The 5:2 diet

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9:57am, 19 Jul 2014
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That's srsly impressive, Argie. Might have to give it another bash myself.
10:08am, 19 Jul 2014
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Nice going :-)

Holidays and countless social events has seen me maintain my 23lb loss but not lose any more despite still fasting. I'd like to lose another 7lbs ideally.
3:03pm, 19 Jul 2014
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I used fitness pal set to 1 kg loss as well to keep me honest.
4:21pm, 26 Aug 2014
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Now at 75.6 kgs lightest I have been in recorded adult history. I climb on the bike like a mountain goat and I run so much easier. It was my goal for my A race and it's been achieve spot on to schedule.

Thanks Max.
4:26pm, 26 Aug 2014
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Blimey Argie, i just read back and saw you started at 87kg's, nice going.

Hope the race goes well, and you don't pile it all back on afterwards...
5:48pm, 26 Aug 2014
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Amazing. Well done!
9:31pm, 26 Aug 2014
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I am going to stick with the 5:2 for the health benefit and tinker with my calorie intake on other days to maintain a fairly constant weight.... hopefully :-)
9:48pm, 26 Aug 2014
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Yeah that's sort of what I do. I'm pretty happy with my weight now, still fast twice a week but eat loads the rest of the time :-)
6:28am, 27 Aug 2014
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This would be everything my dreams are made of!
8:46am, 27 Aug 2014
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A great loss Argie - In a positive sense of course - Well done :-)

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