The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread

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1:39pm, 17 Apr 2024
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Windsor Wool
Running a negative split at London will be an awesome feeling as you carve through the field along Embankment.
1:41pm, 17 Apr 2024
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It was :-) :-) G
2:05pm, 17 Apr 2024
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Love the optimism of "will be"...

I still think 3:12 is a stretch, if I sandbag myself with Tanda predictions. I know 12 months ago I did run faster, but "past performance is not necessarily a guarantee of future" etc etc etc

Would love to do a HG Chester 2017 - 3:15 off chatting to everyone and only coming through the 3:15 pacing group at 10 miles, but I don't think I've got either that restraint or the talent to pull that off!
2:30pm, 17 Apr 2024
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Just watching The Welsh Runner’s (Matt Rees) YouTube update following Manchester and he didn’t have a great race for him. In terms of tech, he stopped at 5K to take his Stryd footpod off and threw it as his partner who was on a bike. He said a few days prior he was on the treadmill using Stryd and forgot to set his watch back to GPS before the race, and he wasn’t getting actuate pace.

Amazing how many people knew him on the course. From his partner’s footage from the bike, loads of people were calling his name out, and shouting ‘all in’, which is the phrase he uses.
4:06pm, 17 Apr 2024
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Windsor Wool
I always struggled for confidence in my own marathon races, don’t need to place the same doubts on others!!

Big G: I preferred Scott Overall / Jimmy Ashworth’s assessments of the performances of the ‘influencers’ over on Twitter. At least Rees acknowledged that he hadn’t really done the training but I think it’s fair for there to be criticism when you are very public with targets etc.

Anyway, BOOMSHAKALAKA!!! Let’s all buy the socks 😂
4:16pm, 17 Apr 2024
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I've seen a fair bit of commentary about "influencers" ref this season's spring marathons, pretty much universally derisory. Must have passed me by. Are these the Nick Best(?)s etc of this world etc getting slated by "proper runners" for many and various reasons?

I can imagine some of them being dire, passing on trite advice and appearing like messianic saviours for some runners. But are they really that bad?
4:35pm, 17 Apr 2024
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Nick Bester gets a lot of stick in some areas. I’ve London-based friends who think he’s an idiot. Personally I don’t like it when he’s at a London parkrun and has someone on roller skates filming him on a lapped course. Seems dangerous, potentially. But he does good mileage, seems to train sensibly and seems to have a pretty busy life.

Matt Fox (Sweat Elite) apparently has a chequered history, but I’ll say no more as it’s just hearsay. Check letsrun if you want some details.

Matt Rees seems a nice guy. He did at least acknowledge he’d done nowhere near enough and pretty much said ‘I need to stop talking, and start doing’.

Ben Is a Running just goes where the money is. Probably I’m just envious that he can make money from running, but recently he’s been in Jamaica with Puma, and he’s been all over the place with other brands.

Scullion and Canadian Rory Linkletter (qualified for Paris Olympics) are pros. Although Scullion is also trying to build a business, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but should probably be kept in mind. I think if an average runner followed his lead from YouTube, they’d break pretty quickly.

Ben Parkes has had a lot of training issues the last few years. He takes no money or freebies from sponsors but again YouTube drives his training plans and clothing sales. He’s said before that when he doesn’t do videos, his business drops off. He’s at London Expo this year for the first time.

I think in the case of Nick Bester and Matt Fox they seem to always be talking up their chances, but I suppose they’ve got to be confident. YouTube is a side hustle for them I think, and they use it to drive their main coaching business or promotions, which again has to be kept in mind.
4:37pm, 17 Apr 2024
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Windsor Wool
It’s Bester but please stay away from his YouTube / strava ahead of Sunday!

They are not bad, in fact Bester and Matt Rees are both exceptional athletes. Bester ran 2:22 at Manchester with a GoPro mounted on his back-to-front cap. He’s very loud / brash and sells BOOMSHAKALAKA kit that I don’t think fits with the old school marathoners approach.

Rees is someone that I think is easier to warm to. Not quite as fast and had a bit of a ‘mare at Manchester in running 2:34. If you recall the VLM where there were the famous scenes of one runner assisting another over the line then Rees was the one giving the assist. Seems like a genuinely nice guy.

I must say that these influencers do appear to over-complicate a lot of things, largely as they try and endorse a whole range of supplements and kit. I’m sure that there will be a lot of undertrained runners on the start line on Sunday relying on their ketone supplements and socks to bring them home!!
4:39pm, 17 Apr 2024
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Windsor Wool

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