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How was your run today?

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9:11am, 31 Jul 2015
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5 tough miler 😱😱😱
9:45pm, 31 Jul 2015
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very very very wet. A soaking Gore running jacket wet.
8:23am, 1 Aug 2015
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Standard 1hr / 8.22 or so mile run.
Still having right calf problems so slowly building the mileage up (2 x 5 miles and 2 x 8.xx this week).
Have found if I keep my right heel close to the ground, my calf stretches less and doesn't really bother me. Go up more on my toes and it starts to randomly twinge - although lying in bed and moving my leg slightly (with no weight on it) can do the same thing.
7:49pm, 1 Aug 2015
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Bad stomach, bad mood, got lost - a lot, got stung by something really mean, ran face first into a low branch, fell into a patch of giant nettles, ran out of water, bought diet 7up by mistake!!
9:52am, 2 Aug 2015
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it can only get better, Lili. at least you did it
10:20am, 2 Aug 2015
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12 miles on the coast path. Hot, even at 8am.
1:52pm, 2 Aug 2015
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Hideous - PW at a Half Marathon, loathed every minute of the last 4 miles or so :(
7:58pm, 2 Aug 2015
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Struggled to just over 5 miles...
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Drop in and tell people how you did on your run today. The clue is in the title really.