How was your run today?

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24 Jun
1:13pm, 24 Jun 2016
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Sunny 3 miles again this morning.
25 Jun
9:00pm, 25 Jun 2016
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Surrey Phil
One hour run to inspect the 10k course that I have laid out for tomorrow morning. Got feet soaked and realised that I am going to need to make some changes to the route. Now sorted thankfully and all set for go at 9.30 am!
26 Jun
1:46pm, 26 Jun 2016
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First trail run since January - did not get lost and had a fun time!
26 Jun
4:00pm, 26 Jun 2016
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It was fuelled by I ran more of it than I walked. Pretty darn good. I felt much better by the end of it.
26 Jun
5:52pm, 26 Jun 2016
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27 Jun
10:36am, 27 Jun 2016
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Yesterday late morning - not very good. Intended to do about 8/9 miles or so, mainly along the canal and then back along the river. Still recovering from giving blood a week and a half before. Although did an ok parkrun and a couple of ok runs last week - my legs did not feel like working and I just felt a bit drained (hadn't been up very long before venturing out); ended up walking for a bit every couple of miles. Got to just under the 7 1/2 mile mark and the battery on the GPS watch conked out - hadn't bothered to check the level before I left. Annoying and disappointing basically.
6:04am, 28 Jun 2016
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Hilly 4 miler in 42.44 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

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