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18 Jun
9:07am, 18 Jun 2016
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It's not impossible to think that Helen might never want to get involved with a man I guess. But I'm not sure the fellow con will be the one. I think there is more mileage in the friend coming to visit Helen in Ambridge as because there's no room at Bridge Farm, she has to stay at a local B&B (Lynda Snell's) preferably when Baby Mungo is visiting with his parents and to the horror of all Ambridge, Mungo and Jayden become best pals ;-)
24 Jun
9:06am, 24 Jun 2016
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:-) at Mungo and Jayden becoming BFFs.
D'you think Joe has secretly been banging nails into the water pipes for the last 6 months, and that's why there's a crack and the 'bath water' was brown? Either that or he's put a dead ferret in the water tank.
24 Jun
9:21am, 24 Jun 2016
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Too Much Water
Adam Macy beats David Archer in the EU debate then
24 Jun
11:14am, 24 Jun 2016
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Mazlin you could be spot on there.....
24 Jun
11:54am, 24 Jun 2016
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He's definitely up to something
27 Jun
9:12pm, 27 Jun 2016
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Too Much Water
Think Mazlin has nailed it.

My Kaz and Helen theory is gaining more credence

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