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11:24am, 13 Aug 2014
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(((sheri))) huge hugs. Can you go with him tomorrow - or ring the GP today to tell them how things are?

(((EJ))) xxx
11:29am, 13 Aug 2014
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Thanks xx

I will offer to go with him. It’s difficult though because of child care so he will probably say no. I did think about phoning the GP but I’m just not sure…
1:04pm, 13 Aug 2014
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If you think he will not tell the GP everything it might be worth it. I did that to my mother-in-law once because I *knew* she was telling the GP she was pretty much OK and she definitely wasn't. They won't tell you anything but as I explained to her GP, I didn't want them to tell me anything, I wanted to tell them.
It does depend on the individual though - if you know that in the long run they will know it was a good thing that's great but if it will cause suspicion and resentment it might not be a good idea.
He might be grateful for someone else to tell the GP things if he feels he can't - I was.
9:52am, 19 Aug 2014
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He has been put up to 20mg citalopram (as of last Thurs) and things are not good, at all. I have said to go back or phone the GP if things are not better within next couple of days because this is awful. Will things get better? I honestly don't know what to do, whether to phone GP myself or what...
1:49pm, 19 Aug 2014
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Sheri, 20mg is still quite a low dose of citalopram. You may still need to wait a week or two for improvements.

Can't you get him to write a list of what he wants to talk to the GP about? I need to do that, as sometimes I either forget or feel as is the GP is rushing me.

2:07pm, 19 Aug 2014
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((Sheri)) - I really suffered with citalopram side effects for the first 4 weeks: worst bits were nausea (lost almost a stone), night sweats and hugely increased anxiety. One thing that helped was moving the time of day that I took the tablet (from morning to night) - could be worth a try? Things were definitely worse before they got much better and I thankfully haven't had to increase my dosage above 20mg since. Hope you're coping and he sees some improvements soon,
2:52pm, 19 Aug 2014
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(((Sheri))) things *will* get better but not immediately - and the limbo period is horrible. I hope so much that things get better for you both quickly.

Going through a slump at the moment. Waking up every morning feeling like shit.
11:07am, 20 Aug 2014
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(((Carp))), are are you today, any better?
11:51am, 20 Aug 2014
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I was, actually. Woke up this morning feeling ok. Then an occupational health appointment supposed to clear me to restart at uni in a fortnight but they want psychiatry reports. From a psychiatrist I've seen once and didn't like much because I didn't feel she understood me or listened to me.
Now I'm despondent and angry.

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