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5:16pm, 28 Jul 2014
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I kind of feel the same way Atalanta, post relationship break up. Something inside me wants to have just time to myself, without the stress of work and relationships.

Hugs anyway ((Atalanta))
9:19am, 29 Jul 2014
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Morning folks... Thought is look in and say hi and offer what support and experience I can do.. Have had problems with depression over last 3 years probably... Mostly work related
9:23am, 29 Jul 2014
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Sorry pressed submit too early!!
Currently taking venlafaxine which is causing horrid weight gain at a time when I'm also recovering from spinal surgery. I've not run since last summer bar two 1 min jugs the other day just to test the water!

7:46pm, 29 Jul 2014
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I know 'jugs' is a typo mister f, but the juxtaposition with testing the water made me smile.

I am struggling at the moment after 2 bereavements. Rather surprised at how I am feeling in the wake of the second one but wonder whether that is because of the first one (if you see what I mean). I am ok with day to day stuff but struggle to stay calm when things go slightly awry. A feeling of a big buckets of tears inside waiting to come out in a big howl.
9:47pm, 29 Jul 2014
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Welcome mr f. Two jugs aren't to be sniffed at ;-)

(((USB))) so sorry xxx
10:00pm, 29 Jul 2014
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The joys of the iPhone keypad!
Thanks for the welcome x
7:22am, 30 Jul 2014
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Morning all... Not sure if anyone's read work by Dr Tim Cantopher, but his extract, from one of his books is fantastic. And a very interesting read for anyone suffering with depression and ideal for family and friends to look at too.... Gives a fantastic insight to the physical illness that is depression. Hope it works!

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

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