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How was your run today?

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17 May
10:49am, 17 May 2017
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Doc Moye
Pretty similar here
21 May
10:08am, 21 May 2017
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8 miles in the warm sunshine...struggled last couple of miles.....but now on with the day
21 May
8:24pm, 21 May 2017
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Eynsham Red
Just over five miles in warm evening sun. An easy pace enabling me to enjoy the countryside.
My first run since last week's 10k; fastest for a few years.
I had the week off from running because of circumstances rather than planned.
I've been trying to convince myself that swapping Thursday's Pilates for wine tasting still counts as cross training 🙂
23 May
11:14pm, 23 May 2017
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A warm but enjoyable 4 mile run through town.........good

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Drop in and tell people how you did on your run today. The clue is in the title really.

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