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10:18pm, 30 Aug 2014
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Anyone have any experience of hypothyroidism?

Too much time on my hands and too much "Dr Google" has lead me to this.

Fatigue, hot flushes, night sweats, feeling cold, depression, anxiety, weight gain etc etc all seem to fit. Also fits peri menopause too though.

I sleep A LOT, depression or no depression. Have cut my training nearly in half and I'm still wrecked. 9mm pace feels like 8mm. Night sweats (drenched) and generally a ridiculous amout of sweating followed by being cold is a nightmare.

Is my depression a symptom or a cause?

Just a bunch of thoughts going round in my head at the moment, just wondered if anyone else could relate?
10:39pm, 30 Aug 2014
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No, but it sounds like it would be sensible to ask your GP for a test of thyroid function. Depression I guess could be a symptom, a cause or neither.
10:41pm, 30 Aug 2014
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but it doesn't alwsys matter, the why I mean. Xxx
11:06pm, 30 Aug 2014
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Thankd Carp
4:09pm, 31 Aug 2014
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Hi Liliaicha - I'm being treated for both depression and hypothyroidism. I personally don't know how much they're clinically interlinked, as although I was diagnosed with depression more recently, I was definitely very unhappy for years before my hypothyroidism diagnosis.

The symptoms you list are identical to those I had - it's worth checking them out as they're frustrating enough themselves, whatever the cause.

My hypothyroidism was found by accident (slim female in mid 20s, didn't fit the obvious bill) after lots of other dead-ends, but the test is straightforward and gives an indication of the severity of the thyroid problem. I'm luckily on a fairly low dose but felt the benefits of medication within a month. Still have problems with oversleeping, depression and anxiety but generally now have more energy to tackle them.

Hope that helps (())
4:11pm, 1 Sep 2014
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Thanks everyone who commented here/fmailed me about hypothyroidism. I am going for blood tests tomorrow. :-)
9:25pm, 1 Sep 2014
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Hi Liliaicha. I completely relate to what you are describing. I have hypothyroidism and I'm on thyroxine. It was finally diagnosed after me feeling generally just unwell for the longest time, finally lost even my taste buds. I initially had a real surge of energy when put on medication but again have turned into an emotional mess, with all the stuff you've described above, the night sweats, depression, moodiness, irritability, back to sleeping 9 hours plus naps, piled on a massive 9kg in the last 3 months etc, etc. The worst thing is I feel guilty about asking for any more help, I don't know why, I guess I just keep telling myself it's 'just in my head'.
10:22pm, 1 Sep 2014
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Cuddy - I'm hoping the tests will confirm whether it is a physical thing - hypothyroidism, anaemia, or something else - or if it is 'just in my head'/caused by my depression.

At the moment I just can't believe that depression would give me such strong physiological symptoms. Lacking in energy, fatigue, extra napping, yes, but not all these other symptoms.

Please go and ask for more help, don't feel guilty, we all do, but we SHOULDN'T!!
10:35am, 2 Sep 2014
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Good luck with the tests Liliaicha x

I have a slight thyroid imbalance and have some of those symptoms too, I am supposed to get it checked every six months but am not on any treatment at present. Not very good at remembering to go and get it checked so I should probably do that soon.

Things here are rather up and down, mostly down, he is now on 30mg Citalopram and also on diazepam for anxiety and zopiclone (for sleeping), we are having weekly appointments with a CPN from the urgent referrals team at the hospital. Hopefully things will start looking up soon. The main issue is really the anxiety and OCD/ intrusive thoughts which are still way, way out of control :(

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