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22 Mar
9:05pm, 22 Mar 2017
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Claypole thanks for comment re blog. I'm trying to look for the positive side in everything I do but it's not easy just have to keep trying.

Mal that's sounds awful. Is there a third party that could potentially point out her 'misunderstanding' I guess some people will just never 'get it' Nobody chooses to be depressed and anyone suffering/living with it would ever wish it on their worst enemies
22 Mar
9:56pm, 22 Mar 2017
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Captain Malcolm Reynolds
Not much point trying to point anything out to her EB, she's in a world of her own. I'll give you a few examples of what she's like.
On telling her we were moving to Brecon: "l hate Brecon, why do you want to move there?"
First time she came to visit us in Brecon we took my parents in to town for lunch. We had to go somewhere veggie because she decided that she was veggie that day.. "I don't like anything on this menu. I hate cheese.......I'll have the mozzarella salad."
She grew up in Tredegar a small town near Brecon. "I grew up near here, I know my way around, don't tell me where to go. That castle's new." Would that be the castle that was built in 1093 by the Normans, mother dearest?
That's just a few snippets, there's better or worse depending on how you look at things.
Sometimes I wonder why I get depressed, sometimes it's bleedin obvious.

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