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The 5:2 diet

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9:44pm, 17 Nov 2014
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Starting up again ..... need to shift half a stone :-)
7:24am, 27 Nov 2014
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Been doing 5:2 on and off since seeing a friend's results last Christmas.
After having been more off than on (bit like my running really) I gave myself a good talking to last month and committed myself to it.
I have no idea how much I weigh and I don't really want to know - its all about the clothes fit for me - I finally seem to be getting results :-)
2:45pm, 27 Nov 2014
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Hello 5:2 peeps - on my second week, and it has felt a bit easier this week. I wanted to ask - have any of you donated blood on a fast day? I have a blood session coming up and it is on a Monday when I would normally be fasting - do you think this is OK, or should I move the fasting day to the following day instead?

3:00pm, 27 Nov 2014
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I'd definitely move your fast day. I don't think they'd let you donate if you'd been fasting.
3:01pm, 27 Nov 2014
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Schnecke I'm no expert here but I'd skip a fast day around the time of the donation, your blood sugar could get very low
3:02pm, 27 Nov 2014
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I did something weird the other night on a fast day... found myself chewing up my sons left over tea on Monday night and had to spit it out into the green waste. Am I going bulimic?
6:50pm, 27 Nov 2014
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Thanks for the advice - I had wondered if it might be sensible to move the fast day that week, or abandon it altogether. I'll see how I feel a bit nearer the time.

Argie - I did a similarly silly thing this morning when I absentmindedly sloshed a load of milk into my coffee then, realising I should be having it black today, had to tip it away and pour another cup!

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