Aberdeen Fetch Mile- anyone interested?

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8 Sep
10:46am, 8 Sep 2016
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Oh no, who got stung?
8 Sep
10:52am, 8 Sep 2016
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mrs shanksi
I'll text you Tomsmum
9 Sep
11:28am, 9 Sep 2016
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Hope all goes well for the inaugural one tomorrow, andr3wht and I will make a trip out soon but I believe we are busy tomorrow. I think there are some people we know getting hitched :-D
9 Sep
2:42pm, 9 Sep 2016
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Good luck tomorrow, but Suzyloves surely you all could do a presentation wedding parkrun 😉
9 Sep
2:43pm, 9 Sep 2016
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*or even a pre
9 Sep
3:44pm, 9 Sep 2016
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Lip Gloss
Good luck tomorrow folks, I was going to come and do it but unfortunately Wednesday's run seems to have done for my achillies :-( so Rice tonight and if anything I will stick to the beach until Baxter's is past
9 Sep
3:56pm, 9 Sep 2016
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mrs shanksi
Sorry to hear that LG, hope it eases soon.

Thanks for the good luck wishes guys. And good luck to Metron_Nome and Duckinator for their wedding tomorrow, have a wonderful day folks xxx
9 Sep
4:40pm, 9 Sep 2016
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Thanks guys, we'll look forward to seeing you in stoney sometime soon. Sorry to hear about your Achilles LG, take it easy. And have a fabulous day tomorrow metronome and duckinator!!
9 Sep
6:25pm, 9 Sep 2016
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Lesley C
All the best to MN and duck for tomorrow :-)

Hoping to come over to Stonehaven in the morning, will hopefully see some of you then.
9 Sep
6:42pm, 9 Sep 2016
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Best of luck to the happy couple tomorrow.

And good luck for Stoney parkrun. It hardly seems 5 minutes since the idea was being thrown around. I'm sure it doesn't feel that way for those of you who have spent months organising. I'm sure it will be a resounding success.

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- Date: Sunday 13th December 2015
- Time: 1300 – 1500
- Location: Aberdeen Sports Village - Outdoor Track Lanes 1 + 2
- Cost: £40.00 / divided by number of participants. £3 a head max i reckon
- Kids free

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