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North West Fetchies Talk Rubbish Thread

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9:21am, 30 Oct 2014
10414 posts
Aww, what a nice story JK :-)

Yes sioux, lark about. As often as possible. I need to follow this advice myself actually.
3:55pm, 30 Oct 2014
930 posts
Butlins eh?

The pontins near southport looks like a concentration camp - Molly J was horrified when I explained it was where some folk went for joliies, that girl has been spoiled.
4:55pm, 30 Oct 2014
18175 posts
I've been toiverpool One today with FetchHead.
4:56pm, 30 Oct 2014
18176 posts
Liverpool even.
And I didn't get shot.
I did get ripped off in the car park tho.
5:39pm, 30 Oct 2014
2108 posts
Don't let Sioux visit..she makes you run fast (well faster) 😓🏃
6:08pm, 30 Oct 2014
18177 posts
You loved it T39 and don't pretend otherwise.
8:28pm, 30 Oct 2014
5281 posts
Took your advice today Sioux, did me run early before we went out :-)
8:39pm, 30 Oct 2014
5943 posts
I'm in London. It's heaving by the tower but the poppies look amazing
9:15pm, 30 Oct 2014
11436 posts
Rain in London too eh?
10:22pm, 30 Oct 2014
18179 posts
Nice one 'leggy I'm impressed. :-)

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All welcome to talk about don't even have to be from the North warned though....these people like to talk about ironing and cakes

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