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3:44pm, 6 May 2016
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Reckon it does help Duracell

Its Friday too :-)
10:37pm, 9 May 2016
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Trin - I feel for you. i moved 9 months ago and had to start all over again fighting social services for my autistic son and then my mum ended up in hospital at Christmas twice and died in February on my husbands birthday. Have been on on AD since September as was struggling.

Think unless you have suffered from depression then you can understand how your partner etc is feeling.

i'm miss my mum badly. Feel guilty that I didn't spend enough time with her.
3:36pm, 11 May 2016
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Thanks Tracey, try not to let guilt add to what you're already going through though x

It's slightly different for me, my mother never wanted me in her life, she walked out and left when I was just 7. I tried a few times to have a relationship with her but each time she told me in no uncertain term to bugger off.
My dad wasn't much better and remained friends with someone who abused me as a child.

Both parents are dead now, but I feel that I've missed out on getting the closure I felt I needed because I was kept from their funerals.

Nothing can change that now though.

A little update, I've booked a GP appointment for wednesday 25th when we're back in the UK. I'm also going to stay an extra week on my own when husband returns to Spain, so I can have some me time, catch up with friends who I miss dearly etc.
And, I've started yoga her in Spain, I went to my second class today and it was amazing, I really connected with the teacher. I'm going to another class tomorrow and again on Friday, both by different teachers. I have a gut feeling that it will help in some way.

I've also had an email from my daughter, not a particularly friendly email but there were photos of my grandson attached, so that's something.

I hope the recent sunshine in the UK is helping you all, even if it's just a little xx
12:07pm, 12 May 2016
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Hi Tracey and Trin

Tracey I can feel your pain. My wife and I also battle with social services / schools regarding support for one of our mildly autistic kids who is 8.
I think this one can be tougher on Mums dealing with the school to be fair...I seem to come into action when things reach close to breaking point..

Trin - Good for you - sounds like some sunshine is creeping in :-)

My own experience with parent relations is that neither I nor my brother could survive the ones we had, and so after much trying for many years, both with and without support from therapists, I took the tough decision to end the relationship years ago.
It was a really tough decision with many implications that stretch to this day, but the right one for me.

I was kept from my Grandfathers funeral who died 5 days after our first was born (he was the stable influence on me and my brothers upbringing) so think i can understand your comments about closure Trin.

I wish you both strength and warmth through the bumps and out into the freewheeling bits
2:21pm, 15 May 2016
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Thanks Claypole, I think so too.

Did anyone see this, it's so sad but hopefully Sallys writing about depression will help others
Link (roll over me to see where I go)
2:31pm, 16 May 2016
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Jeepers, just read your link about Sally Brompton, yes very sad.

It would seem she'd been suffering for a prolonged period - since 2003? if I've understood that correctly.

Feels to me as though some of the stimga attached to depression melts away a bit when I read about famous or successful people who are open about their struggles - like Stephen Fry and Robbin Williams

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