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1:18pm, 19 Jul 2014
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maybe a 100 years ago? I mean look at Parkgate, LOOK at it, you know you want too
1:35pm, 19 Jul 2014
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I can see parkgate from work
3:10pm, 19 Jul 2014
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Well yes it is more believable 100 years ago and I know Southport has had several coast roads as the sea gets further and further away! Maybe the oldies are on to something, when the rest of the country is sinking/ flooding, Southport will be the only bit left poking out
6:25pm, 19 Jul 2014
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Maybe. You can see park gate in the distance and you can't get the ice cream. Torture
9:38pm, 19 Jul 2014
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True... Our school field is directly opposite Parkgate but I won't be seeing it for the next six weeks...did I mention I'm off work? ;-)
11:16am, 20 Jul 2014
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Park gate ice cream :-) me and Joe are off to Loggerheads tomorrow
9:04pm, 20 Jul 2014
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LF (et al) my tests have all come back clear so not coeliacs or colitis.
Now on a gluten free diet till sept when I'm due in clinic.
They want to see how it responds- they seem to be think non coeliacs gluten intolerance.

Early signs are favourable.
I no longer require to be with in a short sprint of a loo at all times.
My energy levels and general well being are improving and for the first time in years I'm not getting as bloated.
Let's see if it continues........
10:19pm, 20 Jul 2014
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Here's hoping
9:35am, 21 Jul 2014
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that sounds all good sioux
12:46pm, 21 Jul 2014
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Good news. Oh is coeliac and lactose intolerant... We've been exploring the joys of almond, coconut and hazelnut milk :-)

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