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My name's Duffo and i'm an....Archers Addict

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8:12am, 26 Nov 2014
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I've stopped listening except by accident.
8:15am, 26 Nov 2014
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I feel a bit embarrassed now to admit I am still listening even though I don't really want to ;-) It's a bit like how I feel when I go shopping at Lidl but I take the Waitrose bags for life.... :-)
4:01am, 1 Dec 2014
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I have spent a bit of time reading back through some of your posts, and i do agree that the Archers that i know and am addicted to is changing...the new Tom and Charlie sound very similar, and to be honest there is this element of a cull of the longstanding characters who are either being replaced by new voices or are being written out alltogether.

I just finished listening to this week's omnibus and i will continue to listen, but these changes are proving difficult to
1:26pm, 2 Dec 2014
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I caught the end of the ominbus on sunday. Why did they feel the need to replace Tom with someone who could "act". Every phrase that came out of his mouth was completely over the top with dramatic pauses galore. bring back the old bloke with his whiny voice.
9:21pm, 9 Dec 2014
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Looks like the tide is turning against the Brookfield archers...
9:29pm, 9 Dec 2014
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