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11:23am, 10 Feb 2015
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When does grief become depression? Is it the point when your first thought in the morning isn't remembering but wondering how you're going to get through another day's work and actually manage to do something useful. Struggling today :-(
12:28pm, 10 Feb 2015
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(((Shyfire))) I don't know the answer to your question, but it does sound like a GP visit would be a good idea xxx
1:11pm, 10 Feb 2015
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I've read that grief/loss can be a trigger for depression. How long has it been?
4:14pm, 10 Feb 2015
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It's been 8 weeks and thought it was getting easier but the last few weeks seem to be going backwards. GP is the sensible thing I know but been putting it off since had only registered with the practice never been. Plucked up the courage to phone today and have an appointment in a weeks time.
4:25pm, 10 Feb 2015
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Making that phone call is hard, due to the avoidance strategies we develop, so well done for doing it.
4:46pm, 10 Feb 2015
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shyfire - consider ringing Cruse as well - they are excellent on the grief/depression interface
3:45pm, 12 Feb 2015
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I had a Black Dog his name was Depression Link (roll over me to see where I go)
11:55pm, 12 Feb 2015
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Good post Ian. Have seen if before, so good to be reminded.

Interesting that I believe that it was Winston Churchill who first wrote about the "Black Dog"
12:51pm, 18 Feb 2015
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I'm sorry to jump in with a question randomly; I've watched this thread for a long time but I've never been ready to share anything. Still not quite sure I am, but give it time perhaps.
I was wondering if anyone here has had experience with being declined for life insurance, due to reasons relating to MH conditions past or present?
12:00pm, 20 Feb 2015
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RWR - not personally, but husband has recently been told he would not now get various types of insurance due to his ongoing spell of mental ill health. Luckily however he already has far more insurance than anyone really needs.

Mind has some information here Link (roll over me to see where I go)

In other news I have written a buddies-only blog on our current situation if anybody is interested.

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