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Bike maintenance for dummies.

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10:59am, 4 Nov 2014
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right gang, need some confirmation before I go mad on wiggle...

If I want to swap a wheel in and out for turbo usage, I think need
A wheel 700c.
A freehub that is compatible with a 10 speed veloce Campag cassette (or a wheel with one pre attached)
A 10 speed campag cassette (think mine is 11-25)

Anything else? tools grease and inner tubes I have, a clue I do not :-)

(Winter tyres for outdoor wheel...will keep the reasonably well used tyre instead of investing in a turbo one for now. New tyres mebbe in the spring)
2:23pm, 4 Nov 2014
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I've never quite got the idea of a turbo tyre - just keeping an old one with holes etc seems like at least as good an idea to me.

If you are swapping wheels to avoid wear on the tyre and cassette the cost of a wheel & tyre & cassette will add up a bit, I would make sure I was using the turbot quite a lot before bothering to use a different wheel. All the more so if swapping to winter tyres, some of them are pretty tough.

Any cassette that is within the range of the rear mech will be fine; if you have 11-25 then another 11-25 or 12-23 will be ideal. If you change resistance by changing gear then the closer the ratios the better but you'll probably be in the middle of the cassette anyway (to reduce chain & cassette wear) so I doubt it matters much. If you change to a bigger big ring you might need to use a longer chain and/or adjust the derailleur so I'd avoid a wider ranging cassette if it was me.

Once I was sure I wanted to do it i'd go to the website of one of the bigger retailers like wiggle or evans or chain reaction and use their search tools (some better than others) to look for a cheap wheel with a campag 10 speed rear hub. Or buy one on eBay etc.

Other bits? I doubt there are any. Depending on the wheel you'll probably need some rim tape, it is pretty cheap. If you are buying the bits of the wheel and putting it together you could use some other tools but the wheel will come with the appropriate hub body already attached. Buying hub & rim & spokes would cost more than just buying the wheel already made up. The only tool you need is a pump - maybe some talc I suppose for fitting but it isn't usually required.
2:42pm, 4 Nov 2014
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I would use an OLD wheel for the turbo and fit a turbo tyre - they last longer and don't shed bits of rubber everywhere.
It's worth getting a new cassette for it (the cheapest you can - NOTHING with Campag written on it is cheap :( although Veloce isn't too bad).

Then get the new wheel (with new 10 speed campag freehub and cassette) for actual proper riding
While you are at it get a new chain and possibly new chainrings too

That way ALL of your drivetrain is the same age and amount worn (i.e. new!)
3:50pm, 4 Nov 2014
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I don't get that many bit of rubber flying off everywhere - must pedal harder!
3:56pm, 4 Nov 2014
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"Veloce isn't too bad." Does that mean you're still trying to sell bits of my old groupset, buzzy one? ;-)
4:17pm, 4 Nov 2014
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I meant it's not eye-wateringly expensive!! Raspberry!
4:55pm, 4 Nov 2014
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On a similar subject... I have plenty of old wheels lying round. One of them even has a turbo tyre on it. But they're all 10 speed and my bike is now 11 speed. I suspect that the simplest fix is to use my winter (10 speed) bike on the turbo, mudguards and all, unless anyone has any bright ideas*.

*Or use the rollers. But this may lead to injury or at least comedy videos...
4:59pm, 4 Nov 2014
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Thanks all - for now I've bought the winter tyres - this all started because I've used the turbo with well used tyres and they had a line of shiny on the rear. Felt rather slippy when going out in wet wet weather. So new tyres should help this and hopefully using the winter tyres on the turbo won't be too damaging or noisy. Too lazy to swap tyres every time I want to go out (although it would be good tyre changing practice, hmm)

Will see how much I use the turbo, and how much I can acquire an old wheel for :-)
5:27pm, 4 Nov 2014
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YP - I'd set up your winter bike on the turbo - simple!

Rollers are fabulous for riding skillz - so once you were more confident, I'd use your best bike.
8:23pm, 4 Nov 2014
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eBay is your friend JD for old wheels or LBS. Most of them have second-hand wheels lurking around. Rotec in Shinfield?

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