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Bike maintenance for dummies.

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9:11pm, 31 Jul 2015
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Thanks for the answer's the Marrin is about a Y2K model so pretty old and running 26" wheels. Think I might just go for a cheap set of Suntours for about thirty quid. I only want to use it for light trail and road work so rockshox's at a couple of hundred a pop aren't really what I want.

MM, my clip on tri bars had that blue gunk around the ends of the threads, not sure what it's called but in my former motorcycle days there were products around for stopping bolts working loose and not just locktight.

9:20pm, 31 Jul 2015
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Or go rigid which would save you weight. I think we fitted some 100 mm Rockshox recently which were about £130.

There's different strengths of lock tight stuff though? We tend to use the blue stuff for things that need to not come undone now but that you might need to remove. Rotor bolts are one example.
7:54am, 1 Aug 2015
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Thanks SW I moved away from rigid as my shoulder and wrist take to much of a battering riding one armed! I'll also go through the various Fb groups I use and see if anything S/H crops up. Any s/h bike stuff sites other the eBay recommendations?
5:50pm, 1 Aug 2015
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I tried loctite but it didn't work, so I've just plumped for ordering a new set of base bars. One day I'll manage to race this bugger!
6:06pm, 1 Aug 2015
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Actually if I think about it I have an old pair of Tora in a 26 I'm not using anymore - they are heavy right enough and not that brilliant a fork but I can't think I'll get round to using them again.
6:08pm, 2 Aug 2015
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Planet x came to my aid this morning with their sale email. Orderd a pair of 'top gun' forks for twenty quidreduced from sixty. They will be the same not very good thing but if they last another 15 years them is all good!
6:32pm, 2 Aug 2015
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They sound utterly terrifying. £20? eek.
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