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12:14pm, 27 Apr 2016
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Gf, well done being brave getting off the meds. For me its a balance of portly and happy, or slimmer but desperately sad, angry, confused and scared. I'm carrying on
12:19pm, 27 Apr 2016
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It seems that's also a choice I will need to make.

The being portly makes me sad, and running/cycling hard, plus feeling physically so tired and crap on them also makes me sad. But generally happier overall.

I genuinely am not sure what to do. Physically crap or mentally crap?!

12:29pm, 27 Apr 2016
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What antid's I don't ever seem to have gained or lost unless actually very stressed and/or depressed.
12:32pm, 27 Apr 2016
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Sertraline. I didn't think they made you put on weight, but ALL mine is directly linked with them, and since playing around on google, it seems to happen to a lot of people
12:40pm, 27 Apr 2016
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Never had that one.
I've been on fluoxetine and now citralapram

Feel for you. It's a hard choice
Can you go back to GP to discuss options?
12:45pm, 27 Apr 2016
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I guess so, but I guess they can't make the decision for me :-///
1:04pm, 27 Apr 2016
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Fluoxetine knocked me out. Even driving wasn't safe (I do 35-40K miler per year). Citalapram wasn't as bad. Sertraline is okay. They all seem to give me the munchies though. A combination of feeling happier / safer / less stressed plus increased appetite is a formula for weight gain Oink!
9:23pm, 27 Apr 2016
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When I asked my GP about coming off ADs the response was unless I was feeling "over the moon" not to. But then is "over the moon" realistic?
So the weight goes on, I struggle with running so it goes on more.
People ask about my weight, but I don't want to tell everyone that I'm on meds.
That said, I seem to control my weight simply by using public transport instead of the car. More walking to bus stops and train stations.
10:01pm, 27 Apr 2016
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Going to see doctor tomorrow. Despite being reasonably healthy food wise, and really upping my training, I am seeing no difference on the scales. Mine is definitely sertraline - considering asking for a move to duloxetine. Dr Google suggests this the the AD least likely to cause weight gain;-)
Does anyone have any experience of it?
South Coast Pete - I have been on and off meds for a while now. Generally 6 months if feeling good is required to try and avoid relapse.
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