cardiovascular diagnosis needed? (orrible pics sorry)

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9:53pm, 29 Jan 2013
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I don't know if long running tights would help, but at least it would cover his legs up...
9:56pm, 29 Jan 2013
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Don't want to disagree with anyone but Zombies have those sort of veins. Is he a Zombie? If so shoot him in the face.
10:12pm, 29 Jan 2013
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They are horrible enough for me, I hate things like that, not sure I even want to run with him anymore ;-)
10:20pm, 29 Jan 2013
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Compression hosiery?
10:23pm, 29 Jan 2013
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I was expecting worse too.
5:00pm, 24 Feb 2013
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There are a few weird and wonderfull things (collagen vascular disorders, ehler danlos etc) but most varicose veins are just varicose veins and best left alone
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