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22 Oct
1:20pm, 22 Oct 2016
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mr d
Seems to be, slows quickly when off the ground and freewheeling
22 Oct
1:48pm, 22 Oct 2016
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I suspect it is the bearing but it could be that it has shifted a bit hitting a bump.

If it was mine I'd take the wheel off and spin it with my hands holding each end of the axle - if it still slows then strip it and regrease and probably replace some worn bits. This is a fairly cheap job to get done at a good bike shop and can be fiddly so if you find getting the wheel out a hassle I suggest your local bike mechanic.
22 Oct
5:53pm, 22 Oct 2016
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Pou Pou LePhoõk
Is there a bit of up&down give in the middle of the chain (halfway between front and back cogs) - and is the amount of give consistent as you rotate the pedals?

If you take the wheel off and spin it in your hands, do it on a swivel chair, and you might go round in a circle as well.
22 Oct
7:19pm, 22 Oct 2016
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mr d
Into the lbs.

Didn't want to destroy it by trying to fix it. Or leave it and destroy my legs before my upcoming long run
22 Oct
7:20pm, 22 Oct 2016
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mr d
Also thanks all

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