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The 5:2 diet

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11:21am, 15 Jun 2015
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hello all. 5:2 didn't work out so well for me. I struggled with headaches and drowsiness and to add insult to injury, didn't lose an oz! After doing a bit of reading around, I found an alternative so last week I did 16:8, where I only eat between 12 and 8 am each day and fast the rest of the time. There are all sorts of claims of how your body starts to burn more fat after 12 hours but even if that's not true and it is simply down to a reduction in intake (essentially, I'm skipping breakfast (or breakfasts on some days :-O)) and therefore eating fewer calories. Whatever the reason, it seems to have done the trick and I'm 2.4lbs lighter than I was last week. I think I'll stick to this for a while to see how it goes. No headaches and only mild hunger pangs during the morning until I eat normally at lunch :-)
12:43pm, 15 Jun 2015
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well I'm back on the 5:2 this week , it worked well for me , until the week before marathon I decided it would be sensible to give it a break for the week of carb loading ;-) and then recovery week ........... this then turned into quite a few weeks of recovery and after I great week on Mallorca last week I need to stop the rot so I'm going to get back on the 5:2 wagon ......... when I did it earlier in the year I lost almost a stone but on fasting days I did no exercise , this week as plans go I will be exercising on both my fast days , nothing more than an hour on both occasions so i'll see how that goes ....... potentially i'll be in the red as far as calories go having only eaten 500 then exercise to the total of more than 500 .......... anyone else do exercise on their fast days or do you avoid it all together ?
1:04pm, 15 Jun 2015
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I've done easy runs and spin classes on fast days before & been fine - just make sure you drink plenty of fluids, as I did find after one class I had a headache. Will be back on 5:2 soon - recovery week last week, but will probably be so busy at work I won't have time to eat much!
4:18pm, 18 Jun 2015
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so exercising on Fast days hasn't actually been too bad , don't get me wrong , by many peoples stds I didn't exactly do loads but did a 15 mile bike ride on fast day number 1 and then a 4 mile run in the evening on fast day 2 , just a slow one with a recovering from injury mate but as I didn't weigh myself at the start of this week I wont really know my loss this week but can defo feel I've lost some , but will weigh tomorrow morning so I've got a starting point for next week ........... but feel happy that I'm back on the wagon
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5 days of 'normal' eating and 2 days eating 600 calories (men), 500 calories (women).
Fast days are best not done on consecutive days, unless you have amazing willpower.

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