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The 5:2 diet

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3:53pm, 26 Sep 2015
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Interesting .......... only one post-fast day. Never thought of it like that ........

Schnecke, I don't train for marathons so I have no advice from that perspective. But perhaps try upping your protein intake, especially after a run. Might help you feel fuller for longer etc.
2:25pm, 27 Sep 2015
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Good advice there I think - thanks Sallykate and bigleggy. I do have a terribly sweet tooth, it's always been a weakness of mine. I should probably get back on the dates and apricots again - still loads of calories but not junk food, which is what jaffa cakes are! I have been conscious of not really taking in enough protein as I'm such a carb fiend - the 5:2 has been good for me on that score because it's made me realise that protein is better for making you feel full for longer!
3:55pm, 27 Sep 2015
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I've been doing 5:2 for about 3 months and have lost 18 lbs. I want to lose another 4, but going on holiday next week, so will probably put it on hold until I get back.

Well, when I say 5:2, it's more a 2:3:2. 2 days fasting, 3 days normal eating and 2 days weekend piggin'!

I don't do 2 fasting days together, but probably only have 400-500 calories on fasting days. I've got used too it now and don't find it too hard.
4:31pm, 27 Sep 2015
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I've just started this too - about to embark on week 3. Although I am trying to lose weight, I was particularly interested in the other advertised health benefits ( as shown on the Horizon programme). There's a high incidence of cancer in my family so anything that might help me to avoid it is worth a go.
4:50pm, 29 Sep 2015
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Well, last week was my first back on this after two years. I want to shift 4kgs to get me back to match fitness.

Despite my restricted days being lamentably half-hearted, I lost 2lbs.

This week a bit better. Even did an hour run on a restricted day yesterday.
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5 days of 'normal' eating and 2 days eating 600 calories (men), 500 calories (women).
Fast days are best not done on consecutive days, unless you have amazing willpower.

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