Sub 3Hr Marathon

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8:52pm, 15 Jul 2014
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Hi all, long time no post from me...

Training for Frankfurt has pretty much started for me where i'm aiming for somewhere in the region of 2.52/3 given some good training and an increase in speed endurance. Probably aiming to do a weekly tempo or progressive to help with that as i seriously lack speed just now!!
Legs do seem to have finally recovered from the London/fling double i did back in April but did take a bit longer than anticipated so not raced during the summer apart from a couple of lack luster atempts.

Claire - good to see your back after the fall/brokenness :-)

9:19am, 16 Jul 2014
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Chris that is super-fast for a mile!

Davie - sorry to hear you weren't happy with your HM - you'll be back to your usual soon I'm sure.

I did my first race since my brokenness (thanks for that new word Stoosh) last night. I got a 5 minute pb and prize for 2nd lady so back on the road to full fitness it would seem - I'm very pleased as I only had a twinge from my ribs early on and my knees held up fine although I did get overtaken quite a bit in the closing miles despite putting in a 5.59 minute mile at mile 9.
9:47am, 16 Jul 2014
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Sounds like you need to break things more often Claire, great effort with a good finish by the looks of it.
6:31pm, 16 Jul 2014
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Well done Claire - love that finish at Moffat - once your up the hill you can let fly for the final miles.

Struggling with training here and not committing to sub 3 training again until I can string some decent weeks together. I have however booked tickets for 4 evening athletics sessions at the commonwealth games! Should motivate me ;-).

7:33pm, 16 Jul 2014
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Thanks Chris and Lou. I'll need to enter the race again next year as I think I should have sped up more on the downhill. Lou - I'm at Hampden on the Tuesday evening, maybe see you there?
7:45pm, 16 Jul 2014
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We've got Tuesday tickets as well - Julie and Stu going as well but we are all sitting separately! I'm off for the week so could maybe catch up for a run at some point!
2:19pm, 17 Jul 2014
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Good result claire - prizes and pbs are always good news. I'm pretty chuffed with myself having just achieved a 10k PB last night in Lancaster, albeit just by a few seconds. I wasn't really intending to race hard (was thinking more along the lines of 40 mins threshold), but the running felt quite easy and I got a bit carried away! So that was an encouraging result and suggests that the training has been working as planned. Feels like I'm about on course for the September marathon.
3:41pm, 17 Jul 2014
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Brilliant jdarun!! Pb's are always welcome even if they are just by a few seconds. Well done.
4:33pm, 18 Jul 2014
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Thanks Claire. Went for a 20k bimble today, felt knackered and dragged myself round about 5 mins slower than precisely the same route a couple of weeks ago. So I guess the 10k took a bit more out of me than I'd thought :-).
9:48am, 28 Jul 2014
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Slight change of venue for me, my attempt will be at the Abingdon marathon instead of Chelmsford.

Fingers crossed for third time lucky.

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