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My name's Duffo and i'm an....Archers Addict

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1:49pm, 15 Nov 2014
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Tony will survive and, in the manner of that bloke off Downton, will magically regain the use of his legs. The SWs have form in ducking following through potentially interesting storylines (Bethany's Down Syndrome for example) and the trials of a paraplegic farmer will be too much for them.
4:23pm, 15 Nov 2014
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This for me reads Tony is crippled, new Tom comes back to save the farm, Johnny is banished for being too eager back to Eammon and Sharon
10:12am, 16 Nov 2014
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I think Jonny will stick around because Pat will want him there but he and Tom will hate each other
7:19pm, 16 Nov 2014
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How come Tony's accident happened on Thursday afternoon and we're now on Sunday night and yet not only has Tom not yet managed to get back to Ambridge, there's not even been any suggestion that he is a) on his way, b) being kept up to date with news about Tony c) even knows that the accident has happened.

I find that very hard to believe.......
8:11pm, 16 Nov 2014
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Tom would most likely blame Tony for getting the cows in the first place, he was always against them as they were a disease risk for his pigs!
8:32pm, 16 Nov 2014
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Even so - not to even have Pat at his bedside mention him along with everyone else on her list of people who were thinking about Tony just beggars belief.....
9:34pm, 16 Nov 2014
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Tom comes back (as we all know he is due to recent actor change), blames Johnny for the accident and falls out with Helen for giving up her business for Rob and for leaving Henry on the day of the accident. Tony, in recovery, tries to keep the peace whilst Pat frets pathetically in the background, trying to reason between Tom and Tony falling out about the blame game/cow situation. Helen feels even more isolated from her family and relies even more heavily on Rob, further compounding his control over her and Henry (just in time for his sprog to Ex arriving). Johnny, as a result of the blame from Tom, goes off the rails and only stays because of his guilt about Tony and Pat's desperate attempts to keep him in Ambridge, leading to Johnny having suicidal thoughts and possible attempt on his own life, just like his poor deceased dad that he never knew. Cue much repentance from Tom (which will inevitably be short lived) and a potential eye opener for Helen, with Rob going all psycho stalker on her.

That should keep them going until the Christmas disaster storyline.
11:22pm, 16 Nov 2014
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Don't know why they don't just play the EastEnders theme music at the end of each episode these days.... *sigh*
7:34am, 17 Nov 2014
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Leave it Baroness, it's not werf it :-(

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