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4:20pm, 23 Aug 2014
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Agreed, Winded! I have used it in Presta valved innertubes, but like I said, it was fiddly to get in!!
4:45pm, 23 Aug 2014
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I have a Canyon so I have a bike with a funny i-lock headset instead of the more usual headset. I straightened my bars and dropped them a bit to see how it feels. I followed the instructions (twice)

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

The stem is secure on the steerer, the spacers below the stem are secure, the headset is smith but does not seem loose.

Because I have dropped the bars I now have a spacer above the stem and it has a lot f play. If I had an aheadset I'd have done it wrong to get this effect. (I know this from experience) but it seems like it is probably ok with this design.

Does anyone have experience of this? Looking at how it works common sense suggests it will be ok but reassurance is always nice!
5:06pm, 23 Aug 2014
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Guess the guy wasn't willing to do the fiddle :-(
5:14pm, 23 Aug 2014
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I just read my post - the headset is smith? WTF am I talking about. Smooth was the word I was aiming for.
5:41pm, 23 Aug 2014
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My valves are presta and this is the syringe I use.
Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Worth every penny makes topping up the fluid so easy.
5:59pm, 23 Aug 2014
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Bugger - THAT would have made it a lot easier!! :-)
7:07pm, 23 Aug 2014
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I've ordered one. It looks good.
8:56am, 27 Aug 2014
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Can anybody help? My off-side (left) crank bolt keeps unscrewing. About every 30 miles I have to stop and screw it back in again.

I've changed it once, I thought it was the bolt, but to no avail. IS it likely to be an axle/bottom bracket problem or shall I just "glue" it in?

On a possibly related issue, I do get horrible creaks and groans from the bottom bracket, particularly when the screw is loose...
9:59am, 27 Aug 2014
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You say "when the screw is loose" do you mean when the pedal has unscrewed a bit or is something else loose.

In any case (with the pedal screwed in, remember the left pedal has a left hand thread) grab a pedal in one hand and the frame in the other. Try to move the pedal in & out laterally. If there is any noticeable movement the bottom bracket needs servicing and you might need to replace bearings etc.

Before trying glue unscrew the pedal, clean the threads of the pedal and the threads of the crank it screws into, if you have some use degreaser and wash off with water. If not use wd40, if no wd40 or gt85 just use a rag. Put some grease on the thread of the screw and reassemble. It is a bit counterintuitive but grease can help the joint stay sealed; this is because it covers up minor imperfections and helps spread out the load when you tighten the threads, this allows you to do it up tighter. Quite a lot tighter, if you have a torque wrench you'll be surprised how much the max load on that thread is. - but obviously don't go mad & strip the threads or you'll have to buy anew pedal.
10:09am, 27 Aug 2014
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Thanks. The pedal itself doesn't come loose, it's just the crank bolt that unscrews. I haven't let it come right out or tried the pedal but will do so. I'm not really feeling any lateral movement in normal use, but will certainly try and push and pull it a bit...

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