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Sub 3Hr Marathon

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4:42pm, 28 Jan 2015
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Ahhh the joys of a wife and kids, my little buggers are always up at 6 every morning. To get my Sunday run long I let her have a lay in on Saturday so I can go out for an early long run on the Sunday and am back by 9. Just means I never get the chance to have a lay in which would be nice.
5:02pm, 28 Jan 2015
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I work almost every Saturday which makes the situation just a little bit more awkward :-/
5:10pm, 28 Jan 2015
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Ah! How far away is your work?
5:13pm, 28 Jan 2015
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Less than a mile and I need a car for my work.
11:17pm, 28 Jan 2015
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Illness etc has put gaps in my training. I've tried to just get some sort of mileage in, but quality and length of runs have suffered. A couple of miles around the track at goal marathon pace in the middle of my Sunday long run were not as comfortable as I hoped, so I need to ensure the speed work gets done. My weight is stubbornly staying high, so self-discipline required on portion size.
10:11am, 29 Jan 2015
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I just checked my mileage and I reckon I'm a bit down on what I did last time (even though I set out hoping to do a little more). However, I also think I'm running faster! At least the interval paces look that way. Might be due to colder temps or flatter terrain, but I'll take it anyway.
12:57pm, 29 Jan 2015
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jd- I have taken same approach really. Will up miles a bit, but at a better pace is more important to me. I think balance is key.

4:03pm, 30 Jan 2015
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Update from me, dropped the interval runs and wont pick them back up until the end of February as also spoke to my former boss and he advised that no need to do them until nearer the time. He feels that mile efforts are the way forward when I do though, any thoughts?

Managing to hit a decent mileage around the shift work and fitted in a 5km race midweek and running the hilly Longleat 10k this Sunday to also add some speed into my legs. First month nearly done...lets hope for three more good ones prior to London!
3:29am, 1 Feb 2015
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rjc, my plan has lots of 1 mile (and longer) threshold intervals, which feels like it must be right for a marathon, and I was pleased with the results last time. Note that these are not true intervals with rest, but more like changes of pace within a longer run. Actually I'm also doing a weekly interval session now (around 20 mins total work in 1-3min intervals), but that's mostly cos it's a convenient club session that gets me out midweek.

Things going well enough for me as the sessions intensify. Yesterday I did an hour straight up a local hill, 900m ascent (currently in Japan!), so today's long run was a little sluggish :-) But I managed it. Slightly sore lower legs now but I'm pretty sure that's just the result of heavy shoes and steep snowy hills.

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