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How was your run today?

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2:02pm, 21 Oct 2014
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Very wet but got past my target for the year (1000 miles) so was happy with it.
7:19pm, 21 Oct 2014
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Very windy recovery run in the dark.
7:42pm, 21 Oct 2014
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Well done Pedro, I'm hoping to hit that milestone in the next week or so.

Today, 6 mile recovery run post Chelmsford Mara. Foot is a little sore but nothing major I hope.

Good run news: Dodged most of the showers
Bad run news: bloody nearly got run over. Bloody nearly got into a ruck as a result.
10:19pm, 22 Oct 2014
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a steady trot out with the dogs, the only trot out that I can do with hound no2 as I still can't trust him with livestock. Same fecking route where there is no livestock. Having said that it is still a cracking route. And I'll be doing it again first thing in the morning before work to get them out and worn out.
9:21am, 23 Oct 2014
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ridiculously slow owing to lots of fresh snow. (33 min for just over 5k). This will take some getting used to again...
11:03pm, 24 Oct 2014
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Much better than Tuesday
11:27pm, 24 Oct 2014
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not three bad

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