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North East local Races

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8:54am, 31 Aug 2015
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Old course was a doodle compared to the new, will be back again next year to try and beat my time
7:40am, 10 Sep 2015
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Hi folks, is anyone here considering "Morpeth 2 Newcastle", the marathon? I have a pre entry email thingy but a bit tentative. Furthest I've ran is a few metres further than a half... I have however been slinging entries in for 'The' marathon in London off and on for over a decade with no joy.

Any ideas on M2N
- elevation profile
- how many entrants there will be
- what will the weather be like (joke)
- anything basically...

Thank yoooooooooooou. Ta :-)
8:13am, 10 Sep 2015
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And another one...
- will it be officially recognised as a marathon on PO10, Runbritain etc? I think that's part of the licencing.
9:23pm, 10 Sep 2015
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Mark, I've entered already. They're planning a ballot but offer entries now if you register beforehand. There will be closed roads for the race giving you 5 hours 30 mins to do it. I saw something somewhere that said 3000 entrants (or was it 7000?!).
It should be good for Po10 or Run Britain...
8:00am, 11 Sep 2015
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Cheers Rob, will give it a think over the weekend. :-)

Spectating the GNR might sway me....
4:16pm, 11 Sep 2015
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That Morpeth 2 Newcastle marathon sound brilliant for my first marathon. Sunday is my first GNR. If it goes well I'll sign up deffo.
4:20pm, 11 Sep 2015
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Pants. According to the website ticket sales have ended and the ballot is next week. Disappointing. First I've heard of it.
2:46pm, 2 Oct 2015
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I just entered and although it initially said I'm only entering for the ballot, after I paid my notification email said that I have a guaranteed place as I'm in the first 6000 entrants..
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