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The 5:2 diet

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1:03pm, 19 Oct 2015
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I don't train on fast days, apart from an hour of Pilates which doesn't use many calories, or sometimes just a short, easy run. I did once do a club speed session on the evening of a fasting day, and it was hell! Felt weak, couldn't keep up the necessary pace and actually ended up feeling a bit dizzy - I learned my lesson and wouldn't make that mistake again.
1:11pm, 19 Oct 2015
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That what Im afraid of Schnecke. Also, Im all for this 5:2 but not at the expense of training or just general sensibleness. (is that a word?:-))
1:16pm, 19 Oct 2015
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I admit it's a bit easier for me to schedule things these days, as I only do 6:1!
2:01pm, 19 Oct 2015
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I exercise on fasting days. Don't find it a problem. I cycled 35 miles last week on a fasting day, and I've run 4.7 miles today, which is also a fasting day.
2:25pm, 19 Oct 2015
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I think you're suppose to schedule your calories into your exercise - So you eat either before or just after to stop you feeling completely drained.

I run on the morning after a fast day before I have breakfast - it usually feels pretty rotten to be honest but it makes brekkie taste ace :-)

Couldn't imagine playing football on a fast day though...........
2:32pm, 19 Oct 2015
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I would exercise on a fast day if I couldn't get round it - found if I had a small snack, like some fruit, and made sure I was properly hydrated before and throughout, it was fine. Everyone's different though, so you won't know until you give it a go! :-)
5:00pm, 19 Oct 2015
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I think moderate exercise on a fast day is fine - I just wouldn't do anything too challenging, like intervals or similar, as I find that's just too hard for me, but others may not have a problem with it. You just have to see what works best for you.
5:19pm, 20 Oct 2015
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If I ran more than about three miles I would eat a quarter of the calories as a top up. If I swim or walk I don't bother.
8:57am, 2 Nov 2015
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I reckon I'll be back on this in a few weeks time - big race this weekend, then will give myself a week or two to relax after it (and eat, and drink mucho!). But then I think I need to get back on it - certainly nowhere near what I was at this time last year, but just getting to that 'flabby feeling' stage!
6:21pm, 2 Nov 2015
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I had a week off fasting after my marathon, but back on 6:1 again now - tonight I have a club committee meeting and there will almost certainly be cake, so I'll need to be strong as I'm on a fast day today!
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