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Bike maintenance for dummies.

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6:57pm, 26 Jun 2015
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Hmmmm. I wonder if I'm guilty of some colossal stupidity here? The edges of those "broken" teeth are very sharp. Please send me that picture!!
7:20pm, 26 Jun 2015
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I'm sending them to your FB account :-)
2:22pm, 2 Jul 2015
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Campagnolo alert!

Just changed chain with a buddy using a standard chain tool. Boy was it a faff! Have looked on wiggle for the proper tool and it £80-odd on wiggle. For something I might use once a year (now i know how!)

Any massive pitfalls in using a standard tool, apart from it being fiddly?
5:49pm, 2 Jul 2015
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What bit was fiddly? Did you use a powerlink type link to join the chain?

I have Campag on my road bike and just a basic chain tool; never had any problems. I use the KMC link thing to rejoin the chain. Am I missing something (or have I been doing it wrong)?
5:59pm, 2 Jul 2015
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The chain came with a hollow link and a pin thiny to guide it in. That was less than a milimeter the wrong size for the tool so kept going slightly wonky pushing it back in...

What's a KMC Link thing? do you mean I can use this instead of the campag linky hollow pin thing?
Link (roll over me to see where I go)
6:14pm, 2 Jul 2015
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That's what I use. Think there is an 11 speed version too, if you have 11-speed, obviously.

I like to have a couple with me whenever I go out, and a simple chain breaking tool, so I can make some sort of repair to a badly mangled chain as quickly as possible. As far as I remember the bike came with one fitted.

I'm sure somebody more knowledgeable will come along in a moment and explain in detail...
6:22pm, 2 Jul 2015
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They are much easier and actually stronger than pissing about with pins. And despite what They Say, cross compatibility is fine.
7:12pm, 2 Jul 2015
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Great, thanks chaps, that saves money and bother!
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