Aberdeen Fetch Mile- anyone interested?

ATTENTION PLEASE (fetch mile information below):

Due to limited availability of the track and the mile organisers there is only one possible date for the next fetch mile (in the whole of May and June) so it has been booked for:

SUNDAY 8th JUNE, 12.00-2.00pm

If this is not a suitable date for most then someone else will need to take on the organisation as the current organisers cannot do it any other day that the track is available.

Race listing: Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Following discussion at the February mile, it has been decided to introduce a new rule for the next mile. Basically, we need enough people to turn up to make it financially viable. We can cancel without charge up to 2 weeks before but after that we have to pay. In February 20 or so people said they could come on the doodle, only 9 people came which made it a bit pricey per head.

SO, if you can come, add it to your race portfolio. Three weeks before the race we will look at the portfolio and decide if the numbers are sufficient to warrant going ahead with it. Anyone listed in the portfolio at this point will be kindly asked to still pay for their entry even if they cancel after this date.

I hope to see you all on the 8th June (if not before!).


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mrs shanksi
mrs shanksi
9:30pm, 1 Apr 2014
5858 posts
Oh. That's a pity.

JRitchie - I did get in the zone tonight - just ;-)
9:06pm, 8 Apr 2014
797 posts
Gosh; not much chat around here in my absence! Hello all...I have returned from the Maldives with a lovely husband, a great tan, and an extra stone in weight. There was a gym in our resort where I was able to do a few treadmill and weights sessions but that was no match for the prodigious amounts of food, wine and beer we consumed during the other 23 hours of the day :-) Went back to SRC tonight and it felt great to be running but where was everyone? No mrs s, WKP or JR meant that I couldn't hang out at the back and chat and I actually had to run fast - it wasn't pretty.
So what's the news? What has everyone been up to? We got the pictures back from the disposable cameras at the wedding yesterday and the best ones hands down, are from the SRC table :-)
9:14pm, 8 Apr 2014
743 posts
Looking forward to catching up with RWR and Kynon. I am in pre VLM training camp on the west coast. It's like Iten but without the altitude, climate, race track and Kenyans. However it is probably just as remote and it has added rain and teenager attitude.
9:26pm, 8 Apr 2014
17710 posts
Welcome back RWR. We were looking at the Maldives for my mum's 60th - it looks bloody amazing.

I have news......well my sister has news. Baby boy born 23:55 yesterday, 6lb 2.5oz. I am finally an aunty after a very long wait :-) He is perfect!!
8:47am, 9 Apr 2014
1499 posts
Wooohooo - welcome back RWR and Kynon - we have missed you! Although I am not standing next to you for the next few months until that tan fades. Sorry I wasn't at club last night, I let mr wkp go as I am running 22 miles today - last long one before the fling. If you're at a loose end this afternoon come and join us - running from town back, deeside way and Elsick Mounth. The SRC table had a lot of fun with the camera at your wedding :-)

Training camp sounds, erm, fun JR!

Congratulations on becoming an Aunty HP :-)

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