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Bike maintenance for dummies.

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11:39pm, 1 Dec 2014
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Just a quick bit of advice needed if poss

I currently use yellow cleats on my shoes (Spd sl), and I'm due to get a new set as they are a bit battered. I'm thinking if getting red ones instead of the yellow, which I believe have less float. Are they that different? I've never liked the slidey feeling of the yellows, but then again I've been told that they stop numerous alignment issues with the side-play in them.

Modes anyone have advice on either or pref. both?

Cheers in adv.

8:31am, 2 Dec 2014
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I asked my LBS this very same question and was told to stick with Yellow unless track cycling as you do need a little bit of float to avoid knee problems especially cycling on uneven roads.
9:00am, 2 Dec 2014
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I got blue ones sort of by accident as I had been using red and didn't realise there was something to the colours. Think they are in between red and yellow and I've found them better than the red.
9:44am, 2 Dec 2014
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Didnt know there were blue, this may be the way forward if they split the difference.

cheers guys
9:51am, 2 Dec 2014
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If you don't like the feel of what you have there isn't much to lose by trying something else. Especially as a set of cleats is quite cheap.

Having said that they sell yellow cleats with most SPD SL pedals because for ordinary road cyclists Shimano think they will be the right ones & they know quite a lot about pedals. If what you have now works for you I'd be cautious with any experiment and prepared to swap back. Float can make a difference to knee pain i.e. the lack of float can cause it.

If you are going to try less float you don't need to go for the red ones, that are fixed in position with no float at all but alternatives between red & yellow are available. Shimano pedals are yellow = 6 degrees of float, blue= 2 degrees and red = no float but other cleats that will fit offer alternatives. Lifeline (wiggle brand) sell compatible ones with 4.5 degrees of float and I think that a few others are available if you look.
9:51am, 2 Dec 2014
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10:02am, 2 Dec 2014
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cheers winded, i didnt realise there were other branded products that would work with shimano cleats. Ill have a look at the blue ones, at 2deg that seems a viable solution.

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