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North West Fetchies Talk Rubbish Thread

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5:44pm, 20 Jun 2015
18571 posts
I enjoyed both but have a score to settle with Manc.
I want to get round without visiting the 'facilities'.
Tho hopefully the sub 4 will come in Chester in Oct
11:28am, 24 Jun 2015
5517 posts
:-) My pic is on the homepage today :-)
12:55pm, 24 Jun 2015
2474 posts
Like it leggy -like it alot
12:57pm, 24 Jun 2015
5518 posts
Ta - something a bit different innit :-)
1:07pm, 24 Jun 2015
2475 posts
Toilets that's what's needed.
10:45am, 30 Jun 2015
5521 posts
Jono - it's your turn for front page glory today.

BTW - Sioux - was that your work on Granada News last night ???

Link (roll over me to see where I go)
2:38pm, 30 Jun 2015
2518 posts
I'm in Bolton and the sun's out :-O
2:39pm, 30 Jun 2015
2519 posts
Nice article well done Sioux and colleagues
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About This Thread

All welcome to talk about don't even have to be from the North warned though....these people like to talk about ironing and cakes

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