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26 Nov
7:38am, 26 Nov 2016
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And just this morning, on the 6:30am farming programme, there was an item about a farm in West Dorset where they're turning milk into vodka (using the same procedure as Genghis Khan's folk). I wonder if the Agricultural Story Editor was listening? It's got to be a joint enterprise for Pip'n'Tobes, surely?
26 Nov
9:55am, 26 Nov 2016
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"An everyday story of moonshine folk."
26 Nov
10:16am, 26 Nov 2016
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Not if David evicts them it won't be......... ;-)
26 Nov
10:18am, 26 Nov 2016
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Indeed! :-)
29 Nov
7:15pm, 29 Nov 2016
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Too Much Water
Jill needs to wind it in. She's going to be exiled to the Laurels by Christmas if she's not careful. The only thing that will save her is David's greed to gulp down all of the cakes and casseroles she can still produce.

Bloody photo shoot crap still not over, this awful storyline feels like it belongs to the Grundy family.
30 Nov
7:30am, 30 Nov 2016
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I wondered if this storyline is a lame attempt to turn the Carters into the Grundys too, TMW. As well as poking not-very-pleasant fun at Susan. Susan is one of the great 'characters you love-to-hate', but this is just too unsubtle.

I *still* find the Pip actress' speech intonations and inflections really annoying.
30 Nov
8:18am, 30 Nov 2016
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I agree LD. Mind you, now that Kiera has presumably thrown up all over Susan's dress I imagine the photo shoot may get cancelled and the dress won't be going back to the shop either......
30 Nov
10:12am, 30 Nov 2016
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We had a family photo shoot last week. Outdoors. In the rain. It was muddy. Susan would not like the photos. I love them.

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