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10:32pm, 28 Jul 2015
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Lurkers united TT? Sounds like a viable alternative to the Fetch vest :-)
9:09am, 29 Jul 2015
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The run felt awful at the time, I've really lost a lot of fitness (although I do another sport 3 times a week) but I think it's the confidence to keep going that has gone. I am glad I managed it though, it's a start!

Well done on the cycling SCP, and more so for managing with clip-ons! I can never use them when I panic in traffic or at lights and just fall sideways...

BF and I had an evening in watching a film but I couldn't work out how to bring up how down I feel. He doesn't know how to ask either, so it's catch-22. The problem is that I'm not shifting some of that unhappiness onto how I feel about the relationship, and I'm scared of ruining it, so I know I'll end up putting on a happy smiley facade to cover it up :(
12:10pm, 29 Jul 2015
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Oh I haven't tried the clips on in traffic yet, that will be another adventure!

Describing how you feel is difficult SF. Perhaps setting some time aside once a week so you can both describe how you feel might be good?

Its not ruining it, but at the sametime you need to get across how you feel. No point staying unhappy for the sake of a relationship.

I've done that before. :(
8:22pm, 3 Aug 2015
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If only it was that simple eh Fozzy? I get that sometimes with cancer although relatively speaking I am generally quite upbeat. I am not sure if there is a process to take you from negative to positive thinking. Maybe you ought to embrace the negative attitude this is who you are and maybe your life experiences, upbringing and maybe a little bit of genetics have shaped you this way. I worry a lot and sometimes catastrophise I understand why I do this but that doesn't stop me from doing it but it does help me to recognise what is going on and knowing through experience that I will get through it and not being afraid to ask for help sometimes
8:39pm, 3 Aug 2015
17032 posts
We are what we are. My mother's mother had a "nervous breakdown" in the late 50's - early 60's. My mother was on Valium for decades following her divorce from my dad. Do I worry, get stressed sometimes and suffer with anxiety and mood-swings? Hell yes
9:45pm, 3 Aug 2015
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I can be a natural worrier, and my mind can catastrophise, thinking the worst is going to happen.

But I'm discovering that sometimes, things we worry about, can actually just work themselves out. I went on a cycling weekend in France on Friday. Thursday evening I got stressed as I couldn't access my webmail account to print out the ferry ticket. So my mind predicted I wouldn't be let on the ferry, I'd lose my money etc.

All that did happen, was the check staff printed out my ticket at the ferry terminal, and all I had to show was my passport and I was on the ship. Simple really.......

9:57pm, 3 Aug 2015
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"Today is the day you worried about yesterday and all is well" read one of those quote a day calendars we had in our office years (:-O decades) ago. Most of the biggest worries I've had in the intervening years have either not happened, or were far more manageable than I could have guessed. The worst things I could never have predicted
11:04pm, 17 Aug 2015
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Hmmm. That's a depressing thought in itself though SE. Just accept that you're depressed all the time, so just get on with it. Not sure I like the idea of that.

What I know I don't like is waking up every single morning feeling like I've got jet lag combined with a serious hangover. Some days i'd like to wake up feeling positive and like I want to get out of bed and do things.
12:28pm, 18 Aug 2015
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I'm like that in the morning Fozzy, though sometimes I just accept that I'm not a "morning" person.

That said, when I get up early for something nice, trips away etc. It feels great.
1:32pm, 18 Aug 2015
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Yes, exactly - when I am able to sleep properly and get up earlier, I quite like it - it restores a better balance to things.

How do I get that rather than feeling like I want to crawl back into bed and the world to go away please?

Basically I'm fed up and depressed about being depressed. Who do I see about that? I want to complain.
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