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North East local Races

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8:21pm, 28 Jun 2015
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Good to see you this mornng Sue. It was a bit warm!
8:32pm, 28 Jun 2015
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Wasn't it! Ian was trying to make me run faster for the last mile, he's lucky I didn't knock him off his bike ;-)
11:23am, 29 Jun 2015
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Which FETCHies are running the Tyne Bridges this year? Really looking forward to ne of my favourite races and the usual crazy mad dash post work from Leeds to get there! :-)
11:36am, 29 Jun 2015
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I don't have a place Jovi. What date is it? If I'm around I'll pop down and cheer you all on :-)
8:18am, 30 Jun 2015
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It's on 7th July Sue.

Not got a place either but may be able to get down to spectate :-)
3:53pm, 30 Jun 2015
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Be great to have some shout outs. IF these temps keep up (which they seem to do as each of the Bridges races have been very warm) I will be wearing my Harrogate Harriers cropped top to run in.
10:25pm, 30 Jun 2015
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We could do fetch point. 😄
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