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Aberdeen Fetch Mile- anyone interested?

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6:29pm, 2 Apr 2015
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I'm doing Starthearn, provided my back-to-back in new role will swap that day with me!
9:15pm, 2 Apr 2015
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Clachnaben looks like it's free from snow. Some of the other hills around about have some though.
9:39pm, 2 Apr 2015
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Thanks for the update Lesley C.

Idle wilder I hope they swap
3:38pm, 3 Apr 2015
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Aberdeen fetchies- tomorrow I am supposed to be helping out with a trial run of a new proposed relay race ( Three of us are supposed to be running a few legs each, and being driven in between the legs, to rest out the route. It adds up to 9-11 miles each (in 3 legs), leaving Aberdeen beach around 10:15 am and returning around 15:30.

unfortunately somebody has just pulled out last minute, and it's not really worth doing with only 2 of us... anybody fancy it? snacks etc will be provided.
4:22pm, 3 Apr 2015
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Aw I did see that a while ago and would have loved to CS, but I'm on shift this weekend :(
7:53pm, 3 Apr 2015
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If I hadn't been away I might have been up for it, I could walk to the start within 10 minutes.
10:43am, 3 May 2015
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Another North East Fetchie in the MOM nominations. Now that's the sort of election worth putting your mark down for the local representative... :-)
10:34pm, 3 May 2015
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Voted. Go Quine.
9:22pm, 20 May 2015
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Hey everyone, just thought I'd mention something here about a new cycling group which has started in Stonehaven. They have a fb group called Stonehaven Cycling Club and they have planned rides on Wed and Thu nights and weekends. I was really nervous about going but I'm really glad I did, everyone was so friendly and we did 18 miles, even draughting etc. It's organised by Willie Tulloch and Emma Veitch who I know some of you know. Got my mojo back for Ride the North now :-)
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The SUNDAY 8th JUNE mile has been cancelled due to low numbers. We will look to rearrange something later in the year.

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