Aberdeen Fetch Mile- anyone interested?

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26 May
11:17pm, 26 May 2016
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Hi. Does anyone know when/if Dyce Half is taking place? Thanks.
27 May
7:04am, 27 May 2016
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It's planned to be, though still looking for a sponsor. Should be on August 14th
27 May
7:09pm, 27 May 2016
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Ooh, I like that one.
27 May
9:54pm, 27 May 2016
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Thanks. Couldn't see date anywhere. Was hoping to do it and that it didn't clash with anything.
19 Jun
10:40am, 19 Jun 2016
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Well its Stoney half marathon in 2 weeks and for the organisers of which I am one its squeeky bum time.

I know some of you will be there, if one or two are not running and think they might be at a lose end and would want to help in some capacity then please drop a note. We are doing OK for helpers so far but one or extra to cover and fill a couple of small spots would assist.

Looks nice out today hope a few of us are on the road (or nursing post WHY fatigue).
22 Jun
5:22pm, 22 Jun 2016
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Torry Quine
Went the distance mow I'm not gonna stop...
22 Jun
9:13pm, 22 Jun 2016
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Lip Gloss
Just a man and his will to survive....on jelly babies and spray of water ;-)
22 Jun
9:26pm, 22 Jun 2016
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I'll be a bit too far away this year. Might eventually get around to this one!
22 Jun
9:46pm, 22 Jun 2016
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mrs shanksi
I'm very excited about it. Loving the buff J. You are very buff ooer!
4 Jul
2:20pm, 4 Jul 2016
First-time poster!!
Is there another Aberdeen Fetch Mile being organised? Sounds like fun! :-)

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- Date: Sunday 13th December 2015
- Time: 1300 – 1500
- Location: Aberdeen Sports Village - Outdoor Track Lanes 1 + 2
- Cost: £40.00 / divided by number of participants. £3 a head max i reckon
- Kids free

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