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18 Aug
11:03pm, 18 Aug 2016
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Thankfully (maybe?) I have no exes to worry about, so that's not a problem on FB for me.

More depressing is the fact that all my friends (peer-group anyway) are all mostly coupling off/getting married/having kids etc.
18 Aug
11:36pm, 18 Aug 2016
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I don't have any experience or advice that is going to help with those specific issues but I hope you can all find a path through it and some ways to manage.
29 Aug
5:24pm, 29 Aug 2016
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I'm not depressed but feeling really shit atm, mainly anxiety induced I think, unfortunately I eat badly and hide away, which doesn't help and makes coming back to normality, whatever that is, much harder.

Got so much on at work and at home just can't see anyway through it all, I wish I could go to sleep until Christmas.
30 Aug
11:37am, 30 Aug 2016
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Hills of Death (HOD)
It helps to talk mate.

Anxiety is Depressions cousin ;-)
30 Aug
1:11pm, 30 Aug 2016
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I am struggling. I have nobody to talk to about how I feel and when anyone asks I feel obliged to make light of it. The simple truth is, I am not coping. Every single thing in every single day feels like a battle. I am picking my way, slowly through each task and feel like I'm watching myself through a telescope. I feel oddly disconnected until I am alone, at which point the world comes crashing in on me and I'm left in a puddle of my own emotions. This is no life.. why the hell am I here?
30 Aug
6:33pm, 30 Aug 2016
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Sorry your feeling the way you do, is there really no one you can talk to?

30 Aug
6:59pm, 30 Aug 2016
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I'm waiting for therapy.. I'm hoping it will give me some kind of outlet for all the shit I can't say to my family

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