it's something I can't avoid, but (fingers crossed) I've been fine this time round, and hopefully can avoid it in future. Hopefully it's something you can get under control.
True Gritts!
True Gritts!
9:05am, 15 Apr 2014
1494 posts
Thanks Claire :-)
10:31am, 15 Apr 2014
60 posts
Sorry, I'm being a numpty. How do I access the Run Pix stats?
11:04am, 15 Apr 2014
103 posts
Paul - from VLM page get your runner details up and below your splits are your certificate / photos / results display icons. Hit results display and your there!
12:35pm, 15 Apr 2014
61 posts
Thanks col!

311 to 4 for me! Pretty much as expected because I remember it feeling like everyone else was standing still in the last mile as I weaves through them.
12:43pm, 15 Apr 2014
2753 posts
Oh, paul0, just realised - hello, you're Headington, as was I until I moved. Well done on another sub 3!
3:59pm, 15 Apr 2014
2591 posts
I think I need the pressure of having spent hundreds of pounds on flights and hotels to make sure I bag a PB...Frankfurt it is. Flights booked! ;-)
Dave Kelly
Dave Kelly
4:57pm, 15 Apr 2014
30 posts
Well done on some seriously great times. My runpix stats make for depressing reading. I went through halfway in 1:24 and should have been on for a sub 2:50 but my pacing was wrong and I overreached. Pleased to PB, but should have bagged a better time
but ran the first half too quick.

Last 7k have me getting passed by 135 and passing just 26. Worst miles were 23 and 24 (7:43 and 7:52), I was stop start stop start. Managed to find a bottle of lucozade sport at 24.5 and thought for f**k sake lets finish this race. Last 2 miles were 7:01 and 6:49. Oh well you live and learn.
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