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7:23am, 7 Sep 2015
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I didn't actually say that Fozzy but part of the road to recovery is accepting who you are and recognising your triggers. People telling you to pull yourself together aren't particularly helpful or good friends. It is possible to live with depression as it is with cancer and still find happiness but its a process not a cure
8:54pm, 19 Sep 2015
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I've managed to cope for 15 years with my autistic son until we moved house at the end of July. His still not started school because of school transport. I'm now on anti depressants :((
9:19am, 25 Sep 2015
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It's all gone a bit quiet, hope that's a sign everyone is coping well.

Oh no Tracey, is your son in school now or have they got a plan in place? I can't imagine how frustrated you must feel.

Steady Edina - I really resonate with your last sentence, thank you. Identifying triggers has helped me to limit the really bad periods of depression. And flipping the coin, finding the gems that can lift me has helped give a bit of respite - though they're few and far between some times!

Fozzy, I hope you're coping a little better - sounds like you're having a particularly rough time 😟
2:54pm, 25 Sep 2015
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Seafood - my son went to his new school today. Sod's law it's close on Monday
3:32pm, 25 Sep 2015
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Tracey, my neice and nephew both have autism, (they are 3 and 6), so I know where you are coming from. Has been a struggle from my brother and his other half. Luckily, they do have a lovely school that their kids can go to.

Got some sad news last week that my Gran had died .She was 93, but it was all a bit sudden, plus I was away on a break at the time. I do feel bad as I wish I'd got to see her one more time, but of course there's nothing I can do about that now.
Kind of makes me feel that life can be so unfair at time.

9:07pm, 1 Oct 2015
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Hi all. Just a quick question. Taking 15mg mirtazapine every night and I just wondered if it could possibly have any effect on running. I seem to get more muscle aches and pains since taking this. Thanks.
9:08pm, 1 Oct 2015
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How long have you been taking it slowfish? (Hope its helping btw)
9:14pm, 1 Oct 2015
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Six months - it's to help with sleep. It certainly helps, in fact in knocks me out and I wake up very drowsy after a good 8/9 hours sleep!
10:27pm, 1 Oct 2015
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Andre is in school now 😀

Feeling a bit better, but still not great. Dreading school half term.
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