North East local Races

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3 Feb
6:24pm, 3 Feb 2016
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I'm having to do tomorrow night
...hope they don't have the same probs as last year 😱
3 Feb
7:06pm, 3 Feb 2016
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oh dear, Results Base seems to have ground to a halt...
3 Feb
8:59pm, 3 Feb 2016
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I got in,bit slow but eventually it all moved.
3 Oct
10:49am, 3 Oct 2016
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A final year researcher is looking for runners in the north east to help with a project. Link (roll over me to see where I go)
3 Oct
4:15pm, 3 Oct 2016
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Hi Guys

I am Tracie the person who is looking for volunteers for a research project on injuries associated with running. As stated in becca7 post please have a look at the link it provides all the details.

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