Sub 3Hr Marathon

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26 Apr
6:38pm, 26 Apr 2017
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Windsor Wool
Nayan - I can recommend Wokingham (Feb) and the Surrey HM (Mar), I would say both courses are faster than Reading, I've run them all many times. Those courses out of Hampton Court are also really, totally, completely flat if that's your thing. I ran one of them this year on the same day as Reading which meant the field wasn't strong at all and finished 20th or something daft.

Fleet is another option but I'm not a particular fan of the course.
26 Apr
7:07pm, 26 Apr 2017
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Although I have no experience of other starts at London, green does seem a little tight on space for loos and so on. Saying that, I managed to sneak out with about 30 minutes to go for a quick warm-up jog and a nature wee ;-)

Both did wonders to settle my nerves and this year I didn't feel any twinges off the start going zero-to-race-pace in 5 seconds.

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