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10:10pm, 8 Aug 2014
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I'm ok. It's just at work we are throwing together what help we can (it's what the point of our place actually is), and some of what we are doing just reminding me of what issues I had to deal with in 2012.

At the moment what help I am involved in sorting is being done remotely (I haven't seen the dad for a few weeks). I expect things might be a little more difficult when I actually catch up with him face to face.

But I'm happy to do so, even if it is bringing back things. It's repaying the help I got when I needed it in similar circumstances.

The world would be a much nicer place if we all did that a bit more often.
10:22pm, 8 Aug 2014
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((Stander)) It's good to know that poor man will have informed and compassionate help.
10:56pm, 8 Aug 2014
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Thinking of you and the poor man and his family x
7:43am, 9 Aug 2014
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Hugs Stander. A positive thing is that you will know what was useful, what wasn't and anything else that you could have done with.
8:15am, 9 Aug 2014
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Jesus seems like such a long time ago. I admire your strength.

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