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My name's Duffo and i'm an....Archers Addict

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5:10pm, 30 Apr 2015
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I am totally pee'd off with yet another volte-face in characterisation here. Up until now what we've seen of Jess was someone reasonably level-headed, pleasant, etc etc. Suddenly she's getting pregnant from 'having a fling', really quite manipulative and needy? I can't shake off the feeling that the editor/scriptwriters have completely given up on credible characters and have moved into farce rather than drama.
7:55pm, 30 Apr 2015
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Let's hope it is just the build up to Rob getting his just deserts ...
7:15pm, 29 May 2015
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Oh - how awful.. all that suspense and on Linda's birthday too.
Let's hope Lillian's Incredible Journey theory is correct after all.....
7:26pm, 29 May 2015
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I'm not listening anymore, (again ;-)) Baroness, but just following it via the Archers Appreciation group on FB.

Scruff coming back is more likely than the speed with which everything but the Bull seems to have dried out, the fact that Will and Ed are reconciled and the total nonsense about the culvert blocking.

No, I'm really not following it all closely :-)
10:24pm, 29 May 2015
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lol @ LazyDaisy! It's the fifteen-minute 'fix' that does no real harm but still has its own cold turkey component. :-)
9:54am, 30 May 2015
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:-) LD

I'm very surprised that Scruff isn't microchipped to be honest. I'd really have thought that Linda of all people would take her pet owning responsibilities more seriously, which would have saved her the distressing trip to the dog pound yesterday.

Given that microchipping is going to be the law soon I'm sure this storyline will build in that piece of public information somewhere......!!
1:59pm, 30 May 2015
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I gather from the FB page that Scruff was originally Dan's dog (I didn't know that) so it makes it even more unlikely that he wouldn't have been chipped, given that Alistair's a vet and all. And you're right, the Lynda we know and love would most certainly have made sure he was chipped.
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