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9:02pm, 6 Sep 2014
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Thanks guys, I wasn't sure because email said something about "offering an appointment", and I wasn't sure if the "offer" was compulsory! Will see what turns up. The idea of him having to troop in there and go through the whole story is fairly horrible at the mo.
12:10am, 7 Sep 2014
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Sheri - my inititial Occ H consultations have always been by phone, usually with me in tears. I was asked if I would be able to attend a face to face meeting with "management" and I said no. This wasn't deemed to be a big issue, but went into the report which "management" will see. Aapparently I will be asked again in a few weeks time, but I honestly felt no pressure to attend.
12:42pm, 14 Sep 2014
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Quiet in here, hope everyone's ok.

I've been on a long weekend trip to Spain and have had a great time apart from feeling really really tired every day.

Have been waking up at about 10.30am, feeling like I could sleep all day long, not in a 'hiding under the duvet' way, I just wanted to sleep. OH has had to force me to get up every morning and every evening after my siesta. Ridiculous!

Have also been having some awful dreams :-(

I'm off the alcohol as from tomorrow, that might help.
9:27pm, 15 Sep 2014
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*wanders in*

Been a bit absent from fetch this summer.
Hope everyone's doing ok
9:38pm, 15 Sep 2014
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Sorry newbie here.

Went to Drs for light headedness, headaches and feeling tired and got referred to the local 'WELLBEING' service, for me to talk things out, as I am stressed and depressed.

Any advice on this type of service.
10:25pm, 15 Sep 2014
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Welcome to the thread mr d. You'll have a telephone assessment with a therapist, talk about what you are having problems with and decide between you what sort of treatment will be most useful. They ring you to arrange an appointment for the telephone assessment. Hope it goes well.

Lili, sleep when you can and don't feel ridiculous. I can sympathise so much with the awful dreams.

Hi Sioux, hope you're doing well x

A few better days here, but trying to write something for Grandpa's funeral next week. It's going to be hard.
7:00pm, 16 Sep 2014
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Havent been on here much recently. Started the attempt to come off my anti-depressants right now with advice from the doctor. As when I started on them, seem to be suffering with a few side effects. Feel pretty rough all the time and just trying to keep busy. Im still pretty sociable but have to bite my lip a few times cause can be quite irritable. Any advice?
9:02pm, 16 Sep 2014
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Hi Vince, I think I might try and come off my AD's too. Got a doctors appointment next week to discuss.

I just feel I need to move on from the reason I went on them in the first place.

I guess the best advice is just to look after yourself at this time. Good that you are getting out and socialising, thats what I do too.

Have you looked at doing anything to make you less irritable? I find meditation is good at calming the mind.
11:06pm, 16 Sep 2014
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Cheers Carp. Will try and get through tomorrow, no one available today.

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