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11:04am, 25 Nov 2014
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I've been through CBT - for anxiety disorder - and found it reasonably productive. Of course it doesn't attempt to 'fix' you, its aim is to modify the way you behave.
8:24pm, 5 Dec 2014
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Started my new job today after 5 months off with depression. I love it!
8:29pm, 5 Dec 2014
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:-) great news Lil
11:02pm, 5 Dec 2014
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That's wonderful Lili :-)
11:06pm, 5 Dec 2014
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Good news Lil.

Good news for someone else makes me feel like there's a glimmer of hope for me. Doubtful though.

Currently trying to decide exactly how screwed the planet is. Some good news, which might actually be bad news in the long run....
8:24am, 6 Dec 2014
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Fab news Lil
8:25am, 6 Dec 2014
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I'm feeling rather flat today.
9:42am, 6 Dec 2014
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Thanks guys. It was freaking me out that any thought of my old job made me anxious and upset. When I went to say good bye to some of my customers I just couldn't even bring my to look in my old kitchen - really weird, such a trigger point.

The people at my new job seem lovely, but I feel so old!
12:06pm, 6 Dec 2014
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That's great Lil.

I'm very up and down but guess that's to be expected
Went to look at a potential new home today.

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