How was your run today?

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19 Sep
5:40pm, 19 Sep 2016
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It is a great event isn't it. I'll be back for my 3rd time next year but only 6 or 7 laps for me ;-)
20 Sep
12:51pm, 20 Sep 2016
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Six-and-a bit miles, fastest and bounciest outing since my last 10km race almost a month ago. I think I should have more rest days, and get a job that allows me to train at a time of day that suits me instead of having to shoehorn training into the scraps of time that are left over after work is done.
20 Sep
3:27pm, 20 Sep 2016
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Longest run in just over a year - aiming for an hour and it turned into 10 minutes over that. Felt bloody good!!
20 Sep
4:55pm, 20 Sep 2016
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First Fartlek run in yrs, happy days :-)
20 Sep
9:28pm, 20 Sep 2016
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Supposedly a recovery run with the club that ended up quicker than race pace....not sure how that happened!
25 Sep
1:26pm, 25 Sep 2016
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Walsall 10k on tired legs after yesterdays road relays. All was well until 8k when an evil fecking wasp stung me on the shoulder for no good reason and threw me right out of my rhythm! Stupid creatures!
25 Sep
1:46pm, 25 Sep 2016
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Junior parkrun with my little one Samuel who is 6 and did 2k in 19.59 his best time is 16.23
25 Sep
4:26pm, 25 Sep 2016
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Wednesday Mouse
First ever marathon completed! Couldn't be happier, it was brilliant from start to finish :-)
25 Sep
5:49pm, 25 Sep 2016
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Eynsham Red
Well done WM :-)

Furthest run for since 10k race last November. Ran the second part of a friend's Oxford half marathon training run. Lovely sunny afternoon. Acorns and conkers of the ground. Leaves starting to turn red/orange. Good conversation. Great time, and roast chicken later as well :-)
25 Sep
6:41pm, 25 Sep 2016
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Icelandic Trigirl
Great job, oh mousy one.

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