My wife - latest news

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1 Oct
8:12pm, 1 Oct 2014
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Was glad to be there to help.

Look after yourself.
2 Oct
7:03am, 2 Oct 2014
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Derby Tup
Very best wishes to Stander and Janey
2 Oct
11:54am, 2 Oct 2014
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Just felt like leaving a big, fat, squishy hug here for you Stander!! xx
2 Oct
1:31pm, 2 Oct 2014
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Love the sense of humour re MOTM - I would have voted for you both ;-)
26 Jan
3:31pm, 26 Jan 2015
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Three years today. Junior and I are off to the graveyard this afternoon once he is back from school.
26 Jan
3:39pm, 26 Jan 2015
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Wishing you strength. And so pleased for your new found happiness. :-) G
26 Jan
8:22pm, 26 Jan 2015
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Ultra Sparkly Bridget (USB)
How is Junior getting on Stander?
26 Jan
8:33pm, 26 Jan 2015
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Three years... I'm sure in some ways it must feel like yesterday for you. I'm so glad you have found new happiness xx
26 Jan
8:34pm, 26 Jan 2015
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Derby Tup
Very best wishes Stander
28 Jan
10:00pm, 28 Jan 2015
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Loads of hugs xxxx

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Since my wife crashed on the ward last Friday and was rushed into the intensive care unit I have had...

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