North West Fetchies Talk Rubbish Thread

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15 Mar
12:55pm, 15 Mar 2017
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Jono wants me to build a house out of a boat on a desert island.

I suspect he's heard of my recent weight gain and plans on not starving to death :-O
16 Mar
7:41pm, 16 Mar 2017
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Steady Edina
Brown sauce on cheese on toast is lush
17 Mar
8:18am, 17 Mar 2017
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If I'm feeling flush I may even go with some country ploughmans chutney.
17 Mar
4:14pm, 17 Mar 2017
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ooooo la de dah !

Whats wrong with Branston ?? You've changed since you won MOTM ;-)
19 Mar
12:22pm, 19 Mar 2017
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lol - its all gone to me head

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All welcome to talk about don't even have to be from the North warned though....these people like to talk about ironing and cakes

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