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Sub 3Hr Marathon

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12:45pm, 27 Feb 2015
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Agree Boab though it does depend on what you are doing with your XT, and whether you are disciplined with not adding in extra and running your easier run sessions genuinely easy. 80 miles a week from 5 runs a week would certainly be pretty unusual.
2:06pm, 27 Feb 2015
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What's the best bang for buck XT exercise? I have the appetite to run more..but I'm not doing so because I don't want to get injured. If I want to increase my load from 8-10 hours per week, should I be adding some easy cycling on top. The would just act as additional easy aerobic sessions, help recovery?
2:16pm, 27 Feb 2015
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I think it really depends on what you are looking to get out of the XT. I am assuming largely cardiovascular benefits? If so what you choose depends on the components you already have in your running. Any XT should complement that, not simply add just because you can. A rower (ergo) can be great for Vo2 max work but can leave your legs quite battered. So if you feel you lack threshold work a cross trainer or even better aqua jogging can be great for that. If you are looking to add easy aerobic volume the bike can work (though look after your hamstrings) or swimming. You can obviously nail some great, consistent threshold sessions on a turbo trainer. Aqua jogging is probably the most specific to running. Can be dull and relies on you not worrying what other pool users think...
3:16pm, 27 Feb 2015
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I've done aqua before and still have the best from when I was injured, you do look a plonker but it's quite hard! I think I have space for another threshold session and that could be on my turbo, need to invest the energy somewhere!
3:41pm, 27 Feb 2015
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For me, cycling seems the best choice for cross-training. I wouldn't recommend rowing to someone who doesn't know how to do it properly and/or doesn't do it quite frequently. Cycling doesn't do exactly the right muscles but its pretty close and also low impact on the vulnerable joints. Swimming if you're good enough, for me it's really more of a recovery day (and mostly upper body) rather than true aerobic workout but I'm enjoying it and slowly improving.

Another big benefit for cycling is that you can do it for free timewise by commuting, unless you are already running that :-)

But on top of 8-10h running I would wonder if some more focussed strength training such as weights, core exercises might be the best bang for buck. Seems like you're already doing a lot of cardio...
3:56pm, 27 Feb 2015
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I do a token 2 minute plank per day, surely that's sufficient core work :D My thinking is I get used to the aerobic volume now without the accumulated stress, and as the year progresses, I remove the cycling and add in running, especially so now spring/summer is coming!
6:17pm, 27 Feb 2015
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From what I understand and see TC, Nic hits it hard, hence why she hasn't really been able to get back to it since London last year. I suspect she is vastly overtrained and is currently on the injury bench....again. I've often said, but not directly to her, that she needs a coach and someone to reign her in a little.
Her first coach had her running 100 miles a week from virtually nothing and she ended up with injury after injury, then she seemed to pull back on the miles slightly but hit BMF and indoor cycling hard, now I think she hits everything hard. It is a shame as I think she is capable of sub 2:30, maybe even close to 2:25 and therefore word class, but I don't think she is getting any direction at the moment. I may be wrong, I haven't spoken with her in a few months, but it may be an opportunity for some distance coaching for you ;-)
7:23pm, 27 Feb 2015
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Great posts today - feeling tired today and had thought about running my rest day today as I only ran 3 miles on Monday and missed a mile on Tuesday, trying to tell myself rest before race tomorrow is best policy.

Strangely nervous for tomorrow's race - I know it's not a target but it's the first proper race for me since I changed my training and I really want to prove to myself that I can PB again at something.

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