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My name's Duffo and i'm an....Archers Addict

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10:06pm, 18 Feb 2015
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All quite possible AA....

And perhaps hidden in Dan's diaries will be the stories of the hidden springs/wells under the very route that the road is intended to go through
11:55pm, 20 Feb 2015
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So David's lost the plot I think...
11:01am, 21 Feb 2015
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I think so too MissC - the stress of the move, the financial implications for what they want to do at the new place plus the money for all the siblings AND it's all happening at lambing time when sleep deprivation plays havoc with the mind (Fellrunning's blogs are testament to that!). I suspect the deal won't actually be called off until Kenton and Jolene are safely in the air in their first class seats oblivious that the windfall that will pay for it isn't going to happen :-O
11:41am, 21 Feb 2015
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Massive Archer rift coming up. Shula can't expand stables, Kenton can't buy pub, Lilian has to sell pub to someone else (Justin Elliot?). Fallon's stupid business not starting up a blessing as I'm sick of the vintage this and reclaimed that bollocks storyline!

11:56am, 21 Feb 2015
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Or better still... Lilian sells the Dower House to Justin Elliot and moves in permanently with Brian and Jennifer.....BRING IT ON ;-)
1:49pm, 21 Feb 2015
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Ooh I like it Baroness! I Awwwwwwwwww! Lilian :-) though I almost had to cast her aside when she went through that nonsense with Paul and the truly appalling Brief Encounter episode in Cheltenham railway station café of all places :-O
2:43pm, 21 Feb 2015
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I couldn't agree more LD....Brief Encounter is one of my favourite films but that episode was utter rubbish.

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