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My name's Duffo and i'm an....Archers Addict

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4:44pm, 15 Jan 2015
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My most annoying character ever is Christine Barford - but that's probably becasuse the actress is SO crap. There are a fair few not-much-cop actors in The Archers but she takes Keeper's* biscuit.

* another one for true aficionados there.
4:45pm, 15 Jan 2015
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James and Loonie are also crap.

And New Pip sounds like Baroness Warnock.
4:50pm, 15 Jan 2015
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I find every single member of the Grundy family intensely annoying. I include Emmur in this.

However Kate is in a league of her own in slappability.

Look, I'd stopped listening and just randomly caught a couple of episodes this week. I'm not 'back'. ;-)
4:53pm, 15 Jan 2015
22098 posts
Course you're not. You can handle it ;-)
4:59pm, 15 Jan 2015
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* Wonders if it is safe to read thread as I secretly listen to the omnibus when out running*
My secret is out.
5:19pm, 15 Jan 2015
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With a fast moving, drama packed, daily soap like the Archers there are bound to be spoilers Surelynot.

Safest to only check in after your long run on Sunday.

Otherwise you risk hearing Bert Fry's plant choice advice to Carole Tregorran.
5:52pm, 15 Jan 2015
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That's what I fear Sharkie. It would be shame to stumble on how Bert's poetry is progressing. Sunday wouldn't be the same.
6:34pm, 15 Jan 2015
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Kate is such a great character, dreadful person but oh so real!

Well done to old Emma on her Oscar nomination.
7:39pm, 15 Jan 2015
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Given Sean O'Editor getting rid of the 'old' actors in favour of 'properly trained' actors - I love the fact that Felicity Jones went to Oxford, not RADA :-) (I know she's not one of the ones he got rid of, but still - makes you think, eh? )

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