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8:22pm, 22 Oct 2014
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Can you get a free trial of it?
8:24pm, 22 Oct 2014
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It sounds good, I keep meaning to check it out.

A few really rubbish days but today has been better. Husband has insisted I make a GP appointment because he thinks I've lost too much weight (I haven't) but I'm not looking forward to it.
8:28pm, 22 Oct 2014
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Hi Sioux, yes you can get a free trial.

Look on the website, you can sign up free for the 10 minutes a day package. You get 10 guided meditations, and then its up to you if you want to pay.
8:31pm, 22 Oct 2014
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Thanks SCPete
1:58pm, 23 Oct 2014
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Have had so many good days in a row that I was beginning to feel guilty about being off work.

Having a bad day today, probably due to the fact that I went to my work place yesterday and saw lots of my old customers all asking me when I'm going back. Telling so many people that I wasn't coming back and was being made redundant was quite upsetting :-(

The problem I have now is that my sick note runs out on Monday, and I was hoping to do a phased return back into work as I've been feeling better.

Well, you can imagine how much enthusiasm I have for doing a phased return back into a job that I'm being made redundant from, in a different kitchen, with people I don't really know, with an extra 40 miles added on to my journey.

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