Bike maintenance for dummies.

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9:40am, 29 Sep 2014
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The job it would need to do is replace a groupset ;-)

Have been doing some digging - it seems that the 2012 version of my frame is BB30 but the 2011 version (which I have) isn't.
9:59am, 29 Sep 2014
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Aha, found a reference to it being BSA 68mm shell.
7:16pm, 29 Sep 2014
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I could suggest a LBS that would not only do a reasonable price on a Shimano group set but would fit it as well. One issue with buying off the internet is making absolutely sure you buy the bits you need to fit your bike. Whereas if you buy from a bike shop not only do they do the leg work for that but it's their problem if they cock up :-)
7:28pm, 29 Sep 2014
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You also need to know if your front mech is braze on or band on and what size also take in the consideration of new handlebar tape.
8:13pm, 29 Sep 2014
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SW - still considering that option so may PM you (thought you were on holiday though Raspberry!). I'd kind of like to be able to do it myself, but not sure whether trying to do the whole thing at once is the best place to start! (My localest LBS is selling 105 for more than I'd pay for 6800 online which put me off using a shop slightly...)

Fairly sure I've worked out all the bits I need - current front mech is braze on but with a 34.9mm converter thing according to the internet. Just need to decide if I'm brave enough!
8:44pm, 29 Sep 2014
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I am on holiday but I am still connected to the Internet. ;-) I could go into the boring whys and wherefores that Shimano is reasonably priced at the moment but I can't be arsed typing it all. It's to do with the yen anyway.

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