The 5:2 diet

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9:12pm, 7 Apr 2016
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Well done Nick, 4lbs off for me this week, a good start me thinks :-)
3:08pm, 15 Apr 2016
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I've been watching this thread on and off for a while and I'm going to give this 5:2 thing a go, do you guys and gals find this improves your portion control on 'normal days' or do you find you don't have to think about it much?
3:24pm, 15 Apr 2016
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When I first started (a couple of years ago now) I was shocked at how little I could eat and still survive. This translated in an increased awareness of portion size on normal days ....... for a while. Can't say it changed the size of the portions I eat for too long though.

I just ended up not thinking about it on the 5 days. However, I will say this. My weight loss stalled using this approach until I started making better choices on the 5 days.

Good luck....
5:36pm, 2 May 2016
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I'm definitely going to get back on this - warmed up with not eating until about noon today, and will do first fast day on Wed. Might not do full 2 days each week, but after the amount I've been eating and drinking this past week, coupled with busting my knee during last ceilidh dance at my wedding and no exercise because of this, I need to do something!
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Anyone want to try it with me?

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5 days of 'normal' eating and 2 days eating 600 calories (men), 500 calories (women).
Fast days are best not done on consecutive days, unless you have amazing willpower.

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