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Bike maintenance for dummies.

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8:41pm, 7 Mar 2015
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Oh I don't know. There is definitely some serious eye candy at my LBS. A sleek little number wrapped in carbon. :-)
9:08pm, 7 Mar 2015
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Wrapped? Or carbon? Yesterday's bastard job was removing a carbon wrapped seatpost from a frame. My arms have proper DOMS from that ;-)
9:21pm, 7 Mar 2015
30399 posts
Bloke in my LBS is big fat hairy bloke ok if you like that sort of thing ;-)
9:38pm, 7 Mar 2015
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My not so local BS has a fetchie in it so I will be nice ;-)
7:13pm, 7 Apr 2015
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Quick bottom bracket question. I have alfine. As far as I can tell it just needs a standard shimano bb but if anyone knows for sure let me know! It is amusingly wobbly.
7:22pm, 7 Apr 2015
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Looks like it uses a standard 68mm external BB - but that's just from looking stuff up!
9:55pm, 8 Apr 2015
18403 posts
Shimano work with Shimano BBS, yep.

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