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12 Oct
1:37pm, 12 Oct 2016
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Fragile Do Not Bend
Have you tried a light therapy box, GF?
12 Oct
3:52pm, 12 Oct 2016
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Hills of Death (HOD)
I haven't had the best day mini panic attacks I wish I could function 'normally' sometimes. :-(
13 Oct
12:27pm, 13 Oct 2016
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Not been in here (lurked a bit) for a while.

I've been off anti depressants since December after changing to a different kind and they just messed me up and made me scared to try again. In January the doctor said i wasn't depressed anymore so lets try without! Aside from the odd patch here and there its been good. I got into a new relationship in April , left a poisonous job in July after 18 years (hard) , left the replacement job and now not enjoying this job either. I kind of feel I've been slipping again in the last few months but not wanting to admit it , or maybe im wrong and its just all the upheaval lately, i have no idea. Im confused about lots of things, feel i messed my life up by leaving my first job, although i know it was right thing to do. Im permanently exhausted and worn out, have went back to sleeping in the day when i can too. Still eating, which was a big thing last time as i lost a stone, running occasionally and trying (although not always succeeding) to be social. I don't want to go to docs as a lot of the things that happened last time are not happening and maybe im just worrying and overthinking ....or am i denying it?? I have no idea. My new job means i work alone all the time and i have lost the support network i had before so the second opinions i was able to use have gone.
Apologies for the ramble but thats the constant contradiction that is going on in my head just now. Can anyone make sense of it hahaha
13 Oct
1:32pm, 13 Oct 2016
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Sending a hug Flopsie ()
It doesn't sound like you've messed anything up to me
Working on your own is hard though so I hope you manage to do a park run or something social tomorrow which tires out your body properly

13 Oct
10:25pm, 13 Oct 2016
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Thanks Serendippily. Appreciate your words :-) went to yoga tonight and have eased down a bit , hopefullly it's all just a blip and not anything coming back.
13 Oct
10:38pm, 13 Oct 2016
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That sounds good Flopsie :-) the breathing and the eating greens really helps
14 Oct
5:54pm, 14 Oct 2016
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Here we go again...

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