Sub 3Hr Marathon

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12 Jun
2:38pm, 12 Jun 2016
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Well that didn't go to plan.

I was hoping marathon training would have seen a good time in a half.

Felt comfortable at 6.0x for 3 miles, turned into the wind and died. Ended up struggling to keep under 7 minute miles and had a 4 minute positive split to walk across the line in a 1.25.12

No idea what went wrong, trainings been ok so hopefully it was just a bad day.
12 Jun
3:54pm, 12 Jun 2016
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Dunno where you are, but it's been pretty warm and humid round here. No weather for racing. Well, it's ok for *racing* cos it's the same for everyone, but not so good for getting a good time which is really what most of us here are aiming at (like you today).

I went for ride round the local MTB loop - cleared a tricky climb that I've never managed before, and very nearly cleared another bit for the first time too. So there must be something in the legs. For the first time since Manchester I'm starting to feel quite strong again, though with no road races planned I'll not see the benefit in any new PBs.
13 Jun
9:02am, 13 Jun 2016
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I don't know where I am either, its only my 2nd proper race this year.

Yes it was humid but for some reason my thighs screamed enough before halfway. I do feel a bit sick today so hopefully that has something to do with it.

Good to hear you're feeling in good form, surely its worth knocking out a summer 10k to see where you are?
13 Jun
12:58pm, 13 Jun 2016
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To be honest I'm not really that bothered. There aren't many road races that close, and I've got a few fell races and cycling event lined up in the meantime. Plan is to just enjoy the summer and then make some sort of winter/spring plan for a marathon once dates are sorted.
13 Jun
2:05pm, 13 Jun 2016
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I'm kind of the same, I'm back into a 8 week block of training which hopefully spit out a 5K pb at the end of it. Just too hot/humid for me to get a good time at the moment.

It's just lovely to be able to run in singlet and shorts though. I tried 3x10 mins at LT at the track last wed in 25 deg, 90% humidity, was hardest session of the year, completely saturated after 4 laps.

13 Jun
8:11pm, 13 Jun 2016
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Glad I'm not the only one struggling. There's a local 10k on Sunday which I'm tempted to run as a Father's Day present :-)
26 Jun
7:57am, 26 Jun 2016
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Woohoo park run win yesterday🏅🏅🏅

Only cos the fast ones didn't turn up of course. Still, a course PB running without a garmin which was an interesting and novel experience. Was fun to do it as a "race" rather than time trial, ie watch three people hare off and reel them in gradually - only took the lead around half way. Feels great to beat a 14yo girl :-) :-)

Mostly I'm just pleased to have not lost speed after a few weeks of slacking, been doing a bit of exercise but not really training as such.
26 Jun
3:26pm, 26 Jun 2016
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Sometimes a bit of slacking is what the body needs.

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