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7:40pm, 20 Sep 2015
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It's not like you have to replace your rims every week and if you are you be going through disc pads like anything that would work out dearer than rims.
7:41pm, 20 Sep 2015
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Canti's......... its that stupid unthreaded post you need to try to keep still once you have it in the right position, but tightening the bolt that holds it move the thing around.
Get it in position, tighten it, check it....... dam its out of position again. Start over
Plus theres too many different positions you can put the pad in, that it makes it next to impossible to match both sides
AND that fact that there is only a balancing screw on one side, whats that about. Put one on each side PLEEEEEEEEEASE.

When i can afford it, that bikes getting V Brakes. The cantis are 18 years old anyway
8:04pm, 20 Sep 2015
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Exactly WD. I find cantis need constant tweaking. You get them bob on and then two rides later they need attention. Don't miss them

Pads? I can't remember last time I changed pads. I think those brakes are about 18 months old now. And the replacements I'll be using are a tenner. Rims are £70 so I'm quids in so far.
8:23pm, 20 Sep 2015
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18 months same pads? all I can say is you are better skilled rider than I am. And I've had my share of cheap pads so i'll be paying that bit extra for official pads thanks.
10:50pm, 20 Sep 2015
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How often are you changing rims/wheels? The Racing7s I use as training wheels must be 7/8 years old with thousands of miles on and I can't say braking is noticeably poor on them.

I have discs on my crosser and mtb, and they do bite more than rim brakes. My concern is I can already occasionally lock the wheels on the road as is. Maybe on a commuter with cheap tyres on crap roads and poor drivers discs may help, but for most other road conditions rim brakes will do me fine - otherwise I'll spend more time replacing flat spotted tyres than I ever have on rims or brake pads.
10:53pm, 20 Sep 2015
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Idio - Shimano brakes with the servo run the pads quite far from the disc so there's no grinding away of the pads when you get a bit of mud stuck in there. And the replacement pads are decent ones. Just not that dear.
4:50pm, 22 Sep 2015
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away from the bickering, Changed out the cassette blocks this morning, in a spare five minutes i had which turned into a spare thirty minutes! I'm ye3t to pop the blocks back on the bike. My question is I spotted the blue glue on the retaining screw's that came out (well three of them) do I need this on or is it belt and braces? cheers
4:58pm, 22 Sep 2015
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You don't really need the loctite, rich.
the screws will oxidise themselves in quite nicely without it ;-)
3:56pm, 24 Sep 2015
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^ lol Brake blocks back in and tickety boo. First one took an age the next three about two minutes. Then they all came out again when I figured out why they have little tabs on them.

Took it for a blast and they worked well, think some bedding in is required and the rims need a better clean than they've had recently!!

But thanks for the advice.
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