Sub 3Hr Marathon

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6 Dec
6:47am, 6 Dec 2016
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Doesn't sound too far off daz, I need to read the book again for general aerobic pace but I think I did mine at low 7 minute miles
6 Dec
8:56am, 6 Dec 2016
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Joe Hawk
Medium Long - 7:00-7:45 where i did quality and MP so faster than
Long - 7:30-8:00 Usually around 7:40's and up to 23M
Recovery - 8:30-9:00 usually morning runs so half awake plods
Tempo - 6:15 (parkrun) and rarely done
General - 7:15-7:45 dependent on how I feel but usually faster than 7:30's
6 Dec
12:14pm, 6 Dec 2016
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Little Miss Happy
I can't run more than the odd mile at MP in training, I'm a one paced pony without a number on with most of my runs averaging between 7.05 - 7.20 at the minute.
6 Dec
8:12pm, 6 Dec 2016
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I've not posted on here before but having sneaked a 2:59 at Abingdon this year using P&D I thought I'd throw in my tuppence.
LR - progress from 8:30 to 7:30 in 5 mile chunks
MLR - similar to above, maybe throw in 3 miles @MP towards the end
GA - 8:00ish
RR - anything between 8:00 and 9:00 depending on how I felt.
Tempo 6:30

The above LR and MLR paces were ideals, if I didn't feel up to it on the day I'd take it easier whilst keeping the effort reasonably honest. Agree with WW above on the importance of progression.

I'm hoping to take a further chunk off in the spring but I'm realistic that the law of diminishing returns might have something to say about that.
6 Dec
9:00pm, 6 Dec 2016
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Daz Love
Cheers all. Its helpful.

6 Dec
11:11pm, 6 Dec 2016
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I also struggle doing MP runs during training, anything further than 4 or 5 miles is a really difficult struggle. But I did find doing my LR at 15-30secs faster did help a lot with breaking my PB.
7 Dec
12:23am, 7 Dec 2016
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Oh, MP in training is a huge struggle for me. I've never really hit my true MP in training, last time I did what I thought was a pretty good effort (20k bang on 3h pace) and then went on to do 2:55 on race day 10 weeks later.

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