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My name's Duffo and i'm an....Archers Addict

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10:52pm, 5 Feb 2016
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Just when I thought Rob couldn't stoop any lower. Involving Henry :( What does he want? What is he wanting to happen? Is it just a control thing or does he want to destroy her and just end up holding the baby?
And did she collapse at the end of tonight's episode?
So many questions.....
11:23pm, 5 Feb 2016
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He prompted her to use the till. I think he'd done something to make it go wrong. She was already upset by - well, everything, and I thought she just ran off.

I don't think he has any interest in Henry at all. It's all about his power over her, Henry's just a pawn.

Although (and I have zero experience of this) it all seems very well written in terms of the interactions between them I do think there would be more external concern from her family at this point and I hope that will come out before too long. Pat is being ridiculously trusting of Rob. Tom might be a better bet as he's seen how cowed she is with him. And we know Kirsty's going to take it slowly.
12:29am, 6 Feb 2016
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Helen's always been a bit fraught though. While Rob is being a git, and twisting the knife earlier in the episode with Henry, I'm not sure you can say he had deliberately messed the till up. When we're feeling stressed and under pressure, we make mistakes more, and react badly to them.

By no means defending Rob, I just think that he's not always setting mantraps for her like messing up the till, more taking advantage when she makes a mistake and gets stressed about it given her fragile state at present, he uses these moments to manipulate her further.
7:48am, 6 Feb 2016
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I'm fascinated by what goes on in his head. Does he set out with the conscious thought "I'm going to control and humiliate" and then deliberately plan the details, or is it an unconscious behaviour pattern learned from watching his parents in childhood?
9:06am, 6 Feb 2016
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That's what I wonder HB.
9:33am, 6 Feb 2016
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Or is it merely a rather wobbly storyline?
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