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11:49pm, 21 Mar 2015
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But I'm Fckd, by estranged partner, daughter,Stepson, and nil communication! I just dont understand what I have done so bad? I've stayed away and not mithered for 6 weeks!
6:58pm, 27 Mar 2015
First-time poster!!
I feel trapped in life by people I love, my children, my husband.
So I'm forced to live even when it feels too painful to go on
8:44am, 28 Mar 2015
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My wife has shared your thoughts Mix. Wish I could offer more than "she's doing really well now" but she really is and I hope you find something to give you hope.
3:45pm, 28 Mar 2015
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For some reason I keep hearing Robbie Williams song 'Feel' this week and there's a line that sums how I'm feeling up well. Think a few of you will 'get' it.........

I don't wanna die but I ain't keen on living either.

Tho that said im a bit better than a week or so ago.

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