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How was your run today?

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1:24pm, 30 Aug 2015
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Not today but yesterday, I ran the Thames Meander Marathon. Hadn't trained enough due to a chest infection in July but took part nevertheless. Suffered severe cramp at 19 miles and finished in over 5 hours - not brilliant but it's another marathon finish.
1:30pm, 30 Aug 2015
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Forgot to say that I saw Sir Matthew Pinsent out cycling with his family (not taking part in the run himself). As the marathon had to start late (11.00 am), it meant high tide in the Richmond area mid-afternoon. The river submerged a section of cobbled path and the runners had to take their shoes and socks off to wade through a small section of the River Thames which was knee deep. Miraculously, this took away the cramp I was suffering from and was able to run the majority of the remaining 5 miles.
1:36pm, 30 Aug 2015
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Crap really struggling miles on the downs that used to be ok now feel impossible I've been gradually building them up but each week is a crap as the last aborted today's after 5 miles and did some hill reps then walked back to the car. Had planned to do 10 but can't seem to get my heart or mind into long Sunday runs that I used to love so much :(
6:32pm, 30 Aug 2015
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Awesome until I bonked a bit at the end. On reflection, tonking up the hills at HM pace on what is supposed to be a slower than MP effort was probably a mistake.
9:48pm, 30 Aug 2015
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Legs felt heavy after yesterdays 16 miler but still hashed out 7 miles in an hour .that'll do
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