Sub 3Hr Marathon

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9:27pm, 28 Apr 2016
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I think it would be best to double check the GFA page when the ballot opens on Monday. Communication isn't VLM's strongest suit.
5:53am, 29 Apr 2016
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Thanks Psimon. I've only ever run off the green start and have been quite happy with the facilities though a heater in the changing tent would have been appreciated this year!

I think it unlikely they will change the FA having announced them prior to the ballot.
7:28am, 29 Apr 2016
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LMH - I've only ever ran off a champs start so no real comparison for me.
8:52am, 29 Apr 2016
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LMH, it happened in either 2014 or 2013. They announced GFA times after VLM then adjusted prior to the application process for GFA (which is not the same time as ballot).
9:40am, 29 Apr 2016
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Yes GFA doesn't open until Mid-June. I would be surprised if they change now following the announcement re Manchester but you never know.
4:18pm, 30 Apr 2016
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Not going to be racing White Peak now just going be a training run and maybe pace a friend but not sub 3
4:32pm, 30 Apr 2016
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What's wrong Joe?
5:48pm, 30 Apr 2016
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Nothing just not done enough training, so won't be pushing it
5:56pm, 30 Apr 2016
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When I ran back in 2010 (2.55) I followed the blue line for much of the second half without a problem (gave me something to focus on more than anything). And the tunnel was eerily quiet with hardly anyone in my vicinity. The Mall seemed very spaced out too. That is one reason I preferred my two races at Boston where a similar sort of time brought plenty of company (no crowding though). I guess things may have changed in London!
5:59pm, 30 Apr 2016
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I found it very busy in London at 2:55 pace (although that wasn't my finish time!) Lots of inconsiderate club runners which was annoying. Had one complete tw*t who wasn't moving from the blue line no matter what. We had words
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