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Bike maintenance for dummies.

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16 May
12:43pm, 16 May 2017
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Never mind all of this cassette changing im struggling with changing inner tubes on my road bike , mountain bike no probs but on the road bike either there is some beading sticking out over the rim or I get a bulge in the tyre.
What am I doing wrong knowledgable peeps ?
16 May
3:51pm, 16 May 2017
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Shanksi, just get a 39 inner chainring.
16 May
3:55pm, 16 May 2017
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These make refitting tyres to a road wheel MUCH easier. I've been cycling for 20+ years, and I use them all the time:
Link (roll over me to see where I go)

They make it easier to pull those last few inches of bead over the rim, without breaking your thumbs or losing skin.
17 May
9:19pm, 17 May 2017
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Stepford Wife
52-42 is pretty steep especially with a 25 on the back. Changing to a compact on the front (50-34) would make things much easier. And it's the length of mech rather than the hanger you need to consider. What speed is it?

Wildebeast - you've got much less room in the road tyre so you really need to tuck everything in tight. Get the tyre on, inflate a little, then have a look and make sure everything is tucked in. Then inflate again. Keep checking until you are sure everything is where it should be.

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