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The 5:2 diet

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3:32pm, 18 Jan 2016
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I'm like that Gogsy - Don't miss brekkie but insist on a cuppa. Some 'fast' days I probably go over the 600 cals but not by much.
3:33pm, 18 Jan 2016
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Is it working for you bl?

has it become a habit?
3:37pm, 18 Jan 2016
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Yes - deffo working for me. My wieght had been edging upwards for years and 5:2 stopped it in its tracks and I lost about a stone and a half.

Since then my weight fluctuates a bit but has stopped the creep upwards.

As for habit , I tend to do it for a few months then take a break but when I am on 5:2 it does feel quite routine these day yes.

About the only thing I can't control is mood. Some days it just gets to me and I have to quit it and eat :-) Life's too short to be dieting AND miserable :-)
3:44pm, 18 Jan 2016
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I hear you, your last sentence is very relevant to me as well.

Good luck
3:45pm, 18 Jan 2016
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Ta, you too (however you choose to lose weight)
8:59am, 2 Feb 2016
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Have never had to concern myself with what I eat but then a need to wear a suit occured which showed I'd outgrown even my "fat suit". Only managed to button shirt collar 'cause it was Baltic in the church and everything had shrunk a bit ... 5:2 is the selected remedy. Have played about with it fir a week
9:02am, 2 Feb 2016
5834 posts
.... for a week. Logic seems sound. Just consume less than you are expending. FD not too bad although 2 FD B2B proved more challenging. Will see how things go from here ....
4:34pm, 2 Feb 2016
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Well done, JC, the first couple of weeks are the hardest. (B2B gets it 'over & done with' but tends to make me a bit grumpy by the end of it.)

If you can handle it - I know a lot who can't - a jar of Bovril can be a life saver to get you through the tough parts.

Good luck!
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Anyone want to try it with me?

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5 days of 'normal' eating and 2 days eating 600 calories (men), 500 calories (women).
Fast days are best not done on consecutive days, unless you have amazing willpower.

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