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Sub 3Hr Marathon

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10:49am, 27 Jul 2015
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totally CBA with running just now. 2016 marathon entered tho
1:27pm, 27 Jul 2015
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London again Baz?
1:29pm, 27 Jul 2015
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nae...something closer to home ;-)
3:47pm, 28 Jul 2015
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I did Hamburg this year instead of London it made a nice change. I fancy going abroad again next year :-)
10:04am, 30 Jul 2015
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So inspiring to read this thread. After all my injury problems, I am back to thinking about a sub-3 attempt this year if I can stay on my "Hadd-plan", I should perhaps be able to give it a shot in December if all works out.

Since I am in the Nordic region, for me that would mean traveling south for the run. Found a Marathon in Ireland and one in the Netherlands that could fit the bill.

It was pointers from members in this thread that made me realize I had to get my volume up and my training pace down to be able to have a shot at it so I am very grateful for that!
10:19am, 30 Jul 2015
4728 posts
4M at 6:50's last night was about all I could manage. Hmm so only another 22M+ to find :-(.

I think I'll try for 6M tonight :-)
3:01pm, 16 Aug 2015
393 posts
Well that was interesting. Not really in serious training, but trying to build up the runs a bit, this morning I did a 1h30 loop that I haven't done for a few months. Ended up 3-5 mins quicker than all of my previous times, not that I was trying hard on any of them. But I wasn't today either, and my steady pace is usually quite consistent. Won't read too much into it but I might not have got quite as slow and unfit as I feared.
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