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27 Jun
11:14am, 27 Jun 2016
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27 Jun
11:27am, 27 Jun 2016
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Whoops sorry how did they happen. Hello, would be grateful if you have any ideas why my chain falls off regularly, it's a recent problem, usually changing to small front ring (easy gear, think it's called that). Not a clue what to do, bike maintenance so far is limited to sorting flat tyres. Chain's done about 5000 miles. If I remember & change about mid-range of rear cog, it's less likely to happen...
27 Jun
11:32am, 27 Jun 2016
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Does this help?

Link (roll over me to see where I go)
27 Jun
3:56pm, 27 Jun 2016
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Thank you, just finished cleaning it now taking link ( great pictures ) to outside to bike. Be there a long time too 😀 I'll be very happy if I do it myself
27 Jun
7:59pm, 27 Jun 2016
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Adjust the lower limit screw on the front mech so the mech can't travel as far to towards the frame
28 Jun
8:04pm, 28 Jun 2016
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Getting there, also sorted out another annoying tick 😂

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