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15 Sep
10:44am, 15 Sep 2016
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Fragile Do Not Bend
Yes, that's awful! I has some nasty physical symptoms for a few days when I went back on my meds, but luckily my mental state improved almost immediately.
21 Sep
10:12pm, 21 Sep 2016
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Steady Edina
There are lots of different types and they don't all have the same side effects. I remember starting fluoxetine and they made me feel sick at first but that was it. Sadly they take ages to get into your system. A few months ago I went to see my GP I was feeling really anxious about my future and not sleeping well she gave me some different tablets said they would help me sleep. I took one but they made me feel so sleepy that I couldn't function I decided I didn't want to spend my days like that so haven't taken any since.

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